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Syrian Army Takes Key HTS Stronghold in Jarjanaz in Idlib, With Pressure Mounting on Turkey

SAA move even further into terrorist-occupied Idlib in northern Syria (Image Source: Ruptly)

Khaled Iskef
21st Century Wire

(ALEPPO) – Yesterday, the Syrian forces managed to take control over the strategic town “Jarjanaz” in Idlib’s southeastern countryside. This is considered one of the largest strongholds of Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (HTS), formerly Al-Nusra front terrorist group, and its allied takfiri factions in northern Syria. Syrian government forces have been besieging the Turkish ‘observation point’ in Surman village which has become the second Turkish observation point within the siege of the Syrian army in the north of the country.

Information from field sources indicated that the Syrian army attacked the militants in Jarjanaz from several angles, and were able to gain control completely over the town after violent battles with HTS-Al-Nusra caused significant human and material losses and forced terrorists to withdraw from the entire town in the face of Syrian forces’ advancement.

The Syrian army control over Jarjanaz was followed by continued progress and controlling over the villages of Khirbet Al-Sarwani, Khirbet Ma’ratah, Al-Barasa, Abu Dafnah and Al-Surman. This means that the distance separating the army from Maarat al-Numan city is less than 6 km, and made the Aleppo-Damascus international road is only 5 km away.

By gaining control over Surman, the Syrian army has applied its total siege to include the Turkish observation point located near the village, drawing a line to the other Turkish observation point in besieged Mork.

The Syrian army is expected to continue its advancement to the west to reach Maarat al-Numan, located on the Aleppo-Damascus international road. The army is expecting representatives of Marat al-Numan to hand it over without a fight, but if the agreement is stalled, the army will proceed with the military option and advance towards Maarat al-Numan and control it, and thus besieging yet another Turkish observation point located in Ma’ar Hattat, south of Maarah, thus making it the third Turkish observation point besieged by the Syrian army after Mork and Surman points.

All the available data on the ground indicates that if the Syrian army gains control over Maarat al-Numan, then it will likely advance rapidly to the north toward Ma`saran and Khan al-Sbol, up to Saraqib, in a move which aims to regain control over all the remaining parts of the main international road within Idlib governorate. After that, a military operation will be carried out from the southwestern countryside of Aleppo towards the Syrian army points in Idlib to meet its military forces in Saraqib, before announcing regaining control over the entire Aleppo-Damascus international road, according to the likely scenarios.


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