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France Moves to Make ‘Conspiracy Theories’ Illegal by Government Decree

21st Century Wire says…

Political elites and super-bureaucrats are worried. It’s becoming harder to control their fragile, constructed consensus reality. This is intellectual terrorism, perpetrated by the state.

A history stitched together by lies and cover-ups, political assassinations, slight-of-hand false flag deceptions, secret societies, dual loyalties and stolen fortunes – this has been the exclusive privilege of organized crime and the ruling elite for centuries.

Putting aside history’s ‘big ticket’ items though, the real reason for this authoritarian trend is much more fundamental. By knocking out their intellectual competition, political elites and their media moguls hope to minimalize, and thus eliminate any alternative analysis and opinion by applying the completely open-ended and arbitrary label of “extremist” to everyday speech and public discourse. They want to wind back the clock, where a pre-internet, monolithic corporate media cartel held a monopoly on ideas.

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Although France has taken the lead in this inter-governmental effort (see below), the preliminary assault began this past fall with British Prime Minster David Cameron publicly announcing on two separate occasions, that all of these so-called ‘conspiracy theories’ (anything which challenges the official orthodoxy) should be deemed as “extremist” and equivalent to “terrorist” and should be purged from society on the grounds of ‘national security’. The first came with Cameron’s warped speech at the UN, and afterwards, a similar charge was made by the UK leader against anyone who dares press the issue of institutional paedophilia and child abuse.

Watch this UN speech by Cameron where he clearly claims that ‘conspiracy theorists’ are the ‘root cause’ and indeed, ‘an equal threat to national security as ISIS terrorists’, currently running amok in Syria and Iraq (start 4:26)…

Curiously, Cameron mentions that the belief that “the 7/7 Bombings were staged” is somehow an extremist one, even though the hard core facts have proven beyond any reasonable doubt that 7/7 was staged – as evidenced by the multi-agency ‘security drill’ headed by Visor Consultants and its head Peter Power which was carried out on the same morning, and at the exact same locations as where the alleged terrorist bombs were detonated.

As yet, few are aware of how in the wake of the Charlie Hebdo shootings, French Prime Minster, Francois Hollande delivered an official declaration (see full report and text from his speech below). However, Hollande takes it beyond the usual hyperbole and focuses on giving the state an administrative and legal foothold for policing both speech and thought crimes in France. If this can be accomplished in France, then a European roll-out would soon follow.

Ironically, in order to achieve this fascist leap forward, Hollande has equated “conspiracy theories” to Nazism, and is calling for government regulations to prevent any sharing or publishing of any views deemed as ‘dangerous thought’ by the state. Specifically, Hollande is citing “Anti-Semitism” and also anything which could inspire ‘acts terrorism’ – as the chief vehicles for what the state will be designating as ‘dangerous thoughts’. With the thumb of Hebdo still pressing down, this may just sound like politics writ large by the French leader, but in reality it’s full-blown fascism.

Worse yet, with all of the world leaders gathered togther in Paris in January supposedly marching solidarity for ‘free speech’ and proudly chanting “Je Suis Charlie” (image above), that Hollande would use this as political cover to restrict free speech in Europe should shock even.

RINF reports how the new censorship regime has already been implemented this week:

“Earlier this week, the Interior Minister of France — with no court review or adversarial process — ordered five websites to not only be blocked in France, but that anyone who visits any of the sites get redirected to a scary looking government website, saying:

While it could be argued that the four websites initially listed by the government for ‘blocking’ were exclusively for ISIS/ISIL-related activity and thus, should be kept hidden, the government has made no caveat in its reams of policy literature, other than some vague language as to what it defines as ‘extremist’, as to where this growing list will stop, or indeed, if it has any limits at all. Because this process is extrajudicial, then there will be no warning to gov’t targets of this new regime. In fact, as RINF reports, this has already happened:

“In that first batch was a site called “islamic-news.info.” The owner of that site not only notes that he was never first contacted to “remove” whatever material was deemed terrorist supporting (as required by the law), but that nothing in what he had posted was supporting terrorism.”

Will French gov’t censors also block this website – because it is challenging the government’s new public filtering program? Are we entering a new intolerant, Chinese-style policing culture in Europe, and throughout the west? Certainly they have the ability and the legal clearance to do just that right now.

Fear of losing control over manipulative narratives has always been a primary obsession with those in power, and clearly, based on what we’ve seen here – governments are making an aggressive move on free speech now. Skeptics will no doubt argue that this 21WIRE article itself constitutes a conspiracy theory. If that was the case, then why have western governments, particularly those in the US and Britain, already spent millions, if not billions in state funds in order to infiltrate, disrupt, and occupy forum websites, and social networking groups of so-called ‘conspiracy theorist and even creating entirely new groups just to contradict them? Does that not already prove what the government modus operandi is?

As if that wasn’t enough already, now France wants to take it to a whole new authoritarian level. It may sound ridiculous, but this is exactly what is taking place in government as we speak.

