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Remembering John McCain

U.S. Senator John McCain died Saturday after a long battle with brain cancer. McCain was 81 years old. In his final hours, the self-proclaimed “maverick” Republican from Arizona turned down further medical treatment.

As the Sunday news programs made their final edits on what would be a weekend of nonstop tributes, we couldn’t help but reflect on this man’s tireless record of warmaking – which resulted in the death and destruction visited upon millions of innocent people all over the world, all because of his dedicated public service to the industry of war. Here’s but a sampling of what we and others had to say about his legacy.

Regarding the myth constructed around his ‘bipartisan’ prowess, upon closer inspection, that facade also begins to crumble rapidly. Read the following Counterpunch feature to understand the depths to which the U.S. media and establishment have gone to conceal a rather unsavory transnational corporate agenda: The Horrors of John McCain: War Hero or War Criminal?

You will not find a word of this spoken on the corporate media circuit. These outlets are too busy filling their coffers with advertising dollars, and their board seats with individuals, from the same war industrial complex…

But beyond all this, he was the man who kept stocks rolling, in the arsenals of the Pentagon as well as on Wall Street, for the military industrial complex, as evidenced by this unprecedented eulogy of a U.S. politician – from top ‘defense’ contractor Lockheed Martin:

And so we say farewell to John Sydney McCain III. We wished him well wherever he may be, but we cannot forget what he did while he was here.

Senator McCain had the best treatment money could buy until the very end, while thousands of innocents died needlessly for his military industrial agenda – the cancer of conflict.

Listen to this all-time podcast from one year ago, as we discuss this man’s legacy:


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