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The Charlie Hebdo False Flag in Paris: Theory, Evidence and Motive

1-Stuart J HooperStuart J. Hooper
21st Century Wire

The following essay looks to present a theory of false flag terrorism in relation to evidence and motives present for the case of the Charlie Hebdo shootings in Paris, France.

Don’t want to read this long piece? Listen to an audio presentation of this article here:


One must preface this piece with a short statement on its intentions. The shooting that took place in Paris is a tragedy of immense proportions, ruining the lives of many people, leaving a scar on French history and threatening the ideals of freedom of expression. This writer is not concerned with theories of a hoax where nobody was killed, nor the potential involvement of Reptilians, and would prefer to leave such ideas firmly behind; in favour of those which actually have supporting evidence. This piece is interested in presenting a theory of false flag terrorism, which has occurred numerous times throughout history, in parallel with evidence that can support such a theory and also show a motive for such actions. It is only through reasoned and well argued analysis that alternative theories can hope to gain ground in the mainstream consciousness. That being said, it is not possible to present any idea, official or otherwise, without some degree of subjectivity and speculation. However, the epistemological concern should be with the weight and relevance of the evidence invoked towards the case, not positivistic absolutism, and only you, the reader, can be the judge of that.


The theory of false flag terrorism we will be exploring here is that of Dr. Webster Griffin Tarpley, which can be found in his book 9/11 Synthetic Terror: Made in USA. This theory suggests that four key aspects are required for the successful execution of a false flag terror operation.

1) Patsies, dupes and useful idiots
– These are the people which you will see on the front pages of newspapers and on the evening news as those allegedly ‘responsible’ for the attack. They can have the will to perform terroristic actions, but usually are of low mental ability lacking the means and technical capabilities to do so. In some cases they will think that they are carrying out an attack, but it is also possible for patsies to not be aware they about to be framed. They must be under a level of supervision, yet free to fulfill their role.

2) Professional executioners
– These are the actors that have the means and technical capabilities to perform terroristic actions. They usually have to be unseen, at least personally although their actions will not be, throughout the entire false flag event. This allows them to shift blame upon the useful idiots at a later point.

3) Privatised command structure
– This is the ever illusive shadowy element of false flag terrorism. The instigator and bankroll. Neither seen nor heard of, and can be tricky to specifically identify. Uses Moles within both public and private institutions to implement the Synthetic Terror apparatus necessary to carry out the event.

4) Controlled corporate media
– Through means of monopolised ownership and coercion, a controlled corporate media is required to immediately espouse the story of the useful idiots, not professionals, being responsible.

In short, the privatised command structure employs the use of professional executioners and technicians, for whatever motive they have, to instigate a terroristic incident. Following this, a patsy is placed on the scene sometimes materially sometimes rhetorically, and immediately blamed, often with zero evidence and by an unnamed source, as being the perpetrator. The controlled corporate media will then run with this version of events as factual, whether it is or not, and sometimes even seek to discredit ideas to the contrary. What we must now attempt to do is see whether any evidence and facts from the Charlie Hebdo shooting points to the presence and operation of patsies, professional executioners and a privatised command structure.


Our first point of enquiry comes from the accused perpetrators allegedly being Muslims. This led to the event being declared “an act of Islamist terrorism, as the attackers shouted, ‘Allahu akbar’”. The Foreign Policy article goes on to state that the attackers “were captured on video shouting Islamist slogans and claiming they had attacked the paper to avenge the Prophet Muhammed“. Although this is what was seen and heard, it does not mean that this is what you were seeing. Anyone can shout “Islamist slogans“, whether they are Islamic or not, and, as the attackers were disguised behind masks we cannot assume that they were indeed the Islamic extremists we are being told they are.

Now, remember the role of the professional executioners and technicians is to carry out the event and help to place blame upon the patsy to blamed later on. The use of such slogans can, therefore, be seen as evidence of an attempt to frame an Islamic patsy and steer the subsequent narrative in the direction of Islamic extremism; away from any other potential source of terrorism, which could have otherwise been plausible [1].

This attempt at steering the narrative was furthered once more by a ‘claim’ allegedly being made by a representative of the group al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) in Yemen. The problem here is, once again, that this was “provided on condition of anonymity“. It also did not come immediately after the attack and the delay was apparently “due to the executors’ security reasons”, which seems somewhat dubious [2]. Anonymous sources should, in this writer’s opinion, always be held in a skeptical regard. Their usage in situations such as this one can be dangerous, placing blame upon those who may not necessarily be responsible. The U.S. government has since taken a similar stance, itself suggesting that there is “no credible information” that an al-Qaeda group was actually behind the attacks [3].