History shows that once this new regime is in place, they will not relinquish any new powers of censorship, and so a long, intellectual dark age is certain to follow…

(Translation by Roger Lagassé)

Thierry Meyssan
Voltaire Network

At the request of President François Hollande, the French Socialist Party has published a note on the international conspiracy theorist movement. His goal: to prepare new legislation prohibiting it to express itself.

In the US, the September 11, 2001 coup established a permanent state of emergency (Patriot Act), launching a series of imperial wars. Gradually, the European elites have aligned with their counterparts across the Atlantic. Everywhere, people are worried about being abandoned by their States and they question their institutions. Seeking to retain power, the elites are now ready to use force to gag their opposition.

The President of the French Republic, François Hollande, has assimilated what he calls “conspiracy theories” to Nazism and called to prevent their dissemination on the Internet and social networks.

Thus he declared, on January 27, 2015 at the Shoah Memorial:

[Anti-Semitism] maintains conspiracy theories that spread without limits. Conspiracy theories that have, in the past, led to the worst “(…)” [The] answer is to realize that conspiracy theories are disseminated through the Internet and social networks. Moreover, we must remember that it is words that have in the past prepared extermination. We need to act at the European level, and even internationally, so that a legal framework can be defined, and so that Internet platforms that manage social networks are held to account and that sanctions be imposed for failure to enforce” [1].

Several ministers also decried what they called conspiracy theorists as so many fermenters of hate and disintegrators of society.”

Knowing that President Hollande calls “conspiracy theory” the idea that States, whatever their regimes – including democracies – have a spontaneous tendency to act in their own interests and not in that of their constituents, we can conclude that he presented this confused amalgam to justify a possible censure of his opponents.

This interpretation is confirmed by the publication of a note entitled “Conspiracy theories, current status” by the Jean-Jaurès Foundation, a Socialist Party think tank of which Mr. Holland was the first secretary. [2]

Let’s leave aside the political relations of François Hollande, the Socialist Party, the Fondation Jean-Jaurès, its political radicalism Observatory and the author of the note and let’s focus on its message and its ideological content.

Definition of “conspiracy theories

The terms “conspiracy theories” and “conspiracy theorism” have developed in France in the wake of the publication of my book on US imperialism post-September 11, titled The Big Lie [3]. At the time, we had trouble understanding what the terms meant because they referred to American political history. In the United States, are commonly called “conspiracy theorists” those according to whom President Kennedy had not been assassinated by one man but by many, forming a conspiracy (in the judicial sense). Over time, these expressions entered in the French language and have overlapped with memories of the 30s and the Second World War, those of the denunciation of the “Jewish conspiracy“. These are therefore now polysemous, sometimes evoking the law of the state-Stator silence and, at other times, European anti-Semitism.

In its note, the Jean-Jaurès Foundation gives its own definition of conspiracy theorism. It is…

an ’alternative’ narrative that claims to significantly upset the knowledge we have of an event and therefore competes with the “version” which is commonly accepted, stigmatized as “official”” (p. 2).

Observe that this definition does not apply solely to the delusions of the mentally ill. Thus, Socrates, through the myth of the cave, affirmed his challenge to the certainties of his time; Galileo with his heliocentric theory challenged the prevailing interpretation of the Bible of his time; etc.

For my part, and since they see me as the “pope of conspiracy theorists” or rather the “heretic” in the words of Italian philosopher Roberto Quaglia, I reaffirm my radical political commitment, in keeping with the French republican radicalism of Leon Bourgeois [4], of Georges Clemenceau, [5] of Alain [6] and of Jean Moulin. [7] For me, as for them, the state is a Leviathan which by nature abuses those it governs.

As a radical Republican, I am aware that the state is the enemy of the common good, of the Res Publica; which is why I wish not to abrogate it, but to tame it. The republican ideal is compatible with various political regimes-including monarchies, as was enacted by the authors of the Declaration of 1789.

This opposition, which the current Socialist Party disputes, has so shaped our history as Philippe Pétain repealed the Republic to proclaim the “French State“. Immediately after his assuming presidential office, I denounced Hollande’s Petainism [8]. Today, Mr. Hollande claims to be of the Republic to better fight it and this inversion of values ​​plunges the country into confusion.

Who are the “conspiracy theorists“?

The “conspiracy theorists” are thus citizens who oppose the omnipotence of the State and who wish to place it under surveillance.

The Jean-Jaurès Foundation describes them as follows:

[It’s] a heterogeneous movement, heavily entangled with the Holocaust denial movement, and which combines admirers of Hugo Chavez and fans of Vladimir Putin. An underworld that consist of former left-wing activists or extreme leftists, former “malcontents”, sovereignists, revolutionary nationalists, ultra-nationalists, nostalgists of the Third Reich, anti-vaccination activists, supporters of drawing straws, September 11th revisionists, anti-Zionists, Afrocentricists, survivalists, followers of “alternative medicine”, agents of influence of the Iranian regime, Bacharists, Catholic or Islamic fundamentalists “(p. 8).

