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Transgender YouTuber Shot After Trolling Security Guard at LA Synagogue

In one of the more bizarre incidents to date, this week a transgender YouTuber who films “confrontations” with law enforcement and security guards was shot in the leg after trolling a private security guard at a Los Angeles synagogue.

The Verge reports….

The YouTuber, Zhoie Perez [who identifies as a transgender female, formerly a man], who goes by Furry Potato online, began live-streaming the encounter after the guard drew a gun. “He said if I moved he’s gonna shoot me dead,” Perez says. After several minutes of filming, a shot is fired, and Perez shouts, “Fucker shot me! Fucker shot me in the leg! Fuck!”

Perez is part of a community of YouTubers known as “First Amendment Auditors” who film themselves interacting with cops and visiting government locations with the stated goal of holding the government accountable and educating Americans about their rights. In practice, many of these videos become confrontational, leading to escalating law enforcement reactions and, in some cases, arrests. Those confrontations can lead to more viewers and more paying supporters.

The security guard in question, Edduin Zelayagrunfeld, 44, who worked for the Etz Jacob Congregation and Ohel Chana High School, has since been arrested and charged by LA police.

There is no full unedited video of this incident up on the Furry Potato channel yet, but here is a secondhand version of the video with an extended commentary of this wacky scene, posted by an apparent fan here:

The Verge article then goes on to promote an article by Establishment media outlet, The Daily Beast, warning of the general dangers of confrontational YouTubers with cameras trolling armed security and police public places:

In a profile of this community just last month, The Daily Beast wrote that these YouTubers will show up at locations ranging from post offices to nuclear weapons factories to film. Some viral videos, like one in which a YouTuber calls a cop an “asshole” and tells him to “fuck off,” have garnered millions of views. A California law enforcement nonprofit issued a warning that some people had started recording officers in “the hopes of … [having] a poor contact with law enforcement, resulting in a violation of their 4th Amendment rights and or a bad arrest.”

While a sane case can be made against the journalistic merits of annoying YouTubers who are going around and provoking random law enforcement and private security guards into pointless “confrontations” – often in order to generate attention, or a ‘viral incident’ to fuel click bait revenue for their online channels, there is also the possibility that some of these are agent provocateurs who are either knowing, or unknowingly, playing into the hands of the Establishment who are desperate to regulate legitimate independent journalists working in public spaces, or even to provoke a firearm incident as illustrated above – which could then be politicized (think Second Amendment). Either way, the Establishment will not hesitate to seize on any of these incidents in order to gain political leverage for regulating the First Amendment, as well as further regulating and censoring YouTube producers’ content.

At present, the US government is applying heavy pressure on social media giants to ‘do more’ to censor and regulate their content under various pretexts, most notably for ‘public safety’ and ‘public order’ and in the crusade against the scourge of #FakeNews, thus setting the stage for an inevitable face-off as they pushe to re-define the First Amendment in the age of hyper digital media.


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