Evidence of the alleged perpetrators being patsies, dupes and useful idiots does exist. We are informed by an AP article that one of the accused, Cherif Kouachi, was “a former pizza deliveryman” and had already been arrested back “in 2008 for trying to join up with fighters battling in Iraq“. As an employee in a position that requires little intellectual ability, combined with failure in previous terroristic attempts, we can suggest that Cherif Kouachi fits the definition of a potential patsy; as he demonstrates low mental ability and a will, but lack of means and capability, to perform terroristic actions [4]. We have also learnt that one of the alleged perpetrators was wrongly accused. The supposed getaway driver, 18-year-old Mourad Hamyd, was “in class”; leading to a Twitter campaign by his classmates, which you can find under #MouradHamydInnocent [5]. This demonstrates the potential for failures, deliberate or not, to occur; which may not only be limited to this one suspect.

Yet, what we see on the streets of Paris are men who are described as anything but incapable in the actions which they undertook. “Masked and garbed in black, the AK-47 wielding assassins appeared to be executing a well-coordinated plan in the late-morning raid, methodically seeking out and executing those targeted for death, and making a clean getaway“. That is how Fox News details the event. Their analyst, retired Army Lt. Col. Ralph Peters, said “it was evident immediately that this was a carefully planned, sophisticated operation by well-trained, well-armed veterans of jihad. This was not a pick-up team. These butchers were methodical and efficient. They weren’t just terrorists: They were terrorist commandos”. Peters elaborates and states “they didn’t just go nuts and shoot wildly, as amateur jihadis do. They set out to kill specific people and never lost focus. They even stayed cool during the getaway phase. These men had killed before”. Furthermore, Scott Stewart, vice president of tactical analysis at global intelligence firm Stratfor, also told Fox News, “these are not amateurs. Especially when you compare it to the deadly, but amateurish lone wolf attack on Oct. 22, 2014 in Ottawa. These men were working as a fire team” [6]. Moreover, Aki Peritz, a former CIA analyst, stated that the attacks were “very professional, well thought out and well executed“; also suggesting it is significant that, apart from the police, nobody other than the targets were killed [7]. Lt. Col. (Ret) Anthony Shaffer suggested in an interview on Fox and Friends that the perpetrators’ arsenal of weapons indicates evidence of vast “logistical support” , which is in turn evidence of a privatised command structure [8]. This collection of analysis does not corroborate with the profile we have of at least one of the alleged perpetrators, particularly as he had failed to even come close to killing before, and instead points to the presence of highly professional executioners; of utmost importance for successful false flag operations.

Alleged kosher store shooter Amedy Coulibaly in a video released after his death with A4 inkjet print of ‘ISIS flag’ taped to wall in upper corner.

So, why then did such ‘professionals’, obviously concerned with concealing their identities due to their wardrobe choices, leave behind an ID card in their getaway car? This can be framed as a mistake, a framing we find in an article from the UK’s Mirror stating “the suspected terrorists have been identified after one of the brothers left his ID card in the Citroën C3 they abandoned as they escaped” [9]. Could it be a mistake? Sure. But consider the analysis presented above. The professionalism and potential for advanced ‘logistical support’ suggest that the ID card story could fit in with a bigger picture. It bears striking similarity with a story that broke on 9/11, where “the passport of one of the hijackers” was  discovered. This story makes literally zero sense, as in the same report it is stated that “when the two airline jets crashed into the twin towers, thousands were vaporised almost instantly; consumed in the burning jet fuel” [10]. How then did a passport survive? Both stories suggest a deliberate attempt to plant false evidence, considering the near improbability of these events happening by chance, framing patsies, not the real perpetrators, for these crimes.

Incredible acts like these are usually found in false flag operations, yet the controlled corporate media usually refuses to address such events; instead choosing to parrot, and never question, the official story that is fed to them. We find further incredulous acts through reports stating that the alleged attackers “had been listed in databases for years” [11]. They “were both logged in the US government’s Terrorist Identities Datamart Environment (TIDE) system“, meaning they were also both on the notorious U.S. “No Fly List” [12]. Moreover, the “two brothers accused of the Charlie Hebdo massacre in Paris have been on a British watch list for the last four years“, “to deter them from entering the UK or transiting through a British airport” [13]. This might explain why “French Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve said Thursday that the suspects were “probably followed” prior to the shooting” [14]. If true we therefore find evidence of potential handling, a process of supporting and guiding someone for specific means and ends; often employed by intelligence agencies and police when they ‘handle’ an asset. It makes sense that such well known ‘potential terrorists’ would be followed on a regular basis, so, assuming it was them, why were they not stopped? It would have been obvious where they were heading and their outlandish actions on the streets of Paris do not allow for a defence of ‘confusion’ as to what was going on. This is strong evidence of patsies having their freedom maintained to carry out, or at least be able to blamed for, an operation; necessary for successful false flags. It is also evidence of the privatised command structure necessary, as people were keeping track of the potential patsies.

