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Arizona School Board President Compiled Dossier of Parents Who Oppose Critical Race Theory

Across the US and UK, educational institutions and corporations have fallen into a new and powerful activist-led branch of the leftwing political paradigm known as “anti-racism” activism. As a result of this political juggernaut, schools have been rushing to try and appease an increasingly vociferous woke mob by implementing their ‘anti-racism’ action plans. This includes the adoption of the controversial race-based worldview doctrine known as Critical Race Theory (CRT). What administrators and CEO’s fear most is the maxim being touted by openly Marxist brigading activists who now insist that ‘it isn’t enough to not be racist,’ and hence forward to avoid their wrath, we must all be ‘actively anti-racist.’ 

In Scottsdale, Arizona, a school board president was exposed for compiling a secret dossier on any parents who dared to oppose the district’s use of the controversial CRT doctrine in its teaching curriculum. Parents are now calling for the recall of their school board head.

The story took a sharp turn late this week as parents demanded the resignation of the school president for the creepy dossier targeting anyone considered to be an ideological dissenter.

The Blaze reports…

Parents of students in the Scottsdale Unified School District were shocked to discover that a school board member had secretly compiled a dossier detailing parents who opposed critical race theory.

The dossier was compiled on Google Drive and contained a list of parents who objected to teachings about CRT; it included photographs of both the parents and their children.

Parents who had been calling for the recall of Governing Board President Jann-Michael Greenburg are now demanding he resign over the secret dossier, to which he had access.

“I am calling for the immediate resignation of our board president Jann-Michael Greenburg,” said Amy Carney, a mother of six, who is now running for a seat on the Scottsdale Governing Board.

“We cannot allow anyone in a leadership position to secretly compile personal documents and information on moms and dads who have dared speak out publicly or on social media about their grievances with the district,” she added.

The dossier included a trove of information on 47 parents, including home addresses, phone numbers, mortgage data, traffic tickets, family members, and social security numbers…

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