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‘Far Right’ Ship C-Star Enters Mediterranean to Stop Migrants, Crew Arrested

21st Century Wire says…

According to reports this morning, the captain and crew of the ‘Far Right’ ship C-Star chartered by Pegita-linked group “Defend Europe,” were arrested and detained in Northern Cyprus.

The ship was en route to its “patrol mission” in the Mediterranean after being stopped in the Suez Canal days earlier.

The captain and his deputy were arrested under the charge of allegedly ‘falsifying documents.’

Bizarrely, the Telegraph is reporting that members of the C-Star crew are from Sri Lanka, and have been detained in order to “review their refugee status.” is reviewed.

(Image Source: Vessel Finder)

Yesterday, The Independent reported how the ship was on its way to confront refugees and send them “back to Africa” in what was described as a “block search-and-rescue vessels operated by humanitarian organisations.”

The ship set sail from east Africa, in Djibouti.

“Our objective is to collaborate with the Libyan Coast Guard in Tripoli and inform them if we find boats in Libyan waters so those traffickers can be arrested and their boats destroyed,” Italian representative of Defend Europe Lorenzo Fiato told the UK Telegraph.

The Independent reports:

Defend Europe is linked to the European anti-Islam and anti-immigrant “identitarian” movement and the vessel, named C-Star, was predominantly funded with donations on a crowdfunding website.

However its mission did not go to plan after it was swiftly “arrested” in the Suez Canal when its captain failed to produce a satisfactory crew list last week.

But the crew has now resurfaced and said they still plan to be in Sicily in the coming days.

The group is aiming for the the Italian city of Catania where many rescue boats run by charities and non government organisations (NGOs) are based.


(…) “The #CStar will reach Catania in the next days after bunkering and refilling supplies! #DefendEurope,” a tweet from the ship’s account read.

On Saturday the account posted an image of their coordinates off the coast of Cyprus.

Following the arrest, Catania Mayor Enzo Bianco has requested that Italian maritime authorities do not to allow the C-Star entry into Catania port due to ”concerns over public order.’

According to the Telