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Dubious Reports of Advertisements Seeking Trump Protesters: “Get Paid Fighting Against Trump”

21WIRE + Zero Hedge | Reports of a ‘political group’ alleged to advertise in 12 cities to pay protesters for participating in disrupting the presidential inauguration exposed by Tucker Carlson as a phony organization.

Extreme Left #DISRUPTJ20 Plot to ‘Acid Bomb’ Inauguration Deploraball

21WIRE + Project Veritas | Hidden camera video exposé from Project Veritas appears to have uncovered extreme left group planning violent protest at Inaugural ball.

Obama Hoping To ‘Craft His Legacy’ in This New Sectarian America

Patrick Henningsen | Obama’s second term – talk of spare change, climate change and other imaginary threats.

Lupe Fiasco Kicked Off Stage For Slamming Obama During Pre-Inauguration Show

This is what freedom and democracy is about under Barack Obama, as real black artists are silenced for not sticking to the party line, and criticizing the Party Leader (sound familiar?) Watch…   That pretty much sums up where America is at in 2013.

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