One will note the amalgams and abuse of this description aiming to discredit those it designates.

Myths of the “conspiracy theorists

The Jean-Jaurès Foundation continues its vilification by accusing “conspiracy theorists” of ignoring the realities of the world and naively believing hackneyed myths. Thus, they would believe in the “World Zionist plot“, the “illuminati conspiracy” and the “Rothschild myth” (p. 4). And to credit these three statements, it cites an example solely on the “Rothschild myth“: blogger Etienne Chouard – whose work is not simply about the Republic, but goes beyond to treat Democracy [9] – says the Pompidou-Rothschild 1973 law is the source of the debt of France. And the Foundation goes on to refute this assertion by quoting an article published by Libération

Continue this story at Voltaire Network

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  • MarxMarvelous

    Quite disturbing… would that make conspiracy legal then, since theorizing about 2 parties working together secretly would be illegal.

    • WMC

      “secret” or “not secret” is not relevant.
      Simply stop talking about it and get busy ‘doing’.
      And one may not consider a future of being a ‘teacher’.

  • John C Carleton

    Evil hates the truth, evil loves the darkness. Evil passes laws against the light of truth, Now the truth is a crime against the state.

    • burningbeardy

      “We can easily forgive a child who is afraid of the dark; the real tragedy of life is when men are afraid of the light.”


    • Mr Reynard

      Veritas omnia vincit, !!

      • Yesenia Danchenko

        But at what cost does it win?

        • Mr Reynard

          The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.

          Thomas Jefferson


    Those who have been around are very surprised by the number of “conspiracy theories” that actually turn out to be true. Time after time some crazy, totally crazy story comes out and it is not believable. And then over time, more evidence emerges, then more evidence and it is more believable and then finally the proof and admission.

    So I think rather than limit or outlaw, we need to dialog so that TRUTH will PREVAIL. Some people really do come up with strange theories. They should have dialog with the community and be corrected when need be. Also, new thoughts and new ideas can emerge from this dialog and then EVERYBODY BENEFITS.

  • Predrag J. Maranovic

    Hollande is such a weak fool, caving in to the Zionist lobby in France. Hebdo was a scam, as evidenced by how fast Netanyahu hijacked the whole affair. I smell a rat, but OOPS! That would be illegal in France to suggest something was a little off here…!

    • WMC

      Yes, it seems another case of ‘Je suis Mossad’

      • Raymond Daubney

        Yes and they strike again, the same players and the same M.O.

  • colinjames71

    Must…not…let…people… THINK!! Oh my, it just keeps getting creepier and creepier watching these people try to control everything. And that will be their own downfall in the end.

    The funny thing is these guys and gals are conspiring behind closed doors figuring out how to shut down investigation into and knowledge of their plots and schemes, so they can be free from scrutiny- to plot and scheme. All the while controlling the narrative of their conspiring to support further aims which they conspire to achieve. Awesome.

    • Raymond Daubney

      I believe you are right, they will collapse but after how long.?

  • Conspiracy theory: Government term for conspiracy fact. https://anenemyofthestate.wordpress.com/quotations-from-chairman-zhu/

  • Hp B

    Here’s an idea.
    How about ‘get a rope’?

    • Octoplog

      Too painless.

    • William Burke

      Does anyone know of a good American rope manufacturer I could invest in? I’ve got a feeling business is going to be booming!

      Too painless? Maybe so, but when they see ravens plucking the eyeballs from the bodies of their confederates on the way to work, dangling from highway overpasses, they’ll know the time has come!

      • colinjames71

        And pitchfork factories

  • Ben William

    I’m pretty sure that the earth rotates around the sun. NO! NO! DON’T THROW ME IN JAIL!!! Here we go again Europe.

    • hummingbird

      They take turns.

    • John Dennis Roberts

      History repeats itself.

      • Raymond Daubney

        Yes it does but because people never seem to learn, from one generation to the next. Self perpetulating.

  • Anarchy Sam

    David Cameron is cousin to the queen. That says it all.

    • Redtickalert

      What are you talking about ?

      • burningbeardy

        He is correct…London mayor Boris Johnson is another cousin…

        • Raymond Daubney

          My God, Jews Jews and more Jews. Well that proves I’m a nut case, correct, but a nut case.

    • Redtickalert

      Ah got it sorry

  • wieslaw

    ruling elite is afraid of loosing their power, back to ‘dark ages’

  • disqus_PAZz5o1Bj8

    One must admit, it was very clever to string the two words conspiracy and theory so strongly together that very few still remember the word conspiracy on its own. The same trick was used in Japan after the Fukushima contamination. The authorities multiplied the use of the two words ‘baseless’ and ‘rumor’ everytime a whistleblower found alarming facts. As a result, millions of people have been made docile enough to eat contaminated food and live in contaminated areas.

  • American Remnant

    noun psy·cho·sis sī-ˈkō-səs
    : a very serious mental illness that makes you behave strangely or believe things that are not true.

    The primary character trait of those running this asylum planet.