The fact that one of the alleged attackers apparently trained with al-Qaeda in Yemen might explain their presence on so many international terrorist watch lists. “Said Kouachi, 34, was in Yemen for a number of months training with Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula“, so perhaps at least one of the suspects may have had some of the technical skills necessary to carry out the event [15]. Assuming then that it was the brothers at the crime scene and not covert professional executioners, we could suggest a merging of the roles of patsy and professional; but still a false flag event nonetheless. This is because, as evidenced above, we still have the existence of a private command structure in the supply of the weaponry and tailing of the suspects prior to the event.

Anwar al Awlaki: Bona fide Global Terrorist Leader, or Western Intelligence Asset?

Now this is where things get really suspicious; potentially tearing apart the argument in the previous paragraph of this analysis. We are now told that Cherif, not Said, conducted an interview over the phone “to BFM-TV before his death while holed up inside the building“. In this interview, he said: “I was sent, me, Cherif Kouachi, by Al Qaeda of Yemen. I went over there and it was Anwar al Awlaki who financed me” [16]. Yet, we heard above that it was Said who was in Yemen. So who really was in Yemen? This, once again, appears to be an attempt to frame a patsy. What was stated explicitly identifies someone who had, apparently, previously undertaken efforts to disguise their identity with the use of a mask and quick getaway, which is an obvious inconsistency. The fact that the wrong name was used also raises suspicions as to the true origins of this phone call. Is this perhaps more evidence of the privatised command structure working to feed the controlled corporate media with its story? How did this television station get in contact with the suspects? What evidence, aside from claims of the station, do we have that this phone call is legitimate? It is interesting that the name Anwar al-Awlaki was mentioned too. This figure was invited by the Pentagon “to a luncheon just months after the 9/11 attacks“, supposedly to “to ease tensions with Muslim-Americans after the terror attacks” [17].

According to our analysis here, we can instead suggest that this too is evidence of handling. To what extent was al-Awlaki involved with military intelligence in the future? Did he receive funding, training or assistance of any kind under the guise of ‘easing tensions’? Involvement with such a figure casts further doubt onto the authenticity of the Paris attackers.


As keen investigators we should always look for specific and relevant motives, which avoid vast and vague sweeping ideas, to ensure both heightened credibility and potential for our work. First, let us contextualise the current geopolitical situation.

Anglo-American hegemony is on the decline due to vast, perhaps terminal, financial crises, and measures attempting to rectify this situation, austerity in particular, appear to failing on all fronts; especially as we now how have an anti-austerity party, Syriza, poised to come to power in Greece and reject the IMF. The IMF is an institution favoured, owned and operated by the Anglo-Americans for purposes of financially seizing countries throughout the world; through a process of destroying the capabilities of the state, under ‘structural adjustment’, and then burdening the country with exorbitant amounts of debt effectively leading to the IMF ‘owning’ the country. This decline of Anglo-American hegemony, and rejection of their methods, is putting these waning Western powers into a difficult position. Of course it would be possible for them to accept that their time as the dominant force on the world stage was coming to an end but, alas, we see a mad scramble to sustain hegemonic power at any cost; particularly through actions to destabilize the Middle East in favour of Western interests, attempts to portray Russia as a threat to Western liberal international order, and, even attempts at starting a new regional war through destructive clandestine operations in Ukraine. It is this stance of desperation that makes the Western powers unstable and, in turn, incredibly dangerous.

However, not all Western leaders agree with the stance of desperation. In an “unprecedented two-hour interview with France Inter radio“, French President Hollande took it upon himself to address the world situation as dire and in need of immediate change. Hollande said, “Putin does not want to annex eastern Ukraine“, putting him at odds with an entire narrative Western, NATO governments have been pushing relentlessly for months on end. He went past these rhetorical insinuations, of takeover desires, into hard reality stating that “the sanctions (against Russia) must stop“, which can be seen as a direct challenge to the already declining Anglo-American financial hegemony. Furthermore, he “ruled out unilateral military intervention in Libya“, where we heard above the West has been attempting to shift the balance of power in their favour; something that is much harder to accomplish without direct Western intervention. Hollande suggested that such an intervention would only include France under a “clear mandate, clear organisation and the political conditions” necessary for legal and international, not unilateral, action.The French President also spoke of the situation in Greece, mentioned above, saying “the Greeks were free to choose their own destiny“, and warned “not to interfere with the Greek election“. This “has been interpreted as a swipe at German Chancellor Angela Merkel“, as it once again directly challenges the West’s financial hegemony [18]. So, what we have here is a Western leader directly challenging all of the points of desperation described above; a move which demands respect from those of us also against such practises. This undoubtedly places a target upon the back of Hollande and provides motive for a false flag event, which acts as a warning to the French government to stop acting in such a conflicting manner or expect to face consequences far worse than what was seen at Charlie Hebdo.

