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The Case of Malaysia’s Missing Airliner MH370 – Part Two:

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“Oh, what a tangled web we weave… when first we practice to deceive.”
Sir Walter Scott

Shawn Helton
21st Century Wire

IMAGE: Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777.

The mystery  has deepened in the case of missing Malaysian airliner MH370, as the search has reportedly been expanded to an unprecedented scale, scouring some 27,000 nautical miles. 

It has been more than a week since we learned that a large Boeing 777 from Malaysia to Beijing seemingly vanished into thin air, without a trace. As contradictory reports and false leads have dominated the headlines, we’ve had to wade through the distortion… 

We’ve also been told at least 57 ships and 48 aircrafts have actively been looking for the missing Malaysian airliner MH370.

The search has now been stretched into the Andaman Sea, the Indian Ocean, as well as a ‘corridor’ from Thailand to the Kazakstan-Turkmenistan border, as “military radar suggested the plane was deliberately flown” towards India’s Andaman Islands, apparently for an additional 7.5 hours, while continuing to send transmissions through the plane’s satellite-link that automatically transmits data from its onboard system known as (ACARS) Aircraft Communications Addressing and Reporting System. Malaysian authorities reportedly received several “pings” from this system on MH370.

The ACARS system was primarily developed to automatically detect and report changes to the four major flight phases, known as OOOI, (Out of the gate, Off the ground, On the ground and Into the gate) these phases are determined by algorithms tapped into aircraft sensors. Transmissions from ACARS are beamed to the ground radar through digital messages. Each new flight phase is recorded and sent to the ground via this system, the flight origin, the amount of fuel, as well as – the flight’s destination.

A former member of the US National Transportation Safety Board, John Goglia, has reported that the ACARS transmitter ‘continued sending out blips’ that were recorded by satellite ‘once every hour’ after the transponder was off. Reports suggest turning off the ACARS system is somewhat of a difficult task, as it is said to be located in the electronics bay beneath the cockpit. Goglia asserts, “That’s something a pilot wouldn’t normally know how to do.”

IMAGE: An inside view of a Boeing 777 cockpit.

United States officials believe MH370 to be a case of ‘air piracy’ involving one or more people in the hijacking, however, Malaysian authorities have not been as quick to draw this conclusion, as Prime Minister Najib Razak and Transport Minister Hishammuddin Hussein are still investigating whether the flight had been taken over by hijacker’s but did acknowledge ‘deliberate action’ caused flight MH370  to change its pathway and subsequently lose contact with controllers on the ground. 

As authorities have mulled over the flights pathway, they’ve enlisted the help of geospatial giant DigitalGlobe, once known as Earth Watch, a satellite imaging corporation that also doubles as a defense contractor. DigitalGlobe was tasked to locate the missing Boeing 777 via their crowdsourcing site  tomnod.com. We’re told their efforts have turned up empty, as amateur sleuths combed over millions of satellite images.

Perhaps the  true role for this ‘public search’ was to generate excitement for the security and defense surveillance industry – never letting a crisis go to waste. You can already hear the calls for more biometrics, security and surveillance in the wake of MH370, all to be rolled out in an airport near you. 

Over the course of this investigation there have been numerous conflicting reports that have only served to keep the vast majority of the public in the dark as to the events leading to the disappearance of flight MH370. We’ve had false leads such as oil slicks, satellite images thought to be depicting plane debris, as well as the strange back and forth by authorities whether data could be transmitted via the Rolls Royce engines on the plane. Rolls Royce and Malaysian Airlines are said to have a partnership that requires the engine to transmit live data to its global engine health monitoring center in Derby, UK every 30 minutes. Investigators are said to have used the ACARS information uploaded to the engine maker.

There is also the question of air traffic control ground based radar systems and the likelihood of a country detecting a plane in its airspace. Particularly, the primary surveillance radar, (PSR) often refered to as ‘skin paint’ radar, which gets it name for the brightly colored blips it produces on a radar screen via radio frequency energy reflections. This type of radar does not require a talking back and forth feature with onboard data systems. The radar simply displays objects within its range. Nations track weather systems with this same skin paint radar system.

According to retired Indian air force officer Vinod Patney,  it is ‘unlikely’ for an aircraft to enter a country’s airspace undetected.

Why has there not been more discussion of this, as new reports suggest the plane could have flown over large bodies of land within a country’s airspace?

A skin paint radar system would have detected the whereabouts of a commercial airliner.

IMAGE: Freescale Semiconductor based in Austin, Texas.

We’ve seen reports about the 20 Freescale Semiconductor employees confirmed to have been onboard flight MH370. Freescale is an Austin, Texas based tech giant, that designs embedded hardware, microprocessors, microcontrollers and sensors, among other tech based devices. The company has recently been involved in litigation over patents with Vantage Point Technology and Media Tek inc.