    • Octoplog

      The best article I ever read on 21st Century Wire was on July 17th, 2013. Several psychologists had concluded that conspiracy theorists were sane and open-minded, whereas government dupes were crazy and hostile. Then, about one year later, we had Iain Duncan Smith raving that he didn’t need evidence because he ‘believed’ that he was right. So, I couldn’t agree with you more. They really are lunatics.

      • American Remnant

        I can only imagine that those poor psychologists you referred to have been removed from society and are now receiving the “care” they so desperately and obviously were in need of. That care being forced ingestion of pharmikas potions in order to induce a sedentary vegetable like state or, in other words, chemical lobotomization. That, or they became so distraught and depressed by their obvious lunatic ramblings that they shot themselves twice in the back of their heads then hung themselves.

    • Dave Garry

      Psychopathy actually…which could be called insanity without visible psychosis.

  • Truman Golden

    Liberté, égalité, fraternity
    les hypocrites

  • Charles Kafka

    This is wonderful news!!!!
    think about what the war on drugs has done for the international drug trade!
    The UN ban on small arms (anything smaller than a tank) .. ! more arms and ammunition are on the market than ever,
    the war on white slavery!.. (we don’t really care about brown skinned slavery, that’s ok) more human trafficking than ever!
    the war on Terrorism and now we have ISIS! .
    what we need to do is legalize fat assed politicians who can’t see beyond their next meal, that is one industry we need less of.

  • Buckwheat

    Hollande is a serious creep! So’s Cameron!

  • X,WHY,Y MAN.

    The ruling Elites are definitely running scared with these latest moves.
    If this gets passed through and it starts to happen in other countries then these people have to stand up and tell us democracy does not exist !
    They are hypocrites and can no longer say they stand for democracy but rather police states !

    • Raymond Daubney

      I think since you contributors have posted here you will see that the Elite have already figured this into the equation with what I believe is the excuse they wanted to bring about Martial law in Europe. The “invasion” of Europe.

  • remy lv

    i’m not sure to understand correctly everything but our president ( hollande first hope the last 🙂 ) he just doing everything to protect him and his team. We can’t talk about politician they are all thieves, liars and dictator in the same time. very hard very hard to hope to have a good future ….
    i think it’s very dangerous for me to say that but honestly it’s the reality, we can’t trust in politician ..
    About incitation terroriste article it’s a godd idea, but for the other things i’m not sure it’s a good idea.

  • Mike Lashewitz

    Just writing the “law” creates a “conspiracy” against freedom of speech. Time for another Bastille Day!

  • Then they had given conspiracy movement all the reason , is no longer a conspiracy as they themselves are in fact the prof all conspiracy theory its true! they need a new french revolution , this time let the guillotines blade edges be titanium nitride coated (To be able to cut those pro elitist royalty rule hardened necks easier)

  • socoloco

    So EU political leaders stand together to protest the Charlie Hebdo attacks on free speech in France, yet the French want to restrict free speech by determining what they consider to be a conspiracy theory banned? WTF?

  • Ron Schofield
  • wally63

    The Checka is COMING NEXT!

  • middleway

    Correction: Article title should read, “France Conspires to Make Conspiracy Theories Illegal”.

  • Daily Lomas

    It gets more and more bizarre by the day. The whole of France will be in prison at this rate. Desperate is what the elites are becoming.

    • WMC

      Be Prepared:

      The State Sponsored violence will spread across the globe.
      And then when people are really afraid they will demand that ‘The Government’ do something. That’s when the authorities will smile and say, “We have everything in place” and assure us all not to worry.

      Because if all of that happens and you are NOT prepared…
      Pray hard.

  • Pablo Hein

    And critical thinkers?

  • Ideas Time

    There a are going to push people until they push back. I just hope when it happens the energy is pointed in the right direction.

    • Raymond Daubney

      Very true and a very pointed fact, especially when we see how people were pointed towards the Muslim world for culprits after 9/11.

  • wombleranger

    Freedom of speech but only if they approve of the speech…sounds like a conspiracy to me. Maybe this will encourage people to just take actions instead of discussing them first.

    • Raymond Daubney

      Take action, I like the sound of that. I have felt for quite some time this is what is needed more than discussion. If I can figure out that, they would have long ago.

  • Zordana

    Are we are going to sit back and let it happen?

    No one will ever control my thoughts and nor should they as God gave us all free

    • Raymond Daubney

      Its not your thoughts they are after, its your mouth.

  • warforbankers

    Is “Moses” Cameron and Hollande deliberately trying to make jews look bad ?

  • Tom Schnadelbach

    What, pray, does it mean to be “a supporter of drawing straws”?

    • hummingbird

      I think it means that you are an artist who supports the drawing of straws. Or you could be a builder who supports the drawing of straws out of a hay stack, perhaps. Or it could mean something more than that.

      • Raymond Daubney

        LOL, I loved that. We could make so much of it.:)

  • Zordana

    Makes you wonder what they’ve got to hide.

