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REPORT: Sergei and Yulia Skripal Now ‘Working for British Security Services’

It’s one of the great mysteries of the infamous Skripal Affair. Whatever happened to the father and daughter pair and alleged Novichok victims, Sergei and Yulia Skripal? Are they even alive?

Since their improbable story broke into the headlines last March, no one has seen or heard from the Skripals, aside from one bizarre photo shoot apparently organized by British intelligence. According to earlier reports, 33 year-old Yulia was said to be living in an MI5 safe house after leaving hospital.

According to a recent report from The Telegraph, the paper’s ‘expert source’ has indicated that the Skripals are still living in the UK, and have contact with friends, and may even be employed by British security services.

“From the moment they were released from Salisbury District Hospital in April the pair disappeared, becoming invisible not only to the public but to friends and family too, with the careful help of a London-based MI5 team responsible for the security service’s secretive resettlement programme.”

With this in mind, it would also be fair to ask: was Yulia Skripal previously recruited by her father to work as a British intelligence asset?

State-Sanctioned Kidnapping?

British authorities maintain that the Skripals are being kept in a secret location for their own safety due to fears of reprisal attacks from the Russian government. The inability of the Russian authorities to see or interview Yulia Skripal has led many to label the British government’s secretive move as state-sanctioned kidnapping. Others have warned that the veil of secrecy may pose real danger to the personal safety of Yulia if she’s reduced to playing the role of geopolitical pawn.

The Skripal story still remains as a central set piece to secure the US and EU’s program of economic sanctions against Russia, buttressed by the claim that “Russia launched the first chemical weapons attack on European soil since WWII.”

Skripal and the Integrity Initiative

Other disturbing allegations have also surfaced recently around the Skripal incident in relation to the British government-funded Integrity Initiative, including evidence that suggests advanced planning of a ‘catastrophe’ which could be used to then expel Russian diplomats from the UK and US, as a re-run of Cold War play executed by UK intelligence in 1971 under the heading of Operation Foot.

The damning allegations are listed in this report from Russian news outlet Vesti:

In another somewhat bizarre news release this week, British authorities are claiming that the roof of the home of the Russian turned British agent Sergei Skripal – is to be dismantled by “military teams,” who will then replace the wooden roof as a “precautionary measure” to guard against “residue contamination” according to a report filed by the BBC. However, UK officials still insist that the Skripals first came into contact with the alleged deadly Russian-made chemical weapon nerve agent when it was sprayed on the front door handle, so it’s difficult to see why the British military are going to rebuild the roof of Skripal’s modest semi-detached home in Salisbury.

To date, the British government has refused to cooperate with Russian authorities on any joint investigation into the Salisbury incident.

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