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Doorstep Interview: DJ ‘Hairy Cornflake’ denies any and all involvement with Jimmy Savile’s empire of abuse

In a doorstep interview posted on Youtube online this weekend…

Former BBC DJ Dave Lee Travis this week told of his fury at being ‘sullied’ by association with former pal Jimmy Savile’s ongoing child abuse investigation.

The former Radio 1 DJ denied any wrongdoing after being released by police investigating accusations of sexual assault made by two women dating back to the late-1960s.

He said the case against him amounted to nothing more than allegations of ‘fumbling’, adding: ‘I do not want to be sucked into anything that talks about paedophilia.’

Standing at the gate of his £1million home, he told reporters: ‘I’ve been talking to the police about sexual — I don’t know what to call it — in the old days they called it putting your arm around someone and giving them a cuddle”.


‘I think that sometimes us guys who are a bit older are, shall we say, tactile — which is not a terrible thing to be. In the old days you put your arm round someone and gave them a kiss or a cuddle, yeah, that’s fine. Nowadays you’d have to stop to think — is this an assault?

‘Now I’m not saying that I haven’t put my arms around someone and I’m not saying that any of this is right or wrong at the moment. But I’m just trying to get the facts out…’

The 67-year-old DJ continued: ‘Things were different in those days… those were lax days.’

Several claims have already been made that Travis groped women colleagues in the 1970s and 1980s. TV and radio broadcaster Vivien Creegor claimed he ‘jiggled her breasts’ while live on Radio 4 in the 1980s.

Mrs Creegor, 55, claimed Travis clamped his hands over her jumper as she made a live announcement. Travis categorically denied any wrongdoing and said he was surprised the allegations were being made now.

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