  • James D

    Big ol American finger to these elitist a-holes, guess which finger.

  • Ian

    The ruling elite will collapse as they must. They don’t like it because people are beginning to understand, what has been going on and is being exposed, the parasites in power are throwing it all at you and their lies are falling apart.

    They have no interest in humanity or the country they serve it is a game, they only further the agenda of the Power on Earth which is in the hands of a nefarious few and they are not Human They are creating total control over every person weather those in office understand this or not.
    But the information is out there and the time has come when the veil which has blinded humanity must be removed, and they can do what they like but it will fail. Their idea of a One world Government will collapse.
    We as humanity have had a gut full and you will never shut the truth down, the time is coming to a big end There are very intelligent people exposing the truth.

    hen those who are pushing this evil upon humanity need not think that they will not be called upon for the crimes they have been involved in
    God will deal with them, they will not be able to hide, their fate is already sealed. So Big brother parasites, you can do what you like to try and enslave humanity and shut them down, and turn them into brain dead robots, but be warned soon humanity will rise up and tear you out of your towers.

    • hummingbird

      By labeling them “ruling elite” we give them power they do not have. Most of these guys or dolls are just public employees who abuse their position. There is nothing elite about them.

      And there is no god. Stop waiting. Selbst ist der Mann.

    • whitesoxed

      The chapter in the book is called “REVELATION” but for only for those that have eyes to see an ear to hear

      • Ian

        Yes that is true, when you look at what is happening, and the lies being told us. The world is not what it was once, through lies and fear they are taking away our freedom and the mass of sheep are being sucked in. The thing is they are planning to o great harm to humanity to totally shut them down where there are no more than mindless robots, brave new world is here and how do we get out of this entrapment? we need to get out of our fear and stand up to those who are behind this, then they will collapse because we are the ones keeping them in power through allowing them to control us. We live in the end time and soon the world as we know it is going to be washed away, this planet is not going to be allowed to continue as it is, so those with good souls will be removed and the rest especially the sickening scum will perish as mother earth will destroy every work of man in her volcanic fires, and this is coming very soon. I doubt we have 5 years.
        Subject: Re: Comment on France Moves to Make ‘ Conspiracy Theories’ Illegal by Government Decree

  • Afshin Nejat

    Guess “which group” in France has the most interest in doing this… Let’s just say that “Semites” would be too broad a term. Many Semites, Arabs for instance, really do brush up on their “Conspiracy Theories”. How convenient once again, that they bury all Truth under their whiney bullshit “Anti-Semite” smear campaign.

    Look, go straight to hell. The Truth doesn’t fear exposure.

  • Getzmore

    Remind me what year this is. Oh yeah, I remember now. 1984…

    • John Dennis Roberts

      Orwell might have been a time traveller, you know. His predictions are coming true.

      • Raymond Daubney

        If we look at the period when he published his book he need only observe what was taking place at that time. 1948.

  • erte4wt4etrg

    They despise that we can see them for what they are. Cue laugh track.

  • mooney7

    Does this mean you’re going to shoot down America’s supply planes?


  • Interesting connections are made Hollande: Critique of the establishment is now called anti-semitic! By using that word he is admitting to a semitic core element in the establishment.

    We can be sure, that the Grima Wormtongue of French policy, the socalled philosopher and zionist, Bernard Henri-Levy, the black adder that poured poison in the ears of Sarkozy to make him start the attack on Libya, is very pleased with Hollande. We can also be sure, that the psychopat, Netanyahu, the entity that so badly wants a WW3 is pleased. We can be sure, that the trotskyite neo-cons of deep-state US are more than pleased.

    But can THEY be sure, that their neo-dark-age agenda in its now blatantly totalitarian clothing will not give a formidable blowback?

    • Raymond Daubney

      Since all the top players are of “that’ particular tribe it would appear to me you are quite correct, not a theory either but a fact. We know what “they” are afraid of, yet another fact.

  • Valery Djondo

    Today is the day to vote in France.
    Vote for those who protect the principles of indivisibility of human kind, secrecy protection of privacy, protection of the press, journalists, lawyers and the founding principles of our Republic.

    Dieudonné took two months in prison for writing that he is Charlie AND Coulibaly.
    The State seeks to divide us to KEEP US BUZY. The Government perfectly can fight terrorism by trying to understand Coulibaly AND Charlie. Charlie has no monopoly of emotion, or should not have it.
    The name of Coulibaly is noble, according to Wikipedia, the name dates from at least the 17th century and comes from the Bambara Empire founded by Coulibaly dynasty that followed Biton Coulibaly (1689-1755)
    Ignorance of the state and the French Government on African sources that make the river their power lead them to condemn their own people. Among which, a person official diagnosed as « lightly idiot” to have sneered at the police (he went to prison). An 8 year old child and his parents were took to custody for a poor joke at school. A young man who worked in the airport security has been sentenced to the prison, he lost his job and could no longer work in the airport security because of his political beliefs and especially because it’s has expressed on Facebook. Etc …
    The list is long and Amnesty International condemned France for such legal actions against the political opinions of citizens unable to defend themselves against judicial machine.