The interview was a full-on assault against Western policy, as Hollande stated “I’m not for the policy of attaining goals by making things worse” [19]. If Angela Merkel was angered, it is certainly possibly for others within the Western power structure to have also felt that way. So is the suggestion above, of a false flag occurring after such an assault on Western policy, possible? Yes. This can termed geopolitical terrorism. It is not the view of the mainstream, which ascribes terroristic actions to the supposedly oppressed who are fighting back, violently, against their oppressors. This is an incredibly naive view of the subject of terrorism, and ignores the countless incidents of terrorism being used for geopolitical purposes throughout history. Operation GLADIO was a component of a NATO stay-behind operation aimed at preventing any assaults upon Western anti-communism policy in Europe during the Cold War. It did this by supporting radical right-wing groups by utilising “terror attacks and shootings in public venues to later be blamed on leftist and socialist groups” [20]. Here we have a concrete, undeniable example of terrorism being used to achieve the geopolitical aim of preventing attacks upon Western policy objectives. So, we are left with a situation where it is not inconceivable that the events of Paris may too have been acts of geopolitical terrorism; to prevent a rebellious Hollande from attacking almost all global, Western policy aims. The President of France has much wider powers than say the American President, with the ability to dispel parliament, which makes Hollande a real threat to Western norms as he could begin to work outside of them and against them; making his divisive rhetorical stance a reality. A desperate Anglo-American power structure can not afford such a challenge. Was this event their attempt at preventing it?


From the analysis presented here, we can point to numerous pieces of evidence supporting a theory of flag terrorism being applied to the events in Paris. There exists evidence of patsies, professionals and a privatised command structure. We have also looked at inconsistencies within the official story, which only add further suspicions. But, as stated at the beginning of this piece of work, only you the reader can decide if the evidence that has been invoked in this case is adequate to support the theory. This writer would argue that it is. The motive provided here has been presented within a larger framework of current geopolitical realities, which again, in this writer’s opinion, only strengthens the case for a potential false flag. Remember, just because geopolitical terrorism is not the mainstream view of terrorism, does not mean that it is not the correct interpretation of terrorism; for many years, a mainstream view existed that said the Earth was flat.

As a parting thought, let us consider the power that an intelligence agency wields over a government. The agency is, usually solely, tasked with informing the government of threats and in turn safeguarding the citizens of said country. Imagine the potential for abuse here. To what extent should a government trust an intelligence agency? How can a government know when a threat is truly credible? Is a pledge of allegiance enough to place such high levels of trust in an intelligence agency? How can we ever assure proper oversight of organisations that regard secrecy as the order of the day? Is it possible to provide any check or balance upon such an organisation? Surely, a cunning, albeit criminal, leadership in an intelligence agency would recognise this position of immense power which they occupy and use it to their advantage. Calls for expanded powers and enhanced funding for intelligence agencies to prevent terrorism from occurring, only places more power into the hands of these already questionable organisations. The time may now be right for a complete overhaul of the intelligence world, perhaps along the lines suggested by President John F. Kennedy:

I want to splinter the CIA into a thousand pieces and scatter it to the winds!

Stuart J. Hooper

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  • OsNetDaily

    One motive is already manifesting itself right now: the Charles de Gaulle French aircraft carrier is set to sail for Gulf “to Bomb ISIS targets”. READ ON: http://osnetdaily.com/2015/01/charliehebdo-cat-bag-french-aircraft-carrier-sail-gulf-bomb-isis-targets/

  • Rogoraeck

    In your comment,1) Patsies, dupes and useful idiots.
    Stuart you forgot to add Shabus Goyim !

    • Jason

      Ah! A fellow enlightened scholar. Good day.

  • The Unpaid Piper

    Excellent summary! You have very intelligibly delineated the salient features of a false-flag op, and how this story clearly fits into it. Ya, sure, the ID was found on site: “Sacre bleu! Maurice, whaz zo we have heer? ze shooteur has left us hees ID, debit card with hees PIN, and internet porn site passwords. Zut alors!”

    Riiiight! and the sheep swallow this b.s. in its entirety, can you believe it? The trough opens, and bahhhh, all the sheep in unison march toward it.

    • Predrag J. Maranovic

      Sacre Bleu! Voila! C’est I.D de “macaca”! Affaire classée!

  • Predrag J. Maranovic

    Don’t mean to sound like a broken record, but how come Infowars cannot produce articles of this quality? It’s not like they don’t have the financial resources. They’re like the FOX News of the alternative media.

