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Pittsburgh Bridge Collapse Injures 10 the Day Biden Visits City for Infrastructure Talks

Everyone is wondering where that $1.2 trillion infrastructure money went.

Yesterday, Biden’s new Transport Secretary Pete Buttigieg reassured the AP that he’s got it all under control, reaffirming that the White House will be rolling out a new “safe system” designed to decrease traffic fatalities nationwide. Their goal is ‘zero traffic fatalities.’

“It doesn’t look good, and I continue to be extremely concerned about the trend,” Buttigieg said. “Today we commit that our goal is this: zero. Our goal is zero deaths.”

Buttigieg isn’t saying it up front, but it would appear his grand plan is to roll out more speed cameras.

Meanwhile, not a word from Mayor Pete this week about the tens of thousands of bridges and roads across America which have fallen into disrepair. On that note, President Biden certainly got a rude awakening in Pennsylvania today.

You literally could not make it up…

Washington Post reports…

A Pittsburgh bridge collapsed early Friday, according to authorities, injuring 10 people just hours before President Biden was scheduled to visit the city to talk about infrastructure.

Pittsburgh Public Safety acknowledged a “confirmed bridge collapse” at around 6:50 a.m. A photo from KDKA showed at least four vehicles, including a Port Authority bus, on the Fern Hollow Bridge near Forbes and Braddock avenues. Another vehicle was shown dangling near the edge of the collapsed bridge, which is located in Frick Park and connects the Point Breeze, Regent Square and Squirrel Hill neighborhoods of Pittsburgh.

Three people were hospitalized, but none of the injuries are life-threatening, said Darryl Jones, chief of the Pittsburgh Bureau of Fire, at a news conference.


The cause of the collapse is under investigation, Jones said. Gainey told reporters that the bridge, which was built in 1970, was last inspected in September 2021…

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