    A state that no longer respects its citizens no longer deserves to respect his policy. The Government needs to be overhauled in our image that we surrender to fear and to be able to restart our creativity to express ourselves freely.
    Refuse to take sides or Charlie Coulibaly, neither for nor against the Jews, Christians, Muslims… or whaterver Religion.
    Refuse to let you go up against men or women as a group. Your unit as a human is your strength against the abuse of power by the Government to cover a policy of financial interests.

    All these powers are intended to weaken mankind has in you to draw an unlimited bank account. Do not give them a chance.
    You are all human and all you protect life within yourself. The best compromise must be found for a harmonious life but not with those who undermine your freedom. Don’t give them your vote.
    Your freedom to express yourself and of being censured by a judge.
    Your freedom to travel wherever you want.
    Your freedom to read books and newspapers you decide no other censorship than that granted to protect minors.

    Do not be fooled by this weak french government that does the will of those who have paid their propaganda campaign.
    Be brave, in the voting booth, against your instincts to vote for a Fascist party that promises made by selling his poison. It does not grow a forest by spreading pesticides …

    When Racist are accusing you to be racist,
    or conspiracy accuse you of their own defects,
    Fascism is on from them to prevent you from impeding their action of terror using Charlie.
    John Dow

    Aujourd’hui, c’est un jour pour voter en France.
    Votez pour ceux qui protègent les principes d’indivisibilité du genre humains, de protection du secret de la vie privée, de protection de la presse, des journalistes, des avocats et des principes fondateurs de notre République.

    Dieudonné a prit 2 mois de prison pour avoir écrit qu’il est Charlie et Coulibaly.
    L’Etat cherche à nous diviser pour mieux nous occuper. On peut parfaitement combattre le terrorisme en essayant de comprendre Coulibaly et Charlie. Charlie n’a pas le monopole de l’émotion, ou ne devrait pas l’avoir.
    Le nom de Coulibaly est noble, selon Wikipédia, ce nom date au moins du 17ème siècle et provient de l’empire Bambara fondé par la dynastie Coulibaly qui a suivi Bitòn Coulibaly (1689–1755)
    L’ignorance de l’Etat et du Gouvernement Français concernant les sources Africaines qui font la rivière de leur pouvoir les mènent à condamner leur propre peuple. Parmis lesquels, une personne diagnostiquée “débile léger” pour avoir ricané devant la police (prison ferme). Un enfant de 8 ans et ses parents ont été inquiétés por une blague à l’école.
    Un jeune homme qui travaillait dans la sécurité d’un aéroport à été condamné à de la prison ferme, il a perdu son travail et ne pourra plus travailler dans la sécurité d’aéroport a cause de ses convictions politiques et surtout parce qu’il les a exprimées sur Facebook. Etc…
    La liste est longue et Amnesty International à condamné la France pour ces poursuites judiciaires contre les opinions politiques de citoyens incapables de se défendre contre la machine judiciaire.

    Un Etat qui ne respecte plus ses citoyens ne mérite plus qu’ils respectent sa politique. Le Gouvernement doit être remanié à notre image pour que nous cession d’avoir peur et afin de pouvoir remettre en marche notre créativité et nous exprimer librement.
    Refusez de prendre parti pour Charlie ou Coulibaly, ni pour ni contre les juifs, les chrétiens, les musulmans. Refusez de vous laissez monter contre les hommes ou les femmes. Votre unité en tant qu’humain est votre force contre les abus de pouvoir du Gouvernement pour couvrir une politique d’intérêts financiers.

    Tous ces pouvoirs ne visent qu’a affaiblir l’humanité en vous pour en tirer un compte en banque illimité. Ne leur donnez aucune chance.
    Vous êtes tous humains et vous portez tous en vous la vie. Le meilleur compromis doit être trouvé pour une vie harmonieuse mais pas avec ceux qui portent atteinte à votre liberté.
    Votre liberté de vous exprimer et de n’être censuré que par un juge.
    Votre liberté de voyager où bon vous semble.
    Votre liberté de lire les livres et les journaux que vous décidez sans aucune autre censure que celle qu’on accorde pour protéger les mineurs.

    Ne vous laissez pas abuser par ce gouvernement faible qui fait la volonté de ceux qui ont payé leur campagne de propagande.
    Soyez courageux, dans l’isoloir, contre vos pulsions pour voter pour un parti Fascistes qui fait des belles promesses en vendant son poison. On ne cultive pas une forêt en répandant des pesticides…

    Quand les Racistes vous accuses de leur maux,
    ou que les conspirationnistes vous accusent de leurs propres tares,
    le fascisme est en marche pour vous empêcher par la terreur de gêner leur action en utilisant Charlie.
    Ne les laissez pas utiliser le massacre de Charllie, ni la mort de Coulibaly.
    John Dow


  • Actually “they” are the conspirators. Come out of the dark politicians–let’s do this!!! At least there is a running head start comprising of millions. Not a lot against the world’s population, but growing and big enough to force them to play their hand and to quit lurking and slurking in the shadows. GO FOR IT!