To make matters more confusing, there have been reports that four of Freescale’s patent holders were on the flight, however, after taking some time to review MH370’s passenger manifest, the names listed did not match those who were alleged to have been on the flight. 

Freescale Semiconductor is said to have started out as a part of Motorola, designing semiconductor devices, for ground-based tracking, while this is a strange coincidence considering the circumstances, this information doesn’t by itself produce a motive to disrupt the plane’s systems. There is however, some question as to the consortium said to own majority shares in Freescale, namely, the Blackstone Group and the Carlyle Group.

Lord Jacob Rothschild is listed as a Member of the International Advisory Board at Blackstone. The Carlyle Group is one of the nation’s largest defense contractors, with investors that have included the Bush’s as well the Bin Laden family.  Naturally, with these ‘corporate bloodlines’ potentially being involved in the case of a missing airliner, it raises quite a bit of suspicion.

It has also been stated that Malaysian authorities have denied reports of the plane landing at the United States military base in Diego Garcia located in the Indian Ocean, fueling even more suspicion, as the plane is said to have been heading on course towards Diego Garcia with its last listed radar contact near Silver Island.

Has the public been deliberately steered away from other possible locations of the plane, such as areas within or near the Indian Ocean?

IMAGE: Diego Garcia – in the middle of the Indian Ocean converted into a Naval and Air Force base by the United States and United Kingdom in 1971.

Perhaps the most unsettling information in regards to the missing Boeing 777 comes from retired 35 year Delta pilot, Field McConnell, who states that since 1995, Boeing Uninterruptible Auto Pilots have been equipped in Boeing planes. This information was apparently not released until March of 2007, following a subsequent lawsuit by McConnell. The modification was reported to the FAA, NTSB and ALPA ( airline pilots association). According to McConnell’s documents, Boeing is said to have stated that by end of 2009 all Boeing planes would be fitted with the BUAP – making them impossible to manually hijack within the plane but susceptible to remote control by the military, according the flight veteran. 

Below is YouTube video detailing McConnell’s message about the airline industry, suggesting other aircraft were also downed remotely, including Air France’s flight 447.

Additionally, McConnell mentions an ‘autoland’ and ‘autobrake’ feature for the plane, making it possible for these planes to land safely or to be used as a potential weapon according to his information. 

Listen to 21WIRE’s recent interview with Field McConnell on The Sunday Wire, uncovering more details about Boeing Uninterruptible Auto Pilots and how it works:

IMAGE – Hillary finds herself at the center of another controversy, as Rose Law Firm has allegedly been linked to providing a patent for a specialized device used in controlling aircraft.

McConnell and his associates further explain the device used to control aircraft through his site abeldanger.net, stating that Hillary Clinton and Rose Law Firm had originally obtained the patent for the Quartz Rate Sensor apparently used in many military crafts:

The QRS-11 GyroChip sensor is used on commercial aircraft to rotate the antenna to receive signals from satellites for the in-flight entertainment system, radar tracking and flight controls. If the aircraft is equipped with a uninterruptible autopilot, signals can be received from a satellite to remotely fly the aircraft.

The sensor provides stabilization, flight control, and guidance. It also is used in missiles, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV ) and other military as well as space and industrial applications. Because of the sensitive nature of its military applications, the export of the technology is regulated.”

The site continues by asserting what the device is specifically used for:

We allege that the QRS-11 can be used as part of a package of technology to guide aircraft equipped with uninterruptible autopilots turning them into weapons.”

The Quartz Rate Sensor information comes to our attention on the heels of stacked investigation into both pilots of MH370, mainstream media is now focused on how the transponder was allegedly turned off by pilots after the last communication, as well as searching the pilots’ homes, ignoring much of the initial critical information that was revealed. 

If the information on Abel Danger is accurate, then this new talking point by major media outlets could be another effort to hide something. It’s important to note, Abel Danger has had some controversial claims in recent years.

Additionally, if what McConnell alleges is true, why hasn’t this critical Boeing information been discussed among the many so-called experts in avionics and air traffic control on larger media outlets?

Also, What happened to the probe into the apparently photoshopped passport thieves? Did big media get caught trying to cook-up that story, as they now appear to be crafting a terror narrative to fit the two pilots of MH370?

Throughout week, media mogul Rupert Murdoch also weighed in on the missing 777 airliner by pushing certain memes making the circuit on the internet, while using it as an opportunity to invoke the much-lauded Bin Laden raid tale at the same time – this is where conspiracy goes mainstream, a ‘conspiracy to create a conspiracy.’ The Chairman and CEO of News Corporation has gotten “hands-on” with this story, and seems to be engaging in a propaganda push, fueling reckless speculation as to the whereabouts of the missing plane. That should raise a big red flag… if Murdoch has a media empire, why make the news himself (Citizen Kane comes to mind here). With this effort, public opinion is molded without discussion or investigation.

