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In Honour of the Syrian Arab Army and Allies War on Terror

Liberated Jobar. Syrian Arab Army soldiers on duty. (Photo: Vanessa Beeley)

21st Century Wire says…

Yesterday appalling images appeared in media outlets in the UK and on Twitter. ISIS terrorists to the South of Damascus had captured an Alawite Syrian Arab Army soldier and had converted him into a “human bomb”. We will not publish these horrifying photographs out of respect for the family of this soldier, one of so many who have been tortured, dismembered and executed by the Western financed, armed and promoted terrorist or “moderate” extremist groups inside Syria. 

There are no words to describe the atrocities committed against the Syrian people by these heavily armed and equipped sectarian ideologues fuelled by drugs and power fed to them by their handlers in the Gulf States, Turkey and countries that form the US Coalition of regime change. The Syrian Arab Army is the Syrian people and hundreds of thousands have given their lives to defend Syria against this Islamist invasion that threatens their secular state.

The following statement was prepared by a number of social media activists who have supported the Syrian Arab Army since the beginning of the conflict and who wanted to express their respect, admiration and support, publicly, on behalf of all those in the West who see through the media lies and who support Syria in their historical battle against Western imperialism:

“There are times in history when only the bravest will find the courage to stand alone against the most powerful in their attempts to erase our existence from our planet. We are all living through one of those times and we are witnessing a battle of two worlds. On one side is the world of imperialist oppression, violence, perpetual war, to benefit the predators of our world – on the other are those who wish to see the supremacy of international law and perpetual peace with benefits for all mankind.

Those who have taken the ultimate stand against these forces of subjugation are the Syrian Arab Army and their allies who have stood firm and proud against overwhelming military force and a terrifying apparatus of war. The Syrian Arab Army does not only fight for Syria and its people, it fights for all of us – in Palestine, in the UK, the EU, South America, Yemen, everywhere… Syria is not only the cradle of civilization, it is the cradle of resistance around which are circling those who would destroy it and those who would defend it. We stand with those who defend it.

The following are statements from just some of those around the world who wish to acknowledge what the SAA has done to secure a better future for all humanity:

Syrian Arab Army soldier in Jobar after liberation from terrorist groups. (Photo: Vanessa Beeley)

1:  I would like to express my absolute and boundless reverence for the brave young men and women of the Syrian Arab Army and their allies on the front lines. You need no introduction. You’ve fought tooth and nail to keep your country intact, for 7 years, against all odds, with some of the world’s most nefarious and powerfully dark forces lined up against you.

This war has been cruelly imposed upon you and is of greater significance than most realise. You are fighting not only for your nation but to defend your most precious asset, your independence, your right to self-determination. Syria is one of only a handful of nations to have retained its autonomy in this respect. You have defended the world against the most powerful global criminals who also committed the greatest crime of the 20th Century in 1948, the ethnic cleansing of Palestine which could never have succeeded without the endorsement of all the states now targeting Syria.

We stand in solidarity with your courage and your steadfastness that will bring with it a new world power paradigm, one that will ensure a better future for us all.

Jobar, Eastern Ghouta after liberation by Syrian Arab Army. (Photo: Vanessa Beeley)

2: We would like to thank the courageous soldiers of the Syrian Arab Army and we wish to show you that you are supported even behind the enemy lines in the countries who are so hostile towards your people. We thank you for your valiant battle against these imperialist nations because we understand you fight for us also.

We understand that if Syria is lost or destroyed, we are all facing the end of civilization. A victory for Syria will mean the end of the imperialist construct as we know it and there will be the opportunity for humanity to evolve away from endless war to protect the supremacy of one nation and its allies. We know you are our brave soldiers on the frontlines for humanity and wherever we live, wherever we come from we love and support you.

Jobar 2018 after liberation from terrorist groups. (Photo: Vanessa Beeley)

3: I am a Kemalist and anti-imperialist secular activist from Istanbul who wishes to salute the brave heroes who are battling imperialism on behalf of all people in this world who have suffered under this imperialist ideology that has preyed upon our world for centuries.

You, the SAA and allies, are not only defending Syria against the US-UK-EU-Gulf State-Zionist axis of hegemony but you are defending the entire region, my country & all humanity against the ravages of imperialist barbarism. Most people in Turkey with a heart and a brain stand in solidarity with your cause and salute your courage on the battlefield.

Jobar after liberation by Syrian Arab Army.  (Photo: Vanessa Beeley)

4: The Syrian Arab Army has resisted economic, media and military terrorism for 7 years. We call upon all peoples of the world to stand in solidarity with these courageous men & women of Syria in their stand against International terrorism. History will honour them in the future, but we must honour them now and not turn away from our duty to support them.

On behalf of all the awake in this world, I wish to recognise the sacrifices made by the SAA and their allies, sacrifices made with their blood that has mingled with the soil of their beloved nation, Syria. The soil from which all our futures will grow.

 You gave up your families, your homes, your careers, your futures, to fight for the honour & freedom of your people, we will not ever let this sacrifice be in vain. The Syrian people live in our hearts, your kindness, generosity and compassion in the face of such adversity is the flame that will never be extinguished by the cold hand of oppression that is outstretched by our governments towards your country. Instead we extend our hands and place them inside your’s so we are one hand in this war for all our sakes. May God protect you in your mission which is our mission also.”

Syrian Arab Army soldier in Jobar after battles for its liberation. (Photo: Vanessa Beeley)



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