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Idlib’s Jihadi Circus: Hay’at Tahrir Al-Sham Accuses Rival Group of Looting Electricity Towers

Despite assurances from pro ‘rebel’ lobby organisations in the West still promoting the illusion of a Syrian “revolution,” all is not well in the second Islamic State of Idlib in Syria.

Disenchanted jihadis are currently embroiled in in-fighting, as various factions compete with each other to hoard aid and supplies sent to them by western NATO member states and Gulf monarchies, increasingly desperate to retain their grip on Syria’s terrorist-occupied northern province.

Some experts believe that tension is now mounting among the competing NATO and Gulf-backed terrorist factions ahead of an impending offensive by the Syrian Arab Army and their Russian allies.

According to military analysts at South Front, clueless jihadis, “did not even bother to organize defensive structures and establish logistics for the supply of weapons to the front. He noted that the millions of dollars that the HTS had for rearmament simply disappeared.”

Apparently, the real trouble began during the Syrian Army’s recent offensive in neighboring Hama province, when inept terrorist commanders had lost many of their experienced jihadi fighters who were forced to fight on the front lines, where many were wiped out. To matters worse, hundreds of terrorist fighters simply refused to participate in the war due to the fact that US-backed terrorists, Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (HTS), did not pay their foot soldier a high enough salary, causing dissension in the ranks.

INFIGHTING: In September, frustrated Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham field commander, Abu Abd al-Ashda, announced he was leaving the group due to ‘corruption’ and rampant hoarding by greedy jihadis (Image: South Front)

Now rival terrorist fighting groups are looting Idlib’s remaining infrastructure, looking for copper wiring, metals, and other parts – which they can sell for quick cash over the border in Turkey. The result has been a steady collapse of any remaining cohesion in Syria’s last major remaining terrorist enclave.

South Front reports…

Fighters of al-Qaeda-affiliated Horas al-Din have looted a number of electricity towers from the northwestern part of Greater Idlib, an official in Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (HTS) told Enab Baladi on December 14.

Taqi al-Din al-Omar, HTS public affairs official, explained that the incident was behind the recent crisis between the two terrorist groups.

According to al-Omar, Horas al-Din stole many electricity towers from Jisr al-Shughur countryside and from the al-Ghab Plains in order to sell them as scrap.

“After several warnings and attempts to stop the group by officials of HTS, a unit of Horas al-Din assaulted one of HTS’ fighters in the area of Muhambal,” the pro-opposition outlet quoted al-Omar as saying.

A day earlier, Horas al-Din fighters abducted Abu Mohamad Di’aa, HTS’ field commander in Muhambal, demanding the release of some of their comrades who were arrested by the group’s security forces in northern Idlib.

After the incident, HTS established many checkpoints and deployed heavy weapons around Horas al-Din’s strongholds in Greater Idlib.

Earlier this year, HTS and Horas al-Din solved a similar conflict under a de-escalation mechanism, the two groups had agreed upon. The situation now appears to be different, with HTS publicly accusing Horas al-Din of looting.

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