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Ethiopia: Ethnic Apartheid and the Globalist Colonizers’ Playbook

IMAGE: Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed meets with arch-globalist French President Emmanuel Macron for help carrying out ‘reforms’ and to restore diplomatic links (Image Source: Fana)

Teodrose Fikremariam
21st Century Wire

What you are about to read should be of concern to you whether you live in America, France, Ethiopia or any corner of the world. For there is a nefarious ploy that has been used throughout the ages to splinter society into the ghettos of imposed identities and divisive ideologies.

What is evident as one scans the media landscape is that the vast majority of humanity are suffering under the weight of financial anxiety and/or economic insolvency while a fraction are living like nobility. These things are not happening by chance but are a direct result of planned chaos. Though this communique is about my birth land Ethiopia, what I’m outlining herein is applicable in most countries, including right here in the United States of America.

A couple of weeks ago, Herman Cohen—a neocon warmonger who used to be George Bush’s Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs—tweeted a most malicious slur against Amhara people in a naked attempt to further incite tribalism and fan the flames of hatred that is threatening to unleash the dark forces of sectarianism upon Ethiopia. At a time where uncertainty was sweeping across the country after a supposed “regional coup d’etat”—which was an outlandish and oxymoronic media narrative being peddled by the Ethiopian government—there was a one-two punch that pushed Ethiopia closer to the brink of conflagration.

After Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed leveraged the incidents in Bahir Dar and Addis Abeba to shutter the internet nationally and returned to the failed tactics of Meles Zenawi by targeting one ethnic group for harassment and arrests, Herman Cohen stepped in on cue to further inflame passions. With intentional malice, he vilified Amhara people and justified Ahmed’s egregious actions by putting the target on the backs of one ethnic group. With that, the same person who ushered in the age of TPLF chauvinism started a new day of OLF domination.

Cohen turned to the same playbook of divide and conquer that colonizers have used since the Berlin Conference to pick off one “African” nation after another and turned once free people into possessions of European imperialists. The plan is always the same; elevate one tribe and confer to them the special status of eminence, accord them the prestige of power and riches and convince them that the other tribes are a threat to their privileges. Colonizers pivot and then tell the marginalized tribes that their suffering is due to the excesses of the ruling class and condition them to loath their neighbors and countrymen.

The key is to arm the ruling tribe with enough weapons to tip the scale of power towards the “elites” while giving the out-groups just enough guns to keep the nation locked in a perpetual cycle of conflict and sectarian strife. The end result is a government that is tribal first and is comprised of mostly one ethnicity. A leader from that tribe is chosen to become the president or prime minister with the implicit understanding that he is to be the puppet of his colonial masters. The tribal chieftain remains in power and this tribe in power keep their special privileges as long as colonizers get their pound of flesh and their metric tons of the country’s treasures.

The sad part is that the “special privileges” accorded to the ruling tribe never flows down to the masses of that tribe. The riches and trappings of class is hoarded by a select few within that tribe while the vast majority are living in bleakness and poverty along with the rest of their countrymen who happen to be of a different tribe. However, the elixir of pride and ego is so powerful that the poor who have nothing are willing to die to defend a system that is impoverishing them just to keep the stature of being “elites” even though they have little to nothing to their names. Sound familiar?

The minute the tribal ruler does something that displeases his colonial masters or if the situation on the ground becomes so untenable that a change is needed, in a flash a “revolution” breaks out as a new day arrives by way of tanks and Kalashnikovs. All the sudden the ruling class is no more and the status quo is flipped on its head; out goes the current dictator and in comes a new tribal chieftain. The ethnic group who once enjoyed a special status are all the sudden on the out and a new tribe is chosen to be at the forefront. Euphoria initially kicks in as millions of people who suffered under the boot of the exiled despot look forward to a new day of freedoms and “democracy”. Within short order, the new leader turns to the failed tactics of his predecessor as ethnic politics reemerge and repression is reborn. The only difference is who is sitting at the head of the table; the tribe that was once on the outside looking in are all the sudden flush with money, power and supremacy. The facade of change takes root even though globalists continue to rape and pillage the people like they have for decades irrespective of the newest African leader they prop up.

This is exactly what is taking place in Ethiopia at this moment. After enjoying 27 years of western backing, the TPLF junta were discarded by globalists and unceremoniously dumped. In stepped a charismatic leader from the Oromo tribe as Ahmed promised to undo decades of TPLF negligence. Using a million dollar smile, charm that rivaled Obama and sloganeering that was as vacuous as Donald Trump’s tweets, he convinced tens of millions of Ethiopians that he was Moses reincarnated in the 21st century. It took him less than a year to return to the same vicious policies of tribal supremacy and social stratification that the TPLF unleashed upon Ethiopia after they were chosen by European imperialists at the London Conference in 1991.

