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Masonic Compass and Pentagram: The Royals’ Secret Symbols Hidden in Plain Sight

21st Century Wire

Top news story on the BBC and most UK mainstream media outlets last week was that the Queen of England, who turns 87 next month, caught a stomach bug but was released from royal King Edward VII hospital smiling and well.

Note that this is the very same royal hospital which produced a dead administrative worker before Christmas 2012, one Jacintha Saldanha, the alleged victim of a prank Australian radio prank.

It was revealed that innocent Jacintha was not the main subject of the Aussie radio prank as she merely passed the phone over to someone else on staff, and was not ‘traumatised’ or depressed – as the press campaigned to the public, further fueling speculation that she was ‘suicided’ (killed) in order to send a message to public not to meddle in royal life, or to fulfill some other unknown purpose. Prank calls happen all the time, and no one has ever committed suicide over one, therefore, the suicide claim by authorities is hardly credible.

Was it really a suicide? What was her motive? Will we ever know?

What does it mean? There are a number of ancient references to the pentagram symbol in the occult.

Upon the Queen’s release, a photograph of her next to her nurse reveals – and proves, what many have speculated over the years, that there is in fact a secretive satanic and masonic culture which operates in and around Britain’s Royal Family. Notice the belt buckle of the Queen’s medical minder in the photo below, adorned with the symbol of the 5 tipped star pentagram along with the masonic compass.

Now we can understand the Masonic compass, as its a private, ‘Masonic’ hospital, but why is the the occult pentagram? What does it mean? Look…

A closer look reveals the belt buckle of the royal hospital staff. Not so secret.


Does anyone else find this strange?

How much more proof do we need that the our planetary elite are hiding some hidden agenda from the world’s public who ultimately empower them? It seems that the royals are heavily affiliated with secret societies that the rest of the general public know very little about, and that, surely, things understood only in secret by ruling elites cannot advance ‘democracy’ in the 21st century.

Source: Daily Mail

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  • websuspect

    Body Languages is %85 non verbal communication. The queen mom looks in disdain like a hamster or a small rat to see if its safe to come out in front of the class she rules over. As she moves out, her nurse looks on with the same disdain as if hoping the person she is taking care of dies and she is not held responsible. As the ruled over class not viewed in this picture looks on. WHo could care less. Long live the queen! The wicked witch.

    • http://twitter.com/SamalBahayKubo Samal Bahay-Kubo

      It’s the queen, f-wit, not the queen’s mum!

      • websuspect

        When asked what they do the residents of Liverpool gladly say. i build nuclear submarines for the queen mum!

        • http://www.facebook.com/peter.m.appleby Peter Michael Appleby

          What you have just written ,does not make any sense! Are you writing in code?

          • websuspect

            Yes! Why does the queen mum need a nuclear submarine? Is it for personal defense or conquest!

          • http://www.facebook.com/peter.m.appleby Peter Michael Appleby

            The queen mum is dead! What are you talking about?

          • websuspect

            She is not they put her brain inside the nuclear submarine! She is commanding it and she will live for ever with her servant the Mason Nurse to attend to her nutritional needs and submarine aspiration!

          • http://twitter.com/peterappleby21 Peter Appleby

            You are a nutcase!

          • John Myles

            Nature an an inherent entity

          • Steve Widdicombe

            Nature=83= _havayah and He stepped out of the circle

          • Steve Widdicombe

            Because standing armies are “their” real currency. The economic control mechanism precipitates intentional poverty and fools are hypnotised from birth to think there is some glory in mass murder, to keep them stocked with fodder to do her bidding.

          • John Myles

            Explain yourself

      • WAITYbeastie

        I think he only means “the old lady”, “mum” as in the old. Don’t get so upset.

    • WAITYbeastie

      LOL, so funny. She does look like a rodent, LOL !

    • Steve Widdicombe

      For the love of G_d don’t make her angry

  • http://www.21stcenturywire.com/ Patrick Henningsen

    It is a very bizarre scene alright.

    • websuspect

      I dont know whats more bizare this scene, or an illegal rigged election of a communist illegal alien over a country of free people. While onlookers watch a fake election ritual to the tune of black pop stars.

    • WAITYbeastie

      “Nice” pentagram there on side of the nurse’s belt buckle. {!}

  • forthurst

    “How much more proof do we need that the our planetary elite are
    hiding some hidden agenda from the world’s public who ultimately empower

    Hiiden in plain sight – on a nurse’s belt buckle?

