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INTERVIEW: Emmy Butlin discusses Julian Assange’s critical situation

This past week the world learned how Julian Assange failed to appear for an extradition hearing in London due to his deteriorating health conditions, as he continues to serve a 50-week sentence in London’s super-max Belmarsh prison.  According to Assange’s Swedish defense lawyer, Per Samuelson, “it was not possible to conduct a normal conversation with him.” A disturbing tale of states and institutions – all colluding to abuse an award-winning journalist still being held arbitrarily as a political prisoner.

In this segment from Episode #282 of the SUNDAY WIRE radio program, host Patrick Henningsen speaks with Emmy Butlin from the Julian Assange Defense Committee for a new update on Julian’s current condition, the subversion of due process, and how these latest developments will affect his fight against US extradition. Listen: 

For more information on Julian Assange and how you can help please go to the Wise Up Action website at: https://wiseupaction.info

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