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El Salvador Issues Free ‘Covid Treatment Package’ Including Ivermectin

While the ‘developed’ Western countries continue to ban or suppress viable treatments for COVID-19 in order to maintain Big Pharma’s experimental vaccine monopoly, some South American and Central American countries are taking a more practical and intelligent approach.

One such country, El Salvador, has instructed its Ministry of Public Health (Ministerio de Salud Publica—MINSAL) to distribute an early-onset treatment kit for COVID containing a number of proven and effective affordable treatments, including Ivermectin.

The products are being made available to the public, and can also be given free of charge by the government if necessary.

This free government-issued treatment ‘Anti-COVID’ care package includes the following items:

Acetaminophen (pain relief)
Vitamin C (supplement)
Vitamin D (supplement)
Zinc (supplement)
Aspirin (anti clotting)
Invermectin (anti viral)

Watch this short video showing the care package and its contents: 

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