    • OsNetDaily

      Infowars is COINTELPRO. What’s so difficult to understand about them? They do whatever Langley pays them to do.

  • Padraigin Eagle

    “This writer is not concerned with theories of a hoax where nobody was killed,..”. Stop right there. In the absence of any evidence to show that anybody died, considering that 12 were said to have been gunned down (imagine the blood, gore, body parts, pictures by the mobile camera phone multitude) and 11 shot-up but still breathing (imagine the blood, gore, body parts and all those images by the mobile camera phone multitude), ignoring even the so-called “policeman” head shot without blood, etc, where is there any proof whatsoever that anybody was shot, let alone killed. By ignoring the most crucial element of proof, that alone which would make abundantly clear that this was a charade of 911 proportions, the writer undermines his stated intent, namely “To get to the Real bottom of the Last Charlie in Paris affair.” Hmmm, Potential False Flag indeed. Clouseau on the beat it seems.

  • AtomicMetroid

    This was all a ploy by Israel to drag more countries into the genocide of muslim countries, just so Israel can get more jews to move to Israel so that they can THEN expand their borders. Syria and Iran stands in the way. Every other country’s leaders have been assassinated or a puppet put in place. This is all a plan by the zio lunatics.

    • Jason

      Yeah, the omission of a potential Israeli influence in this is rather telling.

      • AtomicMetroid

        Absolutely. As soon as I seen that the “terrorists” I.D.’s were left there, AND the vehicle ready for them In front of the jewish store, I knew. Spain will probably be getting a lot of these “terrorist” attacks too because they voted yes for Palestinian statehood, AND they stopped selling Israel weapons.

    • Jamie

      There are many theory’s floating in my mind. But it seems this is true what you are saying. The mainstream Media is pushing the move for Jews in euorope and it was on the news today in the UK.

      • AtomicMetroid

        Glad that your eyes are open, brother.

    • Rob Shveytser

      Most likely US and Germany, not Israel.

  • dmorista

    Ah yes, top flight analysis. A couple of fairly minor points. First as Wester Tarpley frequently points out when he discusses how these false flag events are implemented; The Patsies generally get killed almost immediately, this ensures that they will not do any inconvenient talking. Of course, the first and still most prominent example of this was Lee Harvey Oswald, who was set up as the “assassin” of JFK. He can be heard in a couple of TV clips, still available, saying “I didn’t kill anybody, I’m just a patsy”, and of course was quickly dispatched by Jack Ruby in the famous sequence where much of the U.S. saw Oswald killed on live TV, and anybody who is not brain dead, from that generation has seen the pertinent TV footage.

    The killing of JFK was the first iteration of this current generation of false flag events to be carried out in a developed country (as opposed to numerous previous operations in the “Third World” where the niceties were not quite as important). In the succeeding assassinations of RFK and MLK the patsies (Sirhan Sirhan, and James Earl Ray respectively) were, in fact, not killed but were effectively silenced by perfunctory “trials” and long isolated incarcerations. Still not as good a solution to the patsy problem as liquidation. as both of them have made, very poorly publicized, statements that contradict the official stories. By now, of course, this is a well oiled machine and such patsies/operatives as the 9/11 “hijackers”, the Boston Marathon “bombers”, the London Tube “bombers”, the Madrid train “bombers”, the Ottawa Parliament and Monument shooters, the Sydney Coffeshop hostage taker, were pretty much eliminated. The Boston case also involved the additional fishy killing of a friend of the two brothers, by the FBI during an interrogation in his own apartment in Florida, and the surviving brother was found under a boat with over 100 bullet holes in it — an apparent serious attempt to kill him. The Paris event(s) have resulted with the male patsies (operatives?, the kosher market event) quite quickly killed off.

    Then the phase Privatised Command Structure, that Tarpley often refers to as “handlers” (at least that part of it that deals directly with the patsies) who keep the often mental defectives and fanatics out of trouble and most especially out of jail for their appointed moment “in the sun”. Of course much larger tasks, than babysitting the patsies must be accomplished, setting up the operation and the coverup require privileged access to public governmental agencies.

    I will agree that on the larger scale there is a privatized component, of course much of the “intelligence” and military structure of the U.S. state is now heavily privatized. Joseph Trento analyzed the increased privatization of U.S. covert operations in the wake of the Church Committee era (late 1970s) when public funds were somewhat curtailed and congressional scrutiny modestly increased (and the whole process is much more advanced now). There is, in fact, a closely intertwined public and private cooperation in implementing and covering up these types of crimes. The constant movement of personnel back and forth from public to private organizations facilitates this. One problem with public organizations is that there are always some honest police, judiciary, and/or military people who will not participate in such endeavors, and some of whom will expose them after the fact. Control and coordination between the false flag plotters and public entities, that need to be neutralized, are handed by placing plotters in executive positions in the public agencies and, when necessary and possible coordinating with affiliated private companies. Manipulation of public agencies is very clearly shown in the 9/11 operation, in the way the numerous drills and exercises were used to eliminate the fighter aircraft that normally would have intercepted the “hijacked” airliners. The close coordination between the public and the private is clear in the way the towers were managed before the big event and also how the evidence was hustled away, in Mafia controlled trucks (in convenient 40ft pieces) to Zionist controlled salvage yards and off to Asia for melting.