Here we see Murdoch exploiting the missing 777 airliner for his own political agenda, using it to pump overtly Western propaganda.

Murdoch Malaysia tweet 2

Murdoch Malaysia tweet

If this wasn’t enough, the media now appears to be ‘normalizing’ the disappearance of MH370 by digging up old missing flight stories that are clearly way before the recent technological advances that were mentioned above.

In our last post about the Malaysian airliner disappearance, we discussed possible motives for Malaysia to become a target.

The NGO Kuala Lumpur War Crimes Tribunal was established in 2007 by former Prime Minister of Malaysia Dr. Mahathir Mohamad and they recently conducted a tribunal in November of 2013, charging Israel with war crimes, listening to extensive testimony from 11 witnesses, as well as documentary evidence, in finding the “State of Israel guilty of genocide,” citing eyewitness accounts of crimes against Palestinians in the Lebanese refugee camps of Sabra and Shatila in 1982, and in Jenin and Nablus in 2002, as well as Operation Cast Lead which apparently targeted hundreds of civilians leaving some 1,400 dead. 

Judge Lamin bin Haji Mohd Yunus (as seen on the left) had served as a  member of the panel of Judges on the Kuala Lumpur War Crimes Tribunal in 2012 and explained his position on the ruling levied against Israel:

As a tribunal of conscience, the Tribunal is fully aware that its verdict is merely declaratory in nature. The tribunal has no power of enforcement. What we can do under Article 34 of Chapter VIII of Part 2 of the Charter is to recommend to the Kuala Lumpur War Crimes Commission to submit this finding of conviction by the Tribunal, together with a record of these proceedings, to the Chief Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court, as well as the United Nations and the Security Council.”

Given the gravity of the charges placed on Israel by the tribunal, Malaysia’s sovereign resources and the bizarre media reports since the plane’s disappearance, one should consider those who stand to benefit from a destabilized Malaysia.

Is the disappearance of MH370 slowly unraveling?

Stay tuned for more updates…

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  • OsNetDaily

    This article follows 21wire’s tradition of being part investigative journalism, part crackpot tabloid, and the notion that every racist lunatic in Malaysia (like Mahathir Mohamad and his degenerate “war crimes tribunal” circus) will prompt a world spanning false flag hijacking as “punishment from Israel” is by far the most surreal disinfo attempt we’ve seen so far, only a nuance away from “UFO aliens did it”. Check out out latest summary of today’s media disinfo and what they’re trying to hide:

    • disqus_0bRejDWmsL

      Essential Intel, first of all, I’ve been pretty fair in my coverage of this story. Secondly, for someone to point out global atrocities, like Mohamad did, doesn’t make them a racist. 21Wire isn’t trying to hide anything, we just dig for information instead of inventing pro-anything agendas…like your site often does!

      • OsNetDaily

        Lets see: so according to Mahathir : “They [the Jews] invented socialism, communism, human rights and democracy, so that persecuting them would appear to be wrong, so that they can enjoy equal rights with others. With these they have gained control of the most powerful countries and they this tiny community, have become a world power.” – But there’s nothing racist about this 1930’s Nazi rhetoric. He’s just pointing out “global atrocities”. And this is a definitive proof that “Israel did it as payback”. I think even Gordon Duff didn’t sink so low this time around, so despite your need to come up with something “original”, the bottom line here is that unless you remove those last couple of paragraphs, your whole article is rendered to typical disinfo meant to discredit any serious investigation by connecting it to the “conspiracy nut” pop culture. Up to you.

        • disqus_0bRejDWmsL

          I try and present information objectively, without labels. Let readers decide information for themselves. By the way, I never said anything was “definitive proof,” in this story.

          I think people need to look at all possibilities Geo-politically, looking at those who stand to benefit from disruption and destabilization, resources, that sort of thing.

          I distinctly remember you asking me to write for your website…I guess my views are to open minded!

          • OsNetDaily

            You’ve already presented information and possibilities on the top paragraphs of the articles. The rest is crackpot material which is the problem here. And by the way, seems like even the Malaysian government itslef is working against poor little Mahathir on behalf of those darn evil Jooz… http://osnetdaily.com/2014/03/malaysian-whistleblower-government-lied-about-flight-370/

          • disqus_0bRejDWmsL

            Here we go again, as you attempt to discredit, sabotage and defame anything other than your view on a subject.

            The way you behave is the hallmark of ‘internet forum controllers’ Essential Intel and why you will never be known as a TRUSTED researcher!

            I’m not beholden to oppressive regimes such as you are when writing and therefore I can express myself freely and paint a bigger picture to an audience, one that is always looking for clues and always digging for possible connections to things whether they are convenient or not.

