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Divider and Chief: Extreme Politicization of DOJ by Biden Administration

One of the more unpleasant stories of late – but it perfectly illustrates the level which the current White House Administration is willing to sink, in order to advance its radical progressive agenda.

How are parents expected to react after a biological male in a skirt is found guilty of sexually assaulting a female classmate in a bathroom?

Incredibly, the father of a girl who was raped was protesting at a local school board meeting in Louden County, Virginia, before being subdued by local police and hauled away in handcuffs – as he shouted ‘my daughter was raped. It happened.’

To make matters worse, former US president Barack Obama decided to weigh-in.

Obama, who was out campaigning along with Joe Biden on behalf of struggling Democrat gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe, claimed that the parental anger over the schools’ cover-up of the sexual assaults was merely “culture war stuff” and nothing but “phoney rightwing outrage.”

Host Tucker Carlson went so far as to describe Biden’s surrogate Obama as a ‘heartless monster.’

Now we learn that the Biden White House has been working with the National School Board Association to draft the letter used by the DOJ to paint parent protesters as ‘domestic terrorists’ – and justify FBI involvement. Watch:

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Get Your Copy of New Dawn Magazine #203 - Mar-Apr Issue