    The JFK assassination and 9/11 are the key events of this type. Both were operations on a much larger scale and that offer massive levels of complexity, but that serve as the preeminent examples of this. The Paris attacks clearly seem to fall into the mold. Mr. Hooper has done an excellent job here in his penetrating analyis.

  • Apache Wardance

    1) Patsies, dupes and useful idiots. Considering that we’re talking about France, you surprise me, Stuart J. Hooper. Number one 1) is what’s known as 1) Assisted Readymades. Maybe if people knew that we’re all “Assisted Readymades” we’d have a chance. Well, it’s back to your excellent article.

  • joe mcivor

    what about the cartoonists themselves? If what you say
    about a Gladio-style plot is correct, it would mean that the Charlie Hebdon staff were also patsies .

  • Harold Smith

    Basically what’s happened is that our masters have created a consummate false reality for us to live in. Is there ANY salient feature of Western society that hasn’t been subverted? Is there any Western institution that’s NOT a complete fraud?
    Is there any important historical event in the last 150 years (at least) that hasn’t been falsified?
    We’ve got fake politicians and a fake presidential poseur fighting a fake war on terror, the result of a fake terror attack. We’ve got fake cops and a fake judiciary, meting out fake “justice”; we’ve got fake schools teaching fake history; we’ve got a fake news media promulgating fake news…all of it paid for with fake money and presided over by fake Jews. IIRC, one of our masters’ spokesmen put it this way:
    “We’re an empire now, and when we act, we create our own reality. And while you’re studying that reality—judiciously, as you will—we’ll act again, creating other new realities, which you can study too, and that’s how things will sort out. We’re history’s actors … and you, all of you, will be left to just study what we do.”

    • Rob Shveytser

      What is a fake Jew?

  • brigittepicart

    This analysis fits with my view. May I point out that the ID card was not a real one but a copy in sepia color, and folded and plastic-coated, whereas the real French ID card is encased in rigid plastic, and the card itself has blue markings all over. So th ID is fake to begin with.
    Another thing in the “newly discovered” video of the 2 gunmen is: what the hell were they doing outside the car before they met with the police car? They are seen smack in front of the camera outside the black car, doing something with their guns, putting them on the car roof, then the passenger goes back to the passenger side, all very calm.

    Another curious thing is what the camera shows before it zooms in at the moment the metal curtain is raised before the police raid at the kosher deli: one sees a few policemen in ninja outfit outside at the back of the building and just when the voice over announces the killer is approaching the exit, one sees those aforemntioned cops walk towards the front of the building, as if they were responding to a signal, or as if they knew what was going on inside. Note that the killer is coming from the same area inside the building as the area outside that the cops are walking away from!
    Also when he falls under the gunfire the gunman seems to have his wrists attachd, and one can see that his gun was hanging from his back.
    Another curious detail is that it was announced yesterday or day before that the 4 jewish victims were sent for burial to Israel. Imagine that! How could all 4 families agree so quickly on that, and all the heavy, very heavy red tape be magically dealt with, not to mention the logistics. And above all, since every victim of violent death must be autopsied, how could the burials be announced like imminent?
    I believe it possible that we were lied to about 4 people being killed inside the kosher deli, but this heavy toll would justify killing on sight of the gunman.
    Also none of the shoppers who took refuge inside the “cold” room had any steam coming out of their nose or mouth.
    As usual it’s not enough to deceive us with the main events, there is also the need to add some heroic embellishments to make the fable more realistic and emotionally appealing .

    • The Unpaid Piper

      Also, what happened to the third person, the kid? I knew this was a false-flag when the police chief, of all people, said there were three people including the 18yr old. Turned out he had a solid alibi, you know, his entire school of 500 kids and teachers, saying he was in class at that time. Suddenly, that thread just vanished. So who was this third person? I guess some false-flag ops can get sloppy due to arrogance, and it seems they just chose a random patsy and forgot that the kid was going to be at school at the time of the event.

      As you mention, “burial in Israel”??? I mean WTF!?! These were French citizens whose religion happened to be jewish. They were not Israelis, so it boggles my mind that they would be buried in a foreign nation with which they had no dealings. Do all dead jews around the world get burial in Israel when they die?

      • Rob Shveytser

        Correction: Jewish people who happen to live in France. Not all Jews are religious.