            Your overt attacks to try and discredit 21Wire and myself are laughable, and quite frankly juvenile for anyone who has any in depth knowledge of Geo-politics and how certain events overlap simultaneously very often revealing a very different picture than state-run-media.

          • OsNetDaily

            LOL. If that’s what you have to say, it just reinforces my argument. It’s you who is discrediting 21wire with this nonsense, not me, I was trying to do you a favor by pointing this out, but since you’re not interested, enjoy all the way to tabloid land. Cheers

          • disqus_0bRejDWmsL

            Good luck with your state-run-website!

          • OsNetDaily

            Gee, thanks, it’s a moving gesture coming from someone whose website is endorsed by the Kremlin’s 300$ Million a year propaganda machine (RT “News”). Cheers again.

          • disqus_0bRejDWmsL

            Oh and Israel wouldn’t know anything about propaganda…the Kremlin has nothing to do with 21Wire!!! You are a zionist shill that spouts off whenever you feel the need to distort public opinion on other news sites. That’s it!!!!

            You wear a public mask at all times,(Osnetdaily – Essential Intel) I write articles without a disquise, while searching for some truth on this burning planet.


        • Priests Are Diddlers

          Enter the paid defenders.Nice to see you earning your money.Didn’t take long for the Hitler reference, did it? Of course, anyone who has the slightest disagreement with Israel MUST be a Jew hater and a Nazi…right?

          • OsNetDaily

            He doesn’t have a slight disagreement with Israel, he’s openly peddling Nazi rhetoric that would have fit right in 1930s Germany. Shifting the blame on everything under the sun on ‘da jooz’, is usually the trademark of paid defenders, not the other way around.

  • Osurperstopper

    Is it possible that the pilots could have dropped water into the instrument panel or perhaps a small fire that erupted and was extinguished made the IFF turn off?? Also maybe when the plane changed course it was because the pilot could not control some part of the plane? Maybe it did crash . I hear that most of the world thinks the aircraft has crashed and the US CIA are the ones continuing with the hijacking story.

  • Truman Golden

    The plane is in Israel being stripped to be sold for scrap and parts only black market. it could bring about 100 to 200 millions in black market.
    The crew is being used for organ harvesting. NYC and new jersey rabbis are taking orders for body parts and organs just like the rabbis busted selling organs of murdered Palestinian children.

    • Plausible but how did you get this info? I’ve always felt that some missing children are a target of black market organ sellers who offered victims’ organs for the purpose of organ harvesting without having to pay too much or wait.

  • The1Spirit

    This was around when 911 happened also.
    There were no hijackings for many years in the US, it is not possible.
    The idea the transponders can be turned off manually is even more ludicrous.
    People are brainwashed by the movies they watch.
    This whole plane story is pure programming.
    There are things going on right now you are not supposed to know about.
    We are not going to war with Russia either, that is all propaganda too.
    You may want to start noticing the sky, the weather wars are coming next.
    Someone is playing God with planet earth, which is a bad idea.
    Mother Nature will always win.
    There is also a monetary system that can be collapsed at
    will by the people that run it.. They are looking for war or chaos as an excuse to enslave humanity in another “new” system.
    Any story that just keeps going on and on, day after day, is programming.
    We have to understand how they manipulate us.
    This is distraction.

    • Elmo Fudginputz

      Plus, every place in the Northern Hemisphere is covered by real-time satellite tracking, video and probably audio as well, by our Federal government. Plus, the NSA tracks every electronic signal on the planet Earth. Our government knows full well what happened to this plane and where it is right now, and its ability to know that has nothing to do with any technology designed for the craft, other than incidental electronic signals the plane’s equipment emitted. This is a false flag, just like Ukraine is a false flag, what with Russian stationing tens of thousands of troops in the USA with Obama’s consent.

    • So it is a lie that transponders can’t be turned off manually is even more ludicrous. Wonder what else is being hidden?

      • IRIQUOIS227

        because the transponder is turned off, doesn’t change the radar signature of the plane that’s being tracked. it means that the information being sent is no longer there. the air traffic controller sees the same “blip” as before. the color may change, but plane is being tracked with or without a transponder. the problem with two aircraft without transponders in the on position is that as in the case of 911, these aircraft can pass under or over each other, and the ATC can’t tell which is which.

        • Thank you for the info, IRIQUOIS227!

    • pontyponty

      mother nature may win but the ordinary people still lose out .. why do people still vote these crooks into office .. .. .. OR DO THEY? … for people who can take control of planes and use them as weapons a little bit of vote rigging should be childs play.

  • Beowulf73

    get ready for a false flag attack…….

