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Emmanuel Project: Truth About Bioweapons and the Myth of Man-made Pathogens

Separating fact from fiction: this video examines explosive, critical questions, rumours and theories surrounding the topic of the “novel” coronavirus  and everything connected with it. When new reports do the rounds in public that have the potential to fuel (additional) fear, hatred and violence – which help to promulgate dangerous misinformation from the field of medicine and science.

 Section 1: “Bioweapons – the myth of the man-made pathogen”
Dr. Stefan Lanka explores the complex topic of biological warfare/bioweapons. Due to the latest rumours surrounding the alleged “Wuhan virus” that many mainstream pundits now believe “leaked” from a BSL4 laboratory in Wuhan, China, one must now address the issue of artificial “pathogens”, i.e. those modified or created in a laboratory, and explain why these are and will continue to remain a myth. Watch:


Ludwik Fleck – “Genesis and Development of a Scientific Fact” (translated by Frederick Bradley and Thaddeus J. Trenn)
‎Publisher: University of Chicago Press (August 15, 1981)

Thomas Schnelle: “Ludwig Fleck – Leben und Denken. Zur Entstehung und Entwicklung des wissenschaftlichen Denkstils in der Wissenschaftsphilosophie”,[Ludwig Fleck – Life and Thought. On the Origin and Development of the Scientific Style of Thinking in the Philosophy of Science] January 1982 (in German) https://www.researchgate.net/publication/319630084Ludwik_Fleck-_Leben_und_Denken_Zur_Entstehung_und_Entwicklung_des_wissenschaftlichen_Denkstils_in_der_Wissenschaftsphilosophie_Freiburg_1982
Published on Research Gate

The Ludwik Fleck Centre for Scientific Theory

“Project MKULTRA, the CIA’s Program of Research into Behavioral Modification – Joint Hearing before the Select Committee on Intelligence and the Subcommittee on Health and Scientific Research of the Committee on Human Resources, United States Senate, Ninety-Fifth Congress, First Session”, 03 August 1977
Published on the website of the New York Times

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