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New Warning of Potential ‘Terror Attacks’ Designed to Demonize Opposition to COVID Vaccines

Screenshot from Corbett Report video warning of potential false flag events meant to demonize opposition to COVID-19 vaccines.
Screenshot from Corbett Report video warning of potential ‘terror attacks’ meant to demonize opposition to COVID-19 vaccines.

These are dangerous times. Our rights and freedoms have never been under a more severe array of threats than they are right now. Ever since COVID-19 has been pushed to the forefront of public consciousness, a new kind of authoritarianism has taken hold within governments around the world. The establishment of a global biosecurity state is well underway. It includes vaccine passports, which are not only a threat to freedom on their own, but also part of a broader platform for digital control of humanity.

Now, approaching the 20th anniversary of the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, we see a resurgence of headlines mentioning ISIS, the Taliban and Afghanistan. Old “War on Terror” fears are being stoked once again, but this time there is a new target for their vitriol: any and all dissent from the COVID/biosecurity narrative, and especially any opposition to COVID vaccines.

In the following video, James Corbett of The Corbett Report uses his considerable media savvy to read between the lines and show that the public consciousness is now being seeded with a new idea: that opposition to the COVID vaccination program is potential terrorism. He issues this stark warning to look out for events that are designed to make this a reality in the public’s mind:

“Like all false flag terrorism, the only way to disarm it is to show the magic trick in advance. They are planning to do something and blame it on the anti-vaxxer/anti-masker crowd. Do not fall for it when they do so.”



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