  • William Burke

    When they start proposing things as patently absurd as this, we may assume we are directly over the target.

    Bombs away!

  • Dave Truman

    Thought crime is just around the corner folks. I anticipate that whoever wins the (non)election in Britain, be it another globalist marionette or a coalition of globalist marionettes, will see this as an “innovative move” by France and will press for more of the same in our islands.

  • chiliboots

    Thought Police Morons.

  • Paul Braxton Hicks

    …wait, did this Fu(k just suggest that anyone with a differing opinion of history is an extremist and terrorist..?

    …UK< run that POS out on a rail.

  • James Tam

    Newtonian physics has been a most annoying conspiracy theory, making a laughingstock out of the 911 official report. It should be banned from American and English schools as a matter of urgency.

  • JAZ Z

    Now, the “conspiracy theories” have become “conspiracy facts” automatically, as soon as the Governments are trying to suppress the freedom to analyze and share. It is in itself a proof of conspiracy. More you suppress the truth, more it will bulge out.It’s the property of truth.

    • Raymond Daubney

      It becomes self evident really and “they” are doing it themselves but blame us. I suppose that proves we are correct. I’m beginning to feel a little dizzy. Now I know how my dog feels.

  • Tony Porter

    We all knew it would eventually come to this. Our whole history from the dawn of time is one big lie. But thanks to the Internet and some very brave souls, we are slowly lifting the lid on these bunch of filthy lying scum who have the nerve to call themselves human beings.

  • whitesoxed

    There is a chapter in the book called “REVELATION” but for only for those that have eyes to see an ears to hear

  • VY

    In Canada, we have laws against hate speech. I support them as the laws we’ve created strike me as perfectly compatible with both our individual personal freedoms and security needs, as well as the security needs of the society as a whole.

    This vague business about outlawing conspiracy theories is something quite different. Offhand, I can think of a number of questions that need clarifying ASAP:

    1. Who decides that something is a conspiracy theory?
    2. How?
    3. On the basis of what evidence?
    4. Who assesses the evidence to make sure it’s not been manufactured, doctored, or sexed-up, as the Brits say?
    5. Is the process public and open?
    6. Will there be provisions for the citizen-arrest approach to conspiracy theorists who knowingly spread lies and falsehoods in order to influence the public opinion and governmental policy?
    7. Who’s David Cameron so afraid of?
    8. Who’s Francois Hollande so afraid of?
    9. Has either of the two gentlemen read John Stuart Mill recently?
    10. How recent was that?

    • Raymond Daubney

      To varying degrees all ten points sound hateful, should be covered by hate laws.

  • JAZ Z

    Isn’t that, “The Arrow is Perfect on Target?”

  • JAZ Z


  • JAZ Z

    Would it be applicable to the Government Agencies like Intelligence, Police investigation, Law enforcement, Detectives and several other etc., since their achievement basically depends on sorting and linking of conspiracies by the accused? If not, again this act simply adds another “Conspiracy” in the list.

  • JAZ Z

    A Guilty Conscience…..?

  • NatureofBelief

    While I’m against censorship I do get exasperated at how unbelievably thoughtless some con theorists are.

    Ie claiming the Hebdo shooting was a hoax. Come on… There’s so much wrong with that belief that even a person who is against censorship like me wishes I could just delete everything these idiots are saying and kick their soap box out from under them.

    I would protest against these laws while being angry at some of my fellow protesters

  • JoeThePimpernel

    But don’t you DARE call them fascists!

  • propel7

    France will be destroyed like Sodom and Gomorrah. It has become the degenerate of degenerates. I say good riddance.

  • Alleged Comment

    Look Frenchie, you are being ruled by a fairy. An adulterous little man fairy. Now you are going to believe his fairy tales?

    Here in America we are being ruled by a negro sodomite. A fairy too.

    These fairies make up for their lack of manhood by controlling yours. Can’t criticize the enemy, can’t buy guns, must honor LBGT sodomites and transgenders, no more male/female bathrooms, no more bullying at school, and on and on.

    They want a nation of f ags!

  • Angela Horne
  • Ryan

    The French Peasants have a good way of cutting the “unquestionable” nobility down to size.

  • Independence for Sotland

    Not a Jewish plot, a Zionist plot and fine coming from the man who was head of the Junior Conservatives working at Carlton Television who bought up the tv company who had his fellow Party member, Kenneth Clark abusing a young boy caught on camera for The Cook Report and who got rid of the evidence for the then PM John Major. You only need to put a Hitler moustache on him and notice an uncanny resemblence.

  • Jct: You’re a conspiracy or accident theorist. And now they’ve made it a crime to deny it was an accident. Think about that. The government tells you what’s an accident or not and if you don’t believe, you’re in trouble. Wow. Big Brother really stepping in.