    • Jamie

      Glad your well awake. Thank you

  • scrivenerNP

    Compelling analysis, but the author failed to fully answer the “Who stands to benefit?” question. The renewed push for more “cybersecurity” measures that surely will result in even more surveillance and additional restrictions on free speech and the ability to instantly communicate via the internet may help answer that question — and perhaps provide a motive for a global false-flag operation that advances the “endless war”. The motto of those who stage false-flag “events”: “From chaos comes order”. It is this journalist’s view that only a multinational covert apparatus with an independent (read: “corporate”) funding mechanism could pull off such operations, with the complicity of military and intelligence elements. See my 2013 article on “Operation Chaos”: viclivingston.blogspot.com/2013/12/weekend-of-fatal-accidents-op-chaos.html

    • The Unpaid Piper

      Well said, and very true. Thanks for the link; highly informative and revealing.

    • Jamie

      Spot on.

  • Cat Ewing

    yes, just watch season 7 of “24”, it is a simple process of understanding how false flags are setup. This is nothing new, it is done all the time-I wonder why anyone would be surprised at all or dismiss as yet another conspiracy theory-they just prefer blind ignorance. Now we have so many actors, patsy potentials, players on the scene all over the world that orchestrating these horrific events and throwing out the cover story is much easier (that is even more scary). Intelligent people do not believe in the 9-11 Movie of the Week script-the holes in that official story are so huge as to be beyond the absurd.

  • Jason

    Its a good general theory, but you keep talking about an Anglo-American power structure. This is true to a point, but those who own those Western nations through the IMF and other international banking organisations are mostly made up of Jewish Zionists.

    France recently have made moves to recognise Palestine as a Nation and this would have upset Israel and their plans for expansion into Gaza and the Golun Heights.

    You have missed out the fact that Jews were targeted in the second attack, and this a is clear step to once again make out that Jews are the victim. There is also other far reaching uses for a false flag including the ironic repression of free-speech, despite the leaders ‘solidarity’ with a magazine.

    • scrivenerNP

      Ah! The “blame the victim” meme — hallmark of agit-propaganda disinformation psyops of a military contractor web-spamming operation in the service of covert ops: viclivingston.blogspot.com/2013/06/us-cyber-commandlockheed-martin.html

    • dmorista

      Any serious look at what has happened, in relation to U.S. and Western policies and military operations in the Middle East, has to consider the role of Israel; and the usual skepticism reserved for the murky world of intelligence and covert operations must be used. Jews are prosperous and influential in the U.S., in particular a large coterie of wealthy Zionist Jews and the Jewish “neocon” operatives have played a huge role in the last few decades. We should note that American Jews at large were less supportive of the wars that followed 9-11 than the general population. But in the rarified levels of the wealthy donors, who manipulate the U.S. political process, and at the policy making level of the U.S. state and the Deep State, Zionist dual-citizen American Jews are prominent.

      Kevin Barrett has claimed that fully 1/2 of the top 100 American fortunes are those of Jews most of them virulently Zionist in their outlook. He views the 9-11 events as a blatant deep state power play to harness the U.S. military to Zionist/Israeli objectives. He also feels that the non Jewish rich, while not all that supportive of these Zionist machinations, don’t find it worth their while to oppose them.

      It is worth pointing out that the Israelis really wanted the U.S. to attack Iran first, rather than Iraq. The Israeli military also figured out pretty quickly that the U.S. military was being defeated in Iraq and that a direct U.S. attack (at least by a land force) on Iran was not going to happen. It appears that the high command of the U.S. military has resisted any further massive land commitments. General Martin Dempsey and Admiral Fallon have taken this position, though they appear to support the use of both the special forces, rangers, seals etc., and mercenary forces, but always small in number.

      Another issue is that Israelis are not of one mind in all this. Young educated Israelis are emigrating to various places in fairly high numbers, most galling to the Israeli elites is that there is a net movement of young Israelis to Germany.

      Zionist fingerprints are certainly all over 9-11, mostly those of American Zionist Jews in corporate positions and public policy posts. The coming years will see enough scrutiny of these Parisian events to say what role Zionists played in them, possibly a very large role, but I certainly don’t know about that yet. Still U.S. policy and covert operations have been going on for nearly 70 years now, they were just as murderous against many societies of no interest to Israel, though there was certainly plenty of evidence of Israelis assisting the U.S. in setting up the death squads in El Salvador, Guatemala, and Argentina the 1970s to the 1990s. Cooperation and interlinked covert actions between the two states and their operatives was long the norm. Now that the focus is on the Middle East, Israel and the Zionists are more self interested and more likely to take the lead in various activities.