  • Stephen Persaud

    The whole thing is “Bull” ………after 9/11 (and even before it)…there were protocols set that if an airliner went off course then straightaway …..military radar would pick them up and scramble jets etc……the plane went off course and straight away turned back and crossed Malaysia it’s own country..!!!! and they did not notice it or follow it or demand to know what the hell was going on..??? either way they would have scrambled jets to intercept it…and so would all the other countries in the area if an unidentified object came into there airspace….so they are all lying……

    and if this article is true (which I believe to be the case)….then there are all sorts of “kill switches” and remote piloting equipment built into the plane…….this charade involves most of the countries in the area…because as I said they all have military radar to make sure there are no missiles coming into their country/airspace….it also involves the like of national reconnaisance office (USA)…CIA/Pentagon as well as MI6….reason being the UK and USA have the most advanced satellite tracking systems for shipping and air travel……plus the plane makers Boeing have all kinds of “backdoor” diagnostics and safety systems………this is pure soap opera distraction…….the real story is MASSIVE EARTH CHANGES….

    • Teresa Geib Bacon

      I figured from the get go they had to fly under radar, which apparently they did. They now say 5000 ft. I read this today

      Word is the tech from the Texas company Freescale SemiConductor.. which
      used to be a division of Motorola in Phoenix is stealth for defense.


      UPDATE: Apparently Freescale is owned by Blackstone and The Carlyle Group.
      …”On September 15, 2006, Freescale agreed to a $17.6 billion buyout by a
      consortium led by Blackstone Group and its co-investors, Carlyle
      Group, TPG
      Capital, and Permira.[20] The buyout offer was accepted on November 13, 2006
      following a vote by company shareholders. The purchase, which closed on December
      1, 2006, was the largest private buyout of a technology company until the Dell
      buyout of 2013 and is one of the ten largest buyouts of all time.[21]wikipedia”

      And according to this wikipedia link:

      FREESCALE SEMICONDUCTOR: …”A division of Motorola, which became Freescale
      Semiconductor, supplied thousands of semiconductor devices, ground-based
      tracking and checkout equipment, and 12 on-board tracking and communications
      units. An “up-data link” in the Apollo’s command module received signals from
      Earth to relay to other on-board systems. A transponder received and transmitted voice and
      television signals and scientific data.[3] Wikipedia ”

      Let me get this straight, back in 1968, Freescale supplied TRANSPONDERS
      to APOLLO 11!! And didn’t I hear that the “transponder” on Flight 370 was
      uh, turned off? What’s really going on here? Apparently
      they could supply up-data links to Apollo 11 but a run-of-the-mill jet plane has
      gone ‘missing without a trace’ down here on Planet Earth while 20 of their
      scientists just happened to be on board?

      For more on Freescale Semiconductor:

      Freescale Semiconductor (http://www.freescale.com) specializes in
      microprocessors, microcontrollers, sensors, analog integrated circuits and
      connectivity-technologies that are the foundation for the innovations that make
      the world greener, safer, healthier and more connected. Some of the company’s
      key applications and end-markets include automotive safety, hybrid and
      all-electric vehicles, next generation wireless infrastructure, smart energy
      management, portable medical devices, consumer appliances and smart mobile
      devices. The company is based in Austin, Texas, and has design, research and
      development, manufacturing and sales operations around the world.

      So where is “Mother” nano satellite grid and/or Echelon, The Beast,
      Carnivore etc during this fiasco? And by the way, the tracking continues even
      when the devices such as cell phones or computers are turned off! This is known
      and so the implications are that even relatively low level intel operatives and
      organizations know where this flight is right now! Why aren’t they telling the


      • Stephen Persaud

        two possibilities……an operation that has gone wrong….or a plot that has been taken over by another plot (Russian Dolls….one within the other…within the other)…….or total military intelligence distraction ploy……because they are expecting maybe some massive earthquake or asteriod impact….supervolcano eruption…..earth change event……and this is one big distraction for the press…governments and joe public…..thanks for the reply….great info…stay safe and stay vigilant

        • Teresa Geib Bacon

          I read this thought would post

          Diego Garcia: Island Atoll, US Base Rumored to be Landing Spot for Malaysia Flight MH 370


          Have a good day

          • Dave Johnson

            I noted that Dr. Jim Garrow was one of the first to say that, and you, Teresa, are on the right track, I’d wager. Diego Garcia is the only plausible place to land that aircraft on that heading.

          • Teresa Geib Bacon

            Hi, I will look Mr Garrow up and read, have not seen his yet. I read and write so much cant keep track, but this where I get confused,
            Fake Actors as in Sandy Hook/Boston etc.
            Pilots and others w Assimilators, Pilot bragged he knew how to disassemble the electric & knew plane inside out. He was a political fanatic for opposition whose trial he attended the day before.
            His wife and Son moved out day before. Are they all fake too?
            Throw in Al Queda, China, Malaysia who has a beef w Israel, CIA/Mossad, Indonesia, etc.
            REMOTE CONTROL makes perfect sense to me now after reading how it may have been flown w such expertise no one can figure who? But then on a Base just say, where do they put 239 dead people? or were there no real people just a plane? OR was there NO plane at all?
            See, I am just as crazy as they are! Have a great day
            BOTTOM LINE IS WHO HAS TO GAIN AS WE WAIT THIS OUT? If remote was used that takes a whole nother SCARY level to me in WHO IN THE WORLD has access to that technology besides the US. Probly ones you and I do not know of.

