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Democrats ‘Planning a Coup’ if Trump Wins in November

It’s now an open secret that if Donald Trump is declared winner on November 3rd, then the Democrats will be automatically contesting the result. Party luminaries have stated that if Trump wins, they will refuse to accept the results until all of the alleged postal votes are counted (and recounted, and then recounted again), potentially delaying a result to the 2020 Presidential Election for weeks or months. During this void of uncertainty, chaos could easily engulf the country. At that point, anything could happen.

The whole idea for the partisan postal vote plot was initiated by Democrats and allied mainstream media who put out the idea this summer that in-person polls were no longer “safe” due to COVID-19. Therefore, Nancy Pelosi and other party leaders have been pressing hard for universal postal voting – all under the guise of the Coronavirus ‘pandemic.’ If this disruptive scenario is allowed to happen, then it’s very likely that the 2020 Election (much like the 2000 Bush v Gore election) will not be decided by voters, but rather by lawyers, or possibly the Supreme Court.

In addition to this, there is a second Democrat plan for a contingent election, where a Democrat-controlled House would seize the reins of control and decide the presidency in a close race. This is a desperate outlying possibility and has never happened in modern history.

Recently, former Hillary Clinton adviser John Podesta has said that the military ‘could be used’ in order to deal with the ‘national emergency’ (a problem they are busy engineering). Also, Pelosi has already admitted she has been in contact with military over the subject of succession, stating recently that, “But that is an ongoing, not with the White House but with the military, quite frankly, in terms of the — some officials in the government.”

This means that there are now at least three Democrat plots afoot to try and remove President Trump from the White House.

Host Tucker Carlson speaks about some of the coup plots on the table in 2020. Watch:

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