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NSA chief admits ‘We’ve only foiled one terror plot’ (and even that one is bogus)

21st Century Wire says…

It gets more pathetic by the day…

We’re told there’s austerity. We’re told there’s sequestration. We’re told we must stump up more tax dollars to support the military industrial complex – but there seems to be an endless flow of cash for STASI USA.

With a budget in the billions, and after collecting every one of our phone calls, texts, emails and social network communications, NSA chiefs have been forced to admit under oath that their surveillance machine thwarted only one plot – and there is even slepticism surrounding that ‘one plot’. They are still clinging to claims that the NSA had heroically managed to prevent a terrorist attack on the New York Stock Exchange, after intercepting an email from Pakistan in 2009. This sounds like an inflated claim – or a lie.

One could say that the NSA has stopped nothing, yet they’ve stopped at nothing to Big Brother the public to death.

This was even too big a lie for even Eric Holder, so he sent his side-kick to insult the American people… 

Deputy Attorney General James Cole adds, “With these programs and other intelligence activities, we are constantly seeking to achieve the right balance between the protection of national security and the protection of privacy and civil liberties… We believe these two programs have achieved the right balance.” 

What a load of bollocks, Mr James Cole.

PHOTO: Eric Holder’s criminal side-kick spare brain cell. Sure, he looks completely credible.

There is NO basis for such a program, unless it’s designed to spy on innocent citizens. How much more of this can we take…


Newly declassified documents on phone records program released

Ellen Nakashima
Washington Post

Obama administration officials faced deepening political skepticism Wednesday about a far-reaching counterterrorism program that collects millions of Americans’ phone records, even as they released newly declassified documents in an attempt to spotlight privacy safeguards.

The previously secret material — a court order and reports to Congress — was released by Director of National Intelligence James R. Clapper as a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing opened Wednesday morning in which lawmakers sharply questioned the efficacy of the collection of bulk phone records. A senior National Security Agency official conceded that the surveillance effort was the primary tool in thwarting only one plot — not the dozens that officials had previously suggested.

In recent weeks, political support for such broad collection has sagged, and the House last week narrowly defeated a bipartisan bid to end the program, at least in its current form. On Wednesday, senior Democratic senators voiced equally strong doubts.

“This bulk-collection program has massive privacy implications,” said Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Patrick J. Leahy (Vt.). “The phone records of all of us in this room — all of us in this room — reside in an NSA database. I’ve said repeatedly, just because we have the ability to collect huge amounts of data does not mean that we should be doing so. . . . If this program is not effective, it has to end. So far, I’m not convinced by what I’ve seen.”

Administration officials defended the collection effort and a separate program targeting foreigners’ communication as essential and operating under stringent guidelines.

“With these programs and other intelligence activities, we are constantly seeking to achieve the right balance between the protection of national security and the protection of privacy and civil liberties,” Deputy Attorney General James Cole said. “We believe these two programs have achieved the right balance.”

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