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VIDEO: SOS Australia – Protests Planned Tomorrow at Embassies Worldwide

Last month, activists from Reignite Democracy Australia launched a global appeal for people to gather this Saturday December 4th at Australian embassies and consulates worldwide in solidarity with the people of Australia and in protest against the brutal behaviour and policies of government there. 

“This is a message to all the countries who are getting ready to protest at their nearest Australian Embassy or Consulate today at 12 noon. We asked several Aussies to send you a message…here’s what they had to say!” Watch: 

More info about the event: https://www.reignitedemocracyaustralia.com.au

Watch Part 1 of our interview with RDA organiser Monica Smit here

Watch Part 2 of her interview here

READ MORE AUSTRALIA NEWS AT: 21st Century Wire Australia Files


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