  • 4th Degree FreeMason by Decree

    That’s crazy. People thought other people were lying when they said there was a Holocaust going on during WWII before it was flushed out into the open. A lot of French cowards were handing Jewish people over to the Nazi’s too.

    • Raymond Daubney

      LOL, it would seem that Trump does think like this.

      • The Donald

        Well, thanks! That just proves how smart and educated I am.

  • Even if I am imprisoned I shall still not be silent!

    • Raymond Daubney

      Exactly why we will try to escape and be gunned down.

  • Angela Horne
  • Dave Garry

    Conspiracy is a perfectly legit legal term. Gangsters get charged with it all the time…soooo WHO decides what is a real conspiracy and what is just a “theory”??

  • Dharma666

    Someone needs to rid this world of all political psychopaths like this before it’s too late. I can see a huge rise in the construction of jails in light of this assholes ideas. Plain and Simple.

    • Raymond Daubney

      Unfortunately the jails will be for us and will only be temporary holding pens
      till our mass execution.

  • as
    the scarecrow thougt correct in the story by L,BAUM



    political system created by unelected on continues debt with a
    central bank that costs 2000 milion euros ,while it takes austarety
    mesures on its own people,and we cant vote them away,what a great
    system for the banks that rules our lives and pushes even our unborn
    children to take resposabilety for this money created out of thin

    EUro is far worse than a banana republic with all those deshonest
    rules and hunger for more money power and control..and it is
    not becouse there is no money they print it anyway so who is getting
    al those zeros if it cant go to education healthcare forain aid
    and other needs for the planet,the banks are running it all.
    its not a lifestream its a moneyscam redpll or greenpill everybody
    has the right on this planet to live no matter what race. we are all
    homo sapiens , todays biggest rasism is not beeing christian muslim
    jew or wathever origin. the differences is only created to make
    more money and weapons to draw those lines of differences clear .its
    financial racism ether poor or very very rich.the banks will get the
    juice anyway out off 90 percent of people and split the cake on
    10percent and there s so much to share of even greater values
    than a number on a banknote,remember that the universal power of
    mother natures awarnes will never fit in a cooperative
    box,and when its obligated by humanety it gets angry it will
    wipe away the sick piece i bet my balls on it that man kind will draw
    the shortest end if we keep ignorent to the deep origin off all our
    troubles so who are all those highly schoold political class
    imbicyles that we as people allow to go ahead so bankers
    can create papernotes out of 0 which is criminal

    is well enough that people of the nation do not understand our
    banking and monetary system, for if they did, I believe there would
    be a revolution before tomorrow morning.”

    — Henry
    Ford (1813-1947)

  • Mr Reynard

    Humm.. Have a laugh..
    BTW there was about 20 years ago, one of the MOST CROOKED French Politician, from the Socialist Party of course, put an amendment to the French Parliament, to declare unemployment illegal !!
    Politician name ?? THE famous Socialist ex owner of Marseilles Olympic Football Club, owner of a 76 m yacht with pool, spa , cinema & a small tropical conservatory on board, a mansion in Paris XVI district = to Mayfair in London or Manhattan in New York…Brenard Tapie.. a har boiled Socialist !
    So today we have….Francois Hollande..Another hard boiled Socialist..

    • Raymond Daubney

      Hard boiled indeed. Hopefully we shall have the opportunity to boil them in oil.

      • Mr Reynard

        I hope not cooking oil ?? Only recycled industrial oil will do !

  • Raymond Daubney

    A lot of brilliant thought here, I will try to be a regular.

  • RedTickAlert

    God help us all.

  • Yesenia Danchenko

    You really start wondering if what George Orwell described in his “1984” was actually a prediction, and not verbalization of the agenda of those who want to build Novus Ordo Seclorum. After all, words DO have power, perhaps of mystical nature; otherwise, why would the puppeteers articulate their plans either through dollar bank notes or erecting obelisks describing depopulation figures?

  • Yesenia Danchenko

    Just another thought has popped in my mind: since the architects of the Novus Ordo Seclorum have infiltrated all the forums in order to vilify conspiracy theories, then those theories must be true. A real intellectual will never accept a lopsided point of view, especially one that comes from politicians as they so discredited themselves that no one trusts them any more. Hence, conspiracy theories are true…Well, at least one can do some analytical work with AT LEAST two opposites. What analysis can you do if you have just one point of view?

  • Dr Roy W Gordon

  • Ibcamn

    here it comes people,all you who have supported evil and all it’s doings,here it comes.

  • Who the F Is John Galt?

    France is finished. Call Francistan from now on

  • Christoffer Thor W. Sperling

    Freedom of speech and thought: The conspiracy theory of conspiracy theories! I mean have you not noticed, seriously, how conspiracy theories can and, personal experience (I ended up crazy thanks to some people getting some beliefs through to me by using conspiracy theories to break my critical sense) are being used to break through peoples critical filters?

    My dismay it majorly at “soldier-mindset” applied to complex connections. “Scout mindset” is a lot more efficient.