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“The Fall of the Republic”

Party guests left to right: Tim Geithner, John Kerry, KSM, Oprah, Nancy Pelosi, Joe Biden, Axelrod, Barack Obama, Michelle Obama, Hillary Clinton, Party Crashers #1, Rahm Emanuel, Eric Holder, Party Crashers #2, Harry Reid, John Edwards, Bluto, Andy Stern, Bill Clinton, Chris Matthews, Keith Olbermann, Barney Frank, Kevin Jennings Statues left to right: Che Guevara, Saul Alinsky, Obama, Chairman Mao and last but not least, old Vlad Lenin. (PICTURE: www.thepeoplescube.com)


Marvel here at one of the great Neo-classical masterpieces, “The Fall of the Republic”, chronicling the rise, slide and fall of this once great Constitutional Republic. It’s an age-old scene where the characters may change but the story doesn’t. An empire in decline, a happy time when style reigns over substance and political expediency is the order of the day. The latest cast of rather likely contemporary players, each  flanked by their legates and court scribes, together they are swept into positions of influence and intoxicated by the all-elusive prize… frolicking and partaking the multitude of spoils on offer, a variable orgy of the political power- as the republic is reduced to mere ashes all around them. What could be more glorious?

As natural as it is unmistakable, this is all in the name of ‘progress’.

As the super state grows to epic proportions, what of the common man? In the words of Marie Antoinette: “Let them eat cake.”

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