          • Dave Johnson

            First thought – I think the story about the pilot is disinformation, at best. I think they were trying to establish a way out for themselves by discrediting someone on that plane, which, by the way, would have been easy considering the number of people aboard. I digress. We have been in control of technology for decades that allow us to not only TRACK planes like this, but to take control of them as well. I say this only because after reading an article by Dave Hodges, convinced me that our darker and shadier types within the government have had access to these types of technologies for a while. I’ll cite the source – http://thecommonsenseshow.com/2014/03/14/the-malaysian-airliner-is-not-missing-much-more/ . And you have the right idea – follow who has the most to gain out of this. Globalist/elitist bankers have been tied to so many things nowadays, and we ask ourselves how? They have the resources to make things happen that most people cannot. If someone could wrest control of a plane for nefarious uses against, let’s say, Israel, you could start a conflict between Israel and Iran, for instance. While that is going on, you have the Ukraine situation. I’ll refer you to the revelations of retired Gen. Wesley Clark speaking about several nations that the pentagon was prepared to invade in the next few years. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9LTdx1nPu3k Here is that source. Now, keep in mind that Ukraine is not on that list. Want to know why? Because Ukraine is next door to Crimea, which is Russia’s handy launching point into the Black Sea, which is what they use to easily defend Syria. Syria, by the way, is the only blocking point for a proposed major oil pipeline, which I believe Assad did not agree to, hence all the neocon’s desires to unseat him. Now, all that said, Ukraine has lots of natural resources like natural gas, and 3rd in the world for agriculture, if I’m not mistaken. And our government AND the IMF have just looted Ukraine’s gold stores and pensions of their people in the last week or so. Now that’s evil, my friend.

          • Dave Johnson

            If you are interested, hit us up at Dr. Garrow’s Facebook page. Lots of interesting discussion.

          • Teresa Geib Bacon

            Hey Dave will do thanks
            Reading below, yes I follow Common Sense, only place for me to find it! Thanks

          • Stephen Persaud
          • Teresa Geib Bacon

            Hi thank you, I go there frequently have not been for a few days, they had old stuff, or I find a lot misleading and junk. Having said that, I also find very good info, going there to read. Have a good one

          • Stephen Persaud

            apparently this is the only story being covered by the mainstream media in the USA with wall to wall coverage….which means to me a staged distraction operation……to distract from dollar collapse……earth changes…..chemtrails ….solar flares/stroms/cme’s etc




          • Teresa Geib Bacon

            Hi looks like we cover the same spots. I totally agree w you and I am ole woman now so its to much for my brain to handle. To many theories ea one could be the one. My hsbnd sticks to the suicide and I said why go to all that trouble, he didn’t have to turn around and fly low. Answer back was, he had heard that if done that way, the Ins would have paid out as it looked like a hijack or something to that effect. ?? But I said, to many coincidences, and today hear the Pilots Assimilator had been disassembled , then I go back to the wife and kid moved out day before, Pilot went to Opposition leaders speech the day before, THEN I go remote, THEN I go, back to sleep! Have a great hump day

  • Elmo Fudginputz

    What competent American adult would believe anything our Federal government says at all; notwithstanding the brainless sheeple in the Democratic party.

  • Stephanie S

    Yes, yes, names are always interesting…”Prime Minister Najib Razak and Transport Minister Hishammuddin Hussein are still investigating …” Perhaps Barack Hussein Obama will lend a helping hand?

  • eckhard

    It is all speculation, wild theories and nothing is proven yet. Will te truth ever be revealed? Yes, I think so. Time will Show.

  • Monald

    So the US Govt seeking to capture some supposed “Terrorist” or Terrorist Suspect (who’s traveling on a Boeing flight) can now basically commandeer that flight remotely and fly it to say the US Military base on Diego Garcia!

  • Carl Jones

    I have followed the events. Neither pilot asked to work together. So they we put together by fate. Is it possible the crew did not see these systems turned off remotely? Because the younger pilot was alive to make the last voice contact with ATC, did he kill the other older pilot? Did the plane really climb to 40,000ft? Why didn`t ATC raise the issue about shutdown systems? The ATC was looking at his/her screen while making the call?

    The plane allegedly flies low to evade military radar. This would alert cabin crew and passengers. Why did they not challenge the flight deck? If one pilot was alive, then he would need to keep the FD door closed at all times. Why did he cabin crew not break the dood down with the hidden axe? Why did passengers not attempt to use their mobile phones? Even if jammed, thier messages would at least get sent.

