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BREAKING: Israel Attacks Aleppo, Helping Terrorist Ground Forces

Syrian air defenses engage incoming hostile Israel missiles.

ALEPPO, SYRIA (March 28, 00:15) – Israeli fighter jets appear to have launched a fresh attack against Syria, this time firing air to ground missiles at multiple targets in the northern province of Aleppo. Primary Israeli targets include Aleppo International Airport, and Nayrab Airbase.

The Syrian air defense systems have engaged Israeli missiles over the City of Aleppo, shooting down approximately 12 incoming targets.


According to independent Middle East news agency Muraselon, multiple explosions were heard surrounding of Aleppo International Airport, as well as in Sheikh Najjar industrial zone in the northern part of the city.

According to Muraselon, Syrian Army officials published a statement confirming the attack:

“They targeted the industrial zone in Sheikh Najjar, northeast Aleppo city while air defense systems have managed to shoot down multiple missiles and the attack only caused material damage.”

This evening’s attack would be the second time in the last year that the IDF have launched airstrikes against Aleppo. Last year Israeli F-35 fighter jets illegally entered Lebanese airspace as cover to the strike at the Aleppo Governorate. However, some reports suggest that tonight’s attack came from the east, which would suggest that Israel is using US-SDF occupied land in Syria as a launching pad for airstrikes against Syria – a first in this current phase of the conflict.

Respite for Terrorist Fighters

Although Aleppo’s airports are located on the Eastern side of the city’s perimeter, by weakening Syria military positions and disrupting its security and air patrol capabilities, Israel’s attack will in fact benefit multiple terrorists brigades currently positioned around the outskirts of Aleppo, and who have been launching daily attacks into surrounding neighborhoods.


Beyond West Aleppo, stretches out to the Al Qaeda-occupied Idlib Province, where western-backed terrorists will also benefit from Israel’s attack on Syria military facilities in and around Aleppo.

In January, Syrian independent Member of Parliament, Fares Shehabi, spoke to independent journalist Eva Bartlett who reported how al-Qaeda snipers were positioned just 400-500 metres from the textile district Lairamoun, West Aleppo. Watch:

Israel: ‘Iranian Targets’

Israeli media sources are claiming that Tel Aviv is targeting “ammunition depot belonging to militia close to the Iranian Revolutionary Guards, although no evidence has been presented to validate these claims. 

Israel also appears to be using the provocation to hype-up tensions in the illegally occupied Golan Heights region which has just recently been recognized by the Trump Administration:

It should also be noted that the exactly same mission was practiced during joint Israeli-French military exercises last week – supposedly designed to hit IRGC” targets in Syria:

US-made Weapons

According to military analysts at South Front, the IDF used Boeing ‘glide bombs’ which can evade radar, making it hard for missile defense systems to intercept:

“The GBU-39, that was first introduced by Boeing in 2006, is a precision-guided glide bomb with a range of 110km. The bomb uses an inertial navigation system (INS) and GPS to hit static targets with high accuracy. The light weight of the bomb [only 129kg] allows most warplanes to carry a pack of four on each hard point.

In April of last year, the IAF used the GBU-39 SDB to strike targets in the outskirt of the city of Aleppo. The bomb is apparently being used to strike targets deep inside Syria due to its small diameter, which makes it harder to detect by Syrian radars.”


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