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Trump-Boris Trade Deal: The Brexit Endgame is Becoming Clear


The Brexit endgame is now becoming clear – the US-UK bilateral trade deal will make Britain an economic outpost for US transnational corporate interests.

To achieve this, the Trump Administration needs Boris Johnson in power, so John Bolton is not shy in openly backing Boris for the upcoming general election. The US knows that a major trade deal with UK will bolster Johnson’s chances in the general – with promises of more US automotive jobs coming to the UK, and more British defense contracts coming to America. For the US, tearing Britain away from Brussels through a hard Brexit means open and deregulated access to UK markets for US agricultural products and a highly profitable range of cheap food stuff, among other trade opportunities. Make no mistake, this is TTIP by fiat.

Radio Sputnik talked about the latest developments with 21WIRE editor Patrick Henningsen:

“The US’s National Security Adviser, John Bolton, has said that the UK will be “first in line” for a trade deal. Bolton confirmed that the US supported a no-deal Brexit and added that Washington would propose an accelerated series of trade deals triggering concern from critics that the UK would have to give in to some US demands in return for any trade agreement. With more on this story, Sputnik spoke to Patrick Henningsen a Political Analyst, in this interview.”


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