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Israel, US and the West are Humanity’s Greatest Terror Threat

JLJason Liosatos
21st Century Wire

“The principle & which is quite true in itself & that in the big lie there is always a certain force of credibility; because the broad masses of a nation are always more easily corrupted in the deeper strata of their emotional nature than consciously or voluntarily.”

– From Adolf Hitler’s Mein Kampf, attributed to Joseph Goebbels

Those in the higher echelons of governments waging the so called ‘war on terror’ are ironically the biggest terrorists of all, and the biggest threat to peace and stability on our planet.

We only need to look what they have done just in the last thirty years to see what killing and misery they have caused. The only real terror is them, and other terror threats are generally in retaliation to them. Barack Obama said ‘the future of Syria must be determined by its people’, but it is being determined by Israel twinned and in bed with the US military might and NATO ‘peacekeepers’, with the usual promise of freedom and democracy, and brought about by bloodshed and destruction in the usual hugely profitably way they always do it, by destruct and rebuild, like Libya, Iraq and others places.

Let us remember the nauseating sight of the smiling faces of David Cameron, Nicolas Sarkozy, William Hague and Mahmoud Jibril – all holding hands aloft triumphantly in Libya gloating at the destruction they had caused,  after orchestrating the beginning of a genocide and chaos too dreadful to explain. They are spreading like a rampant cancer through the Middle East and are beginning to look like a modern day version of Adolf Hitler.

They are directly responsible for mass murder, by giving the thumbs up to the rebels, who became their armed henchmen and assassins to kill for them on a wholesale basis. The rebels were like wild killing machines, like young boys given guns and bullets who are having a wonderful time playing out their war games for real, seemingly using anyone as target practice, reveling in the new found power bestowed on them, but not realizing they are building their own prison, with the white man from the west the jail keeper as usual. The rebels are awakening from the chloroform but not sufficiently to realize they are being tricked and used like pawns, and the inevitable bloodbath has ensued, with not a splash of blood on the crisp dark suits of the comptrollers of the massacre. As I have already mentioned it’s easy to murder mass amounts of people by hiring others to do it, as has happened in Libya and now in Syria.

The US gives roughly $3 billion dollars in military aid to Israel a year for weapons, that is a staggering and unbelievable $6 million a day, but wait for this, in the form of vouchers, so they can only buy the weapons from the US arms industry. None of the donated money goes to Israeli society. The chaos in the region is ideal for US arms sales.

The Germans have sold submarines to Israel with capabilities of destroying Iran with a nuclear weapon, at the bargain price of $500 million dollars for two; it is looking very ominous, and very suspicious, as those same submarines now lurk under the water just off Iran. It seems that Israel may be used to destroy Iran for the western government gangsters. So the gullible public won’t think it’s them as usual doing the slaughtering. It’s horribly predictable: I hope the sick plan doesn’t reach fruition. It’s unbelievable to watch the grisly stage being set. And of course Iran wants nuclear weapons, so would you or I if we saw the US military taking over most of the Middle East with bloodshed and insanity, with its sights set on us via the barrel of Israel’s guns.

And why do they seem to side with Israel and veto the Palestinians? Is it just a coincidence that there are a lot of Jews in the US Government and the US is so vehemently against Palestinian freedom. It is also cause for concern that the US Administration is so ruthlessly taking over the Middle East, I hope it’s just a coincidence, but as I have already talked about there is no such thing, as things take place by a coinciding of events by planned decisions. They talk of creating peace and stability, but consistently do the complete opposite, and are actually the usurpers of peace on this planet. They use any opportunity to intervene in countries. They come as saviors using the excuse that the government they are liberating the people from cannot use force on their own people who are protesting against them.

Each intervention simply furthers their own interests, and is masked in the form of moral, ethical standards and protection for the people they are supposedly liberating, as their saviors to achieve freedom and democracy. Understandably the majority of the people with often very little to lose, who have been suppressed for many years are delighted at being saved from their ruling oppressors, with the hope of something better, not realizing that they are being used as pawns for the scheming western governments plans, and are simply being taken over by new oppressors with new promises.

Their discontent and anger is just cunningly used by the western governments as an excuse to jump on board the train to ousting their leaders with the protestors help. They also don’t realize that the democracy that their saviors are promising is not a democracy at all, but will just be a new gang of oligarchs with different labels, carefully positioned by the US bringers of democracy, often colluding with corrupt gangs and leaders already there. 

Writer Jason Liosatos is an author of The Emergency Transformation of Human Beings and the host of Global Peace Radio and based in the UK.



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  • Essential Intel

    “And of course Iran wants NUCLEAR WEAPONS”.