    This idea that they flew towards and over Southern mainland Asia is rubbish. The plane did not crash. This plane has an automatic distress buoy that can`t be deactivated by any crew or passengers.

    I don`t think it really matters anymore if the crew or passengers were involved. I happen to think weren`t involved.

    The other morning BBC Radio 4 Today interviewed a senior British ATC and he said the altitude selection was clever and subtle. For most of its flight it flew at 29,500ft…low enough to avoid collisions with other planes, but not so low that fuel consumption would be compromised. As this ATC siad, they were clearly making a long flight.

    I think this plane flew to Diego Garcia and would have arrived in the dead of night. It was refueled and the sat pinger was disconnected. The plane then flew to a quiet airfield in Northwestern Africa.Think Chad and West of there. Here the plane will or has been stealth painted and armed.

    First off, it is not nice to give up hope for the missing. But we can rule out a crash and it is very hard to see these remote control thieves land the plane (assuming they are alive) and feed, toilet walk them and look after their medical needs for 10 days. So they are dead, unless we are being kept in the dark about any negotiations?

    So who did it? I think we can rule out organised crime. Could “real” terrorists acquire the kit, codes, logistics and some sort of WMD? I doubt it. Could this be a deep intel operation for another false flag starting war with Iran? Maybe.

    Given the huge number of senior US military that have been sacked by Obama, there is great instability in the US military.

    They have motive, they have the tech know how, logistics and no doubt the WMD to use. So this is either another NWO false flag or more probable, an attempt to bring down the US government by striking Washington. This is why we have been misled and why vital info has been held back and why there are so many stupid false stories about “what and if”. They probably want this rogue US military cell to think they aren`t onto them…they probably aren`t!!

  • Dave Johnson

    Fuel efficiency at anything less than a certain altitude would suck up all the fuel they had. Flying at 5000 ft for any amount of time would have been costly on fuel usage. Especially if they had to make it to Diego Garcia atoll. Too many questions, and may indeed be a distraction. But you have Israel informing the media this week or last week about they bolstering defenses in regards to this missing plane. What do they know about it that we don’t? So many questions.

    • Carl Jones

      Yes, but the Malaysian authorities have changed their stories several times. At first, Malay military did track the plane after the civilian ATC stopped. Then we are told they were flying 1500m and then at 500om. I don`t think we can trust anything the Malay authorities say apart from the first things such as the turning off of the transponder and communications. We were told they were turned off with a time gap and now they were turned off together.

      I don`t trust Inmarsat as they must be woven into the intel community.

      They have a big fat ZERO on the pilots, crew and passengers. But it appears they are desperate to find something, anything to pin on someone on the plane.

      Even the Chinese appear to be aiding the US by giving the US more time as the Chinese agree to search their territory in the Northern corridor.

      There is a distinct pattern here that everything must be done to keep Diego Garcia out of the equation.

      We know the plane turned left…it did not turn Northwest.

      What I I think the US is working towards? The first is that they catch them. If they do, we will never know. They are probably organising another plane that can be found at a later date with no bodies recovered. If they don`t catch them, then expect to wake up one day to a calamitous event. .

  • Burr McChrome

    If you base your facts on what the ABLE DANGER website says, you are a fool. Or a tool. That website is strictly for the tinfoil hat set.

    • disqus_0bRejDWmsL

      Read the caveat I put in there Burr: ” It’s important to note, Abel Danger has had some controversial claims in recent years.” Again I was just presenting as many angles to a story as possible. Abel Danger’s views are not my own.

  • Carl Jones

    BBC news reported this morning that people (more than a handful) in the Maldives spotted a plane that might have been the missing jet. Apparently it was flying so low that they could make out the red stripe and the doors of the plane. They say it was flying South. There are also claims the Captain had practiced landings at two Indian airports, one in Sri Lanka and the US/UK military base in Diego Garcia on his home based flight simulator!

  • wombat

    Interesting facts about Malaysia and why Illuminati might be eyeing this small Southeast Asian nation :-

    1) Super strategic location in the middle of Southeast Asia, between China and India. Malaysian society is also highly business-minded.

    2) Control the Straits of Malacca. Which USA, China and Japan all consider as a bottleneck.

    3) Two halves of the country sandwich the South China Sea, the site of future potential armed conflict over the Paracels and Spratly’s group of islands.

    4) Malaysia is actually the LARGEST Asian investor in Africa, not China as many would have thought. The country is also very popular and highly influential in Africa. Pay a visit to Malaysia and you will find many Afican nationals studying, living and working in many multinational companies based in this bustling economy. The country is the 11th most sought after higher education destination in the world, prying to hike to number 6 position by 2020.