    According to the Library and Museum of Freemasonry, this belt buckle was given to nurses who trained at the Royal Masonic Hospital. How sinister is that?

    • John Myles

      Look up Club of the Isles. You will find it interesting and shocking. It is an aristocratic organization to which our royalty is attached. Does this imply she is active in it?

    • John Myles

      I do not know but my wife who is a nurse of yester decades tells me she has one as all nurses from everywhere do. It had no Masonic significence to them however.

    • Josh

      Dude, I was aware that the elite of the world want to control everything LONG before I found out about this whole “illuminati” thing. I’m a radical environmentalist in many ways, and when I was a teen I used to listen to all kinds of anarchist hip hop lol and lets not forget death metal. You can hate me all you want man and call me a tree loving fag but I know in my heart more than you that you are a christfag hypocrite that just wants to turn your wife into a soccer-mom and your kids into more sheltered, smelly hillbilly bums living off the stupid water poisoning pacifier known as the internet. So, what are you retards gonna do? Sit your asses on this pacifier? Or fight for something thats fucking real for once!

  • http://www.facebook.com/peter.m.appleby Peter Michael Appleby

    I believe that Jacintha Saldanha accidently stumbled upon some kind of “Eyes Wide Shut” ceremony and had to be disposed of.

    • Steve Widdicombe

      I think the Jacintha suicide was the fault of those irreverent Australian DJs butting in on something that was absolutely none of their business, and were lucky they were not dealt with more resolutely.Some people take their responsibilities and duties very seriously.

  • Mike D

    it’s a wonderful time to be on earth to see the one world government go down in flames and our real king take his rightful throne from king David’s wicked descendents the royals. Your devil worshipping days are numbered mum! Jesus is Lord!

    • http://www.facebook.com/kevinsball Kevin Ball

      So true. especially since her firstborn Charles is isa ( the false prophet) and William is the Mahdi (the antichrist). http://www.theunholygodhead.com

  • minou nine

    That nurse looks like a dragon. She’s keeping a watchful eye out for Her Lizardship.

    I wonder if Charlie boy is spiking Her Lizardship’s food to make her ill, it’s about time she “abdicated”.

    • WAITYbeastie

      LOL !!!!!!!!!!

    • Steve Widdicombe

      Ha, ha ha. I think the legend of Melucine has got slightly out of hand, but I might be wrong.However, Charles swore and oath to be her leige man on an overcast day in 1969, a year akin to Hera’s tenacious decapod, that will nip the heels of Heroes rather than betray loyalty, and you can safely lay London to prairie cake that liege man is precisely what he is. A house cannot stand divided.

  • John Myles

    The buckle is a state registered nurse emblem issued to all nurses..What a bunch of dopes. The lord saves.. What lord? A name please. Funny gods opposite has a name but god doesn.t And Lucifer . Who says he exists?. Is he a lesser god? Can.t be. There is a creator, an architect if you like but the creator is not a moralizer.
    Did you know that the Shriners are masonic? No. Do you know how many millions the masons pour into medical research anonymously? Yes there are realms beyond our own but they endure way ab0ve christianities heaven. That is what the three major religions do not teach us. Natives are far closer to reality than the rest of us.There god is the heron, the wolf, the tree, the sun, the eagle, the rain.

    • http://twitter.com/peterappleby21 Peter Appleby

      What is the origin of the word “Nature?”

    • TREVLA

      I live in england, visited many hospitals when my mum was ill, and Ive never seen a nurse with that masonic buckle.

      • Steve Widdicombe

        Of course you didn’t. The man’s a widow’s son and has a dog in the fight called Shlomo :)

        and will wipe away all evidence on the lintel contrary to their aspirations. Its someone akin that mixes the Hemlock for the most noble of creatures. They pad careers ascent, and fatten up on compromised thinkers.

    • WAITYbeastie

      Lets say OK,it’s issued to them all. That doesn’t mean they are not being duped into wearing something they don’t fully understand.

      • Steve Widdicombe

        There ya go ! quite true in many cases, but in this one case, by the look on that nurse’s face, she understands perfectly.