  • Bonus:

    Elites Lead March? Hiding side St Cowards Dodge #WarCrimes pic.twitter.com/h0Vu2mUaVL

    #JeSuisCharlie #ParisMarch According to #CharlieHebdo Journalist 1 attacker had BLUE EYES https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L3oBd2vxHz0

    #HelricFredou Police Chief Investigating #CharlieHebdo DIES MYSTERIOUSLY! https://lnkd.in/e7bgQEn

    #ParisMarch BulletProofVests Cops Video Breakdown #CharlieHebdo https://www.youtube.com/v/QUuYSft1fOw

    63 Drills Since 93 Where #Drill = Actual Terrorist #Attack #Waco Explosion https://edwardmd.wordpress.com/2013/04/28/more-us-drill-death-in-waco-drill-stops-for-reality-again/

    Ed Ward, MD’s Blog: #1 Google Result: Boston Treason https://edwardmd.wordpress.com/category/boston-treason/

    #AllScum #HillaryClinton #JohnMcCain #ISisUS OWN mouths #US Senate Funds #IS #AlCIAda https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SOGK57xs5Ro

  • Jawahar Gandhi

    Can somebody tell me, while the attack was in progress at Charlie Hebdo office building, who photographed the video of the operation by the attackers while they were outside the building? I mean those videos being shown on the mainstream media? Same thing for the sound bite! The shouting by the attackers like ‘Állahu Akbar’ and ‘We have avenged prophet Muhammad’s cartoons’? Even the sound of the shooting was so clear as if somebody was standing besides the attackers and recording all these sound bites?

    Also, I am seeing videos only for outside the building. Didnt we have security cameras inside the building? Inside the CH office itself? Dont we have recordings from those?

  • Jawahar Gandhi

    Can somebody tell me what happened to the dead bodies of the Kouachi brothers and Coulibaly? Where are they now? Have they been buried and if so when and where? Has anybody from the common public or journalists seen their dead bodies with their own eyes?

    Also, what were the statements from the seven acquaintances of the Kouachi brothers that were arrested, even the suspected get away driver who had an alibi later on? Where are they now?

  • Jamie

    Great analysis, keep up the good work.

  • Shaun Tootell

    I totally agree with the above article, The Charlie Hebdo shootings story if full of holes.
    On Wednesday the breaking news was that the 2 gunmen had a accomplice / driver who was named as 18 year old Hamyd Mourad. He handed himself in to police as he had a cast iron alibi that he was 140 km away in a college class. No further news of this guy at all. ???
    There are videos posted on youtube showing the supposed execution of the police officer outside the magazine offices which allegedly shows a point blank head shot from a kalashnikov , there is no blood splatter or recoil and the shot is obviously a blank. multiple postings of this video have been removed by you tube as offensive.???????????
    Other video purportedly shot from mobile phones of people on rooftops adjacent to magazine offices as the shootings are taking place show people wearing body armour. How did they know ????
    We were also informed by the press that although the gunmen were obviously highly trained and carried out the attacks with near perfect paramilitary precision, one of them very carelessly, but very conveniently, left his ID in the citroen getaway car, ask yourself, why would a terrorist would be carrying ID ???
    Now we learn that the supposed named female accomplice of the supermarket gunman was actually in Turkey at the time of the shootings.?????
    Although there was a complete mainstream media blackout regarding the mysterious suicide of Police commissioner Helric Fedou until earlier this week, news did get out that he supposedly shot himself in the head whilst he was alone in his office on Friday night.?????. The official story is that he could not cope with the trauma of the event due to depression.
    Once again we have an atrocity which has focused the world on the supposed threat of Islamic extremism who’s official narrative is full of holes and it looks like Commissioner Fedou may have found something out that he wasn’t supposed to know.
    The omission of these anomalies, contradictions and the obvious deliberate omissions of relevant factual information from the mainstream media are an obvious attempt to maintain a concise narrative of the Charlie Hebdo attack for mainstream consumption with focus on the ever growing menace of radical Islamic terrorism on our own doorstep.
    The obvious reaction of even more hate and fear against anything remotely Islamic is now the expected backlash from those in society who are only able to view events from a two dimensional perspective.
    The fact that the Paris shootings occurred shortly after France’s declared support for Palestine and the subsequent warning of resultant grave consequences from Benjamin Netanyahu could perhaps now be seen as more than coincidental by those with a clearer eye on world wide events. This, coupled with the complete removal of the UK royalty / USA Elite paedophilia story from the media due to its carpet exposure of the Paris attacks surely raises questions about the true narrative of the attacks.

  • robert

    False flag, I dunno…
    But it would not suprie me if the Jewish mafia ( mossad ) d

  • Rob Shveytser

    I was wondering how the protesters got the idea and had the time to make the placards and signs “Je Sui Charlie” so fast. Almost as if they knew ahead of time and made them before the event.