Out goes TPLF, in steps in OLF; a new age of ethnic hubris is setting in as the virus of tribalism threatens to disintegrate and induce a civil war that could shatter the nation like Yugoslavia.

In hindsight, it all makes sense. Though Ahmed talked about “medemer”, the essence of building through unity, he never talked about what he would root out. Not once did Ahmed talk about the evils of “ethnic federalism”, which is really ethnic apartheid rebranded for the 21st century. Not once did Ahmed mention the evils of splintering Ethiopia along ethnic lines. Not once did Ahmed discuss the immorality of building homelands, what the Afrikaner South African government use to call Bantustans, and shattering society based on tribe. Instead, Ahmed used flowey rhetoric to hide his intentions.

His intentions are now coming into clear focus; the same way that Meles Zenawi demonized Amhara and Oromo people, Ahmed and his colonial backers like Cohen are vilifying Amhara and Tigray people. The trick is to convince enough people that their suffering is caused not by the colonial masters who are stealing all the resources of the nation or the tribal government that is allowing the fleecing to take place but to castigate a whole group of people in an effort to induce social strife and displace blame. It works perfectly all the time too, people would rather aim sideways in anger instead of looking up to find the true source of injustice.

This is how one African country after another was colonized; the easiest way to enslave the masses is for a few to convince many to fight among themselves. Lest you think that this is no concern of yours and that African issues are the least of your problems, just look at what is going on in DC or your nation’s capital at this exact moment and you will realize that this same divide and conquer playbook is being used where you live. The tribes here are “black” vs “white”, liberal vs conservative and an endless array of social labels that are used to Balkanize the people.

We are living in a time where a few globalists have managed to indenture almost the whole of humanity. The reason they are able to pull of this coup is because they are united. The neo-aristocracy don’t bicker among themselves about race, gender, religion or ideology; they have a singular focus which is money and the means to accumulate it. As they unite, they unleash the media-politico complex that they own against the rest of us.

People who struggle are conditioned to despise and fight others who struggle too. Anger on top of anger, vengeance upon vengeance and hatred in response to injustice, the establishment condition us to claw at each other like crabs in a barrel. The end result is oppression for most and prosperity for a few. The world has enough resources to feed and sustain all of us, but globalists have no desire for peace on earth, their unending greed drives them to manufacture scarcity in order to reap the next marginal dollar. Profit for them, pain for the people.

The brilliant deception of this globalist playbook is inducing factionalism by feeding into our tribal instincts. The same way the “privileged” class defend the status quo even though the vast majority suffer like the rest, subterfuge and demonizing “others” likewise fractures America along tribal lines. The “privileged” class in the United States are “white people”, but the truth is that most “white” people are suffering economic anxieties with the rest of society. Yet we are so conditioned to view ourselves through race that too many end up viewing justice through tribal prisms. Instead of uniting to defend our common interests, we end up fighting each other as “white” people view “minorities” as the threat and “minorities” blame “white” people for injustice. Meanwhile, globalists and their politicians, pundits and media personalities who are paid by them live like sultans while humanity is ground into dust.

Eighty three years ago, Emperor Haile Selassie went before the League of Nations to plea the case of Ethiopia before the world. While the international community watched in silence as Mussolini unleashed a chemical holocaust against my grandparent’s generation and murdered close to a million Ethiopians, world powers decided to look the other way. Selassie warned that the fire that was engulfing Ethiopia would arrive at the doorsteps of Europe. The League of Nations ignored his pleas; in short order London, Berlin, Paris and most of the world burned to the ground.

Though no king, I too take this moment to warn of the dangers that await if we continue down this path. Ignore the plight of Ethiopians at your peril. The same tribalism that is being induced and the same ethnic conflict that is being leveraged in my homeland is coming to the rest of the world. Why do you think Donald Trump is inciting racism and Democrats are responding back to his bigotry by inducing animosity among their followers? They are using the same playbook that European imperialists used to colonize Africa and currently using to ghettoize Ethiopia with Ethnic Apartheid. The same fire that they are trying to spark in Ethiopia will arrive at our doorsteps soon.

Six scores and three years ago, Ethiopians banded together to repel would be colonizers at the Battle of Adwa. They did not focus on ethnicity or their differences, they united under one sendek alama (flag) and fought as Ethiopians against vicious invaders. What we need more than ever is an Adwa Awakening, a movement that is built not on our differences but on our commonalities of pains and aspirations as human beings.

VIDEO: “Unity Can Overcome Injustice #AdwaAwakening.” Watch:

Author Teodrose Fikremariam is the founder and editor of the Ghion Journal, and Chairman of Ethiopians for Constitutional Monarchy. Lij Teodrose was born in Addis Abeba, Ethiopia but grew up in America. He has BA from George Mason University and an MBA from Johns Hopkins University. An original version of this article was first published at Ethiopians4cm.org.

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