    Good job Jason, you’re literally outing your darlings in Tehran against their explicit wishes. They still insist officially that they don’t want such things at all, and so far the party line in the controlled opposition (aka “alternative media”) has faithfully followed Tehran’s official propaganda on this very delicate matter. Apparently that’s what you get while going through a nervous breakdown. A Critical but important mistake that lets the truth spill out and expose the hollow charade of the whole circus. Now, for a somewhat less hysterical, raving analysis of the events then what has been presented above, check out this link: http://essential-intelligence-network.blogspot.com/2013/05/syrian-crisis-shifting-gears-following.html

    • Compassion and turning the other cheek is great, I am all for it, and I highly commend Iran for their non violent, beautiful status,but when your dealing with unscrupulous Israel hell bent on its superior race, Apartheid, racist, obsession, with psychotic US, and the Western asylum then believe me everyone needs protection against them, which may soon become evident when the depleted uranium nuclear bunker buster bombs rain down on Iran’s nuclear facilities sending a toxic nuclear cloud over the planet lasting 4.5 billion years. The whole of humanity is having a nervous breakdown exacerbated by the megalomaniacs here in the West, we are in serious trouble and these lunatics will stop at nothing to get Iran. Perhaps if we asked Iran ‘would you rather be occupied and virtually incinerated by the West and have your infrastructure ruined, your culture annihilated, deformed children by depleted uranium like Iraq, MacDonalds on every corner and be slaves of the IMF, or have a nuclear bomb to fend psychopaths off’ what would they say? I also want a symbiotic society globally and a nuclear free world, but in case you didn’t notice Netanyahu, Obama, Cameron speak with forked tongue and are busy planning the wanton take over of the Middle East and raping its treasures. http://www.jasonliosatos.com

      • Essential Intel

        You really need a cold drink (or some other kind of drink).
        Their official propaganda strictly forbids to say they plan to build nukes, but you’re blowing their cover, over and over again, while throwing those slogans at me as if it makes some kind of meaningful argument. LOL. I can’t see why anyone would take “alternative media” seriously anymore.

        • ponerology

          Do everyone a favor and have a hemlock cocktail.

      • ponerology

        Planning? In case you hadn’t noticed, the take-over has been underway since Gulf War I.
        In fact, the plan was laid over 100 years ago by the Milner Group which morphed into the Royal Institute for International Affairs and their satellite Council(s) on Foreign Relations which are deeply entrenched in almost every former nation-state on the planet.
        The plan has been very long in the making.
        http://www.cuttingthroughthematrix.com for the education you were never supposed to have.

  • Hi Jason, I would ignore “Essential Intel.” They have a lot of people working full time spamming the board with psychological attacks. Its part of the course with them.

  • This is what I mean WAR MONGRELS lying to you
    about terrorism THEY ARE THE Terrorists invading and killing innocent
    people in counties far away and trying to make every one believe it all
    for the freedom of these peoples countries they invade
    As far as I can see the people of their country can control their own
    destiny with out the USA and the stinking smelly Mossad Jews invading
    them and taking over their natural resources for themselves..!!

  • et Setera

    There is much truth in this article, if only more of the wider public would see it – imprinted as it is with the belief that western ‘democratic’ governments exist to serve the people. It is true that our leaders exploit divisions (in their target countries) to foment dissent and facilitate overthrow by proxy, Their aim is to overthrow the overt dictators of these countries, and instal the covert dictatorship used to control us. The year before last, our treacherous and insidious BBC broadcast a series named ‘Syrian School’, which portrayed a self-sufficient and positive little country. Woven together of many peoples, Syria still had room for more – welcoming as it did those fleeing from other western backed conflicts. A post by one of David Icke’s Syrian forum members (04/07/12) says “Syria has been a place that has always been ruled by others. The Turkish Ottomans, the Romans, the Greeks, the Egyptians, the Crusaders, the French, everybody was here, foreigners ruling over Syria. Never were we free. Now we are free, since only 50 years Syria is independent and self reliant.
    Despite hard sanctions, economic warfare and constant threat of war from Israel and America, some ignorant people expect this nation to be a full fledged democracy by now. After only 50 years for this young nation. Let me ask, how many monarchies, principalities and other forms of state needed to come and go before these other nations arrived in ‘democracy’…….And the question people ask is also what is so great about western style democracy, why should we copy it? So we can have a choice like Americans between Obama and Romney, or between Bush and Al Gore. It’s like giving people a choice between fraud and a scam…….”

    This forum member goes on to say that in Syria citizens have many rights and privileges not available to us in the west, though they may not openly criticize the government. Should Syria evolve to become a nation where ‘you can criticize everything and anything openly,’ that would be welcomed – ‘But we are not there yet, and violence, invasion, war and destruction will not get us there.’
    God protect the good people of Syria, so many innocent lives lost and ruined through the wicked interference of our PTB.