Former BBC DJ ‘Harry Cornflake’ Cleared of 12 Sex Charges

21st Century Wire says…

Vindication in the courts today for the former BBC DJ David Lee Travis aka ‘Harry Cornflake’, as the jury found Travis not guilty.

The former pal and BBC colleague of Britain’s most prolific pedophile Sir Jimmy Savile OBE, has been under fire since November 2012 when Travis, 68, was implicated in a string of sex-related accusations by former females fans and associates, all said to have taken place between 176 -2003.

Travis has always denied all criminal charges made against him, and today the jury found Travis not guilty of all 12 charges following 20 hours of deliberation, and were unable to return verdicts on two additional charges – indecent assault and sexual assault, so both were discharged.

A further hearing is scheduled to take place at the same court on February 24th to decide whether or not there will be a retrial of the two outstanding charges.

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  • JD McKinstry

    “…all said to have taken place between 176 -2003″

    Holy shit! This dude is old! Wouldn’t most of his sexual assaults during the Renaissance not really be considered “sexual assault” for that period, though?

  • Mitch Mitchell


  • quantumcipher

    The only reason Saville was outted was because he died. Odds are this monster is just as guilty. Relevant: “Alliance with the Freemasons and £50,000: Cost of “get out of jail free card” in UK”

    • davecad

      have you even bothered to look at this case before you posted . he is not guilty end of story now people should leave him alone . the charges against him were a joke with no proof to back up the claims against him .

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