    • Steve Widdicombe

      I know something exists because I saw it.I’m not in the position to say “precisely” what it was other than it was awesome;something you don’t see everyday. (My personal suspicions would be purely speculatory)
      Now considering the Monies of the compound interest economic scam have Masonic symbols all over it, I would expect to share the valueless printed paper manufactured at will (mainly as a consensus trance control mechanism) to be employed by Mason’s and their covert Jewish agenda ala Balfour agreement far more liberally.
      Please don’t tell me they are decent, open and honest given the recent historic record and overt criminality at every turn. If that were the case things would be getting better and they are not. We are ruled by psychopaths, and only brainwashed fools and liars say anything different.
      Standing armies are the currency of Monarchs and these ones are no different. Trust them at your peril.
      I wish, as far as a wish will take me, that Masons and the Royal family were as good as they claim to be. That that part of the argument in Plato’s Republic held, but they are not and it is patently obvious to all but dormant entities this is the case.
      The Masonic infrastructure makes a mockery of the Westminster system Dichotomy, rendering it a Histrionics exercise onto which imbeciles can expend their hopes, most often to have them dashed. No matter who you vote for the chain of command is full of them and they are sworn to serve their fraternity above all else under pains of death, and that is precisely what they do.Men that swore a stern oath before they actually knew what they were swearing to, as Isis’ veil is not even slightly raised to those before the Adytum, and the fact they see nothing wrong with this is wrongness epitomised.
      The Police are likewise divided and used as an alternate tessera and as a tip of the lance depersonalising them into largely mistreating their own according to laws fostered by the same Crown Temple franchise that makes common herbs, natures bounty and the right to self determination and free will illegal, in a Fiesta of restriction,monopoly and intentional poverty for everyone but their masters (as they never mint enough of there symbolic rubbish monies that are a carrier wave for interest debt, for all in the first place which pits man against man.)
      Theirs is a system evil from the get go, set to devour the entire planet and that has played upon the goodwill of the common man and symbiotically fed off the plebiscite too long. John, I would not make assumptions regarding “its” nature as a finite entity in an infinite schema. They will founder. All man’s strivings are vanity, but those that take all in a criminal scourge against indigenous ownership only to return toil, war and want are something far far worse, and those that support such, in this threshing room for souls, I know are grist, in for the terrible shock. They that refuse to self regulate according to heart, correct action thought and deed are doomed to redundancy, and of no use to anyone or anything.

    • Steve Widdicombe

      Yes and the Royal family has raped, murdered and pillaged every indigenous culture it has come into contact with. Commonwealth my pink dorty.
      They nearly decimated all the African and Indian wildlife until they put it above Schwartzers and Goyim, the very entities they symbiotically feed off.

  • Josh

    All you guys suck! You can’t do this because that symbol could mean something totally different to someone else. Its like the bible, you have your rebellious people and then you have people who are loyal to the government and/or orthodoxy. This is bullshit!

  • Randy Nealey

    For those “NOT IN THE KNOW” and not sure what you are talking about. as an FYI. A woman can not be made a mason, however they have been given special privileges to start a ladies group of masons ie “The Order of the Eastern Star” That star you see on her belt is an “un-colorized” OES symbol. Hence the association with the Masonic Square and Compasses

    • santiago

      BS! It is upside down!

    • Steve Widdicombe

      For the PROFANE you mean, the unsquared Ashlar, an Animal with a face, Just like women stand at the back in Temple.The Goy are the only ones that are supposed to believe a dog is a cat to the disruption of the social order.

  • phireblu

    These people serve fallen angels. Including the same one who slithered up to eve and offered the fruit. Some may even say they come from a satanic bloodline. Such as nephilim. The halfbreeds. They came from when Genesis ch 6 mentions sons of God (angels) saw daughters of man (humans) went to them (fell) took wives. Had children. The giants of those days. Think Goliath defeated by David. Ok. And when they died (noahs flood story wiped them out) This is where demons come Into play. Disembodied souls. Demons. Not created by God and no place to go. It’s proven there can be a fallen angel or satanic bloodline. The royal family and their scandals are the epitome of evil. http://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/biggestsecret/esp_biggest_secret_3.htm

    • Steve Widdicombe

      I think Genesis may be a Generic Allegory, and quite misleading to take too literally, but quite profitable to solve.
      Let their crimes against humanity that are far more tangible generally be enough.

  • imtheone

    These have deeper meaning than what we thought. Symbolic and full of secrets behind. https://www.facebook.com/masonicstoreonline?ref=hl