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Arizona Audit Reveals Widespread Mail-In Ballot Irregularities

The results of the latest independent Arizona 2020 election audit reveals thousands of unexplained mail-in ballot duplicates and dodgy signatures, unauthorized log-ins to a completely nonsecure Dominion electronic system, and a purge of voting information – all pointing to potential systematic fraud.

AZ Central and The Arizona Republic report…

The Arizona Senate has said that the presentation will consist of four reports: The Cyber Ninjas’ findings, including presentations by CEO Doug Logan and Ben Cotton, founder of CyFIR, a digital security firm and an audit subcontractor.

The results of a machine count, done on high-speed counting machines the Senate purchased. Randy Pullen, the Senate audit’s spokesperson and a former state GOP chairman, is scheduled to present that report.

A review of the signatures on envelopes voters use to mail their ballots produced by a known conspiracy theorist, Shiva Ayyadura, whose firm, EchoMail, did a review of the signatures on mail-in ballot envelopes.

An overview of the county’s election procedures, presented by Senate audit liaison Ken Bennett, a former Republican secretary of state. Watch: 

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