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Mueller Team Uniform? ‘Democratic Donkey Jerseys’ and ‘I’m With Hillary T-Shirts’ says Congressman

Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein appeared before the U.S. House of Representatives Judiciary Committee on Wednesday, amid new questions about Anti-Trump text messages sent by FBI employees assigned to special counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation. Rosenstein testified that Mueller is running his office “appropriately” and without bias.

In a colorful exchange between Congressman Steve Chabot (R-OH) and Rosenstein, Chabot asked the Deputy AG:

“How with a straight face, can you say that this group of Democrat partisans are unbiased, and will give President Trump a fair shake?”

After a brief stammer, Rosenstein replied that political affiliation and the issue of bias are different things, and that we should trust the experience Mueller and the Justice Department have in managing investigation teams, adding:

“We recognize that we have employees with political opinions, and it’s our responsibility to make sure those opinions do not influence their actions.“

To which Chabot argued how can anyone possibly reach that conclusion:

“I was at first encouraged. It seemed like a serious matter and deserved a serious investigation. And I assumed, as many of us did, that Mr. Mueller would pull together an unbiased team. But, rather than wearing stripes as umpires and referees might wear, I would submit that the Mueller team overwhelmingly, uh, oughta be attired with Democratic donkeys on their jerseys or ‘I’m with Hillary’ t-shirts, certainly not with ‘Let’s Make America Great Again’…and I think that’s a shame. Because I think the American people deserve a lot better than the very biased team they’re getting under Robert Mueller. And I think it’s really sad.”

Things get awkwardly amusing at the 50 minute mark


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