    5) Malaysia has a lot of large multinational companies, both GLCs and non-GLCs. Petronas owns large swathe of shale gas in Canada and is building massive facilities to supply the shale gas from North America to North Asia. Malaysia is looking forward to be self-sufficient in energy production. 40% of Petronas wealth is channelled from overseas operation.

    6) Maybank (Malaysia’s largest bank) is ranked 13th strongest bank in the world. The country’s second largest lender, CIMB, is the single most extensive local asia-based bank in Southeast Asia. It is also the only bank in Asia outside Japan aiming to emerge as a pan-Asian investment bank. CIMB is also very active in Australia. Both Maybank and CIMB have operation in all countries in Southeast Asia. The only Southeast Asian banks to have such reach.

    7) Malaysia is in the forefront of Islamic finance services. It’s the centre of learning for the industry and also its most important centre of innovation. Islamic finance industry is expanding at double-digit figure each year. 25% of world population are muslims.

    8) Sime Darby is the largest plantation company in the world, operating in multiple countries, from Asia to Africa. Sime Darby, together with Golden Hope and Guthrie were acquired by Malaysian government in a surprise attack on London stock exchange in 1981 in an operation known as London Dawn Raid. The attack on London bourse was launched to regain massive swathes of plantation lands owned by the British in Malaysia from colonial legacy.

    9) IHH Healthcare, based in Malaysia, is the world’s second biggest healthcare provider by market value with assets in Turkey, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong. The company is now eyeing to acquire Australia’s Healthscope in a massive US$ 4.5 billion deal.

    10) AirAsia is the most successful low cost carrier in Asia. It is a locally-developed carrier, owned and based in Malaysia.

    11) Some Japanese official are now lobbying Tokyo to kickstart a “Look Malaysia Policy” with the aim to work with Malaysia and emulate the country’s amazing adaptability to help recover the ailing Japanese economy. Already Japanese multinationals are training and hiring many Malaysian executives to be sent to other countries worldwide. According to the Japanese, foreigners can amazingly blend into Malaysia’s plural society unnoticed, and Malaysians are highly adaptable where ever they may go. Japan is also working closely with Malaysia in science and technology sector, Malaysia-Japan Institute of Technology is operating in Kuala Lumpur.

    12) Malaysia is a multi-faceted society. It is incredibly diverse and pluralistic. This country is the very embodiment of “one world” ideology, central to the Illuminati.

    13) It is the only country that survived almost unscathed by the 1997 Asian Financial Crisis while countries like Philippines, Thailand and Indonesia fell to their knees and effectively enslaved. Malaysia did not borrow from IMF or World Bank unlike other asian countries. Malaysia took a very unconventional approach to tackle the financial crisis, the move was highly criticised by global financial bodies and western governments. Turned out Malaysia was right.

    14) Malaysia is well on its way to become a developed country as early as 2018. It is a bustling and thriving economy. Some even compare Malaysia’s relation with its neighbors akin to that of Germany in EU today. At the rate Malaysian corporations and financial institutions are expanding now, many of its neighbors are growingly wary over Malaysia’s economic dominance over the rest of Southeast Asia. Some openly state that they would rather have banks from any other country coming into their home market rather than Malaysian banks.

    15) Miscellaneous facts about Malaysia:

    – R.A. Olsen, a Mormon ‘scholar’, believes that Malaysian Peninsula is the real setting for the Book of Mormon. He claims that Malaysia is the real Promised Land for the Israelites.

    – Professor Stephen Oppenheimer from Oxford University claims that the sunken Sundaland which encompasses modern Malaysia is the real origin of human race. He also claims that the sunken continent Atlantis or maybe Lemuria is now on the floor of the South China Sea, between the two halves of land masses that make modern Malaysia.


    it seems odd, that with all the world’s equipment, sharp enough to pick gnat shit out of pepper, should have found this aircraft. something begins to have a foul odor here. if the pinging is still going on, that should lead them to the aircraft.

  • fteoOpty64

    Many people seems to equate tracking for people to be similar to tracking for planes. Watch the movie “Eagle Eye” for prople tracking using phones and public cctv feeds but plane tracking is totally different. Once a plane is over 200 miles at sea or varse land mass without terrestrial radar, it is loose. The plane can track itself by GPS or special satellites can track its transponder signal via satcom channel. Nothing else. Of course an AWAC close by can track it if it actively wants to. Most satellites do not have radar!. Only special military ones do and they only switch them on when needed. Radar uses lots of power!.
    The Rools Royce Trent 800 engines are leased from RR and had satcom ACRS comms updates every 30 mins. These HAD to include GPS co-ordinates since they are only short texts. Just put it this way, if you hire a car, the rental company already had a GPS active tracker on it. A pair of multi-million dollar jet engines ?. You betcha, GPS is active !. So who is suppressing the info from RR ?. Try BigBrother for starters!. Why involve Immasat who had dodgy directors rather than RR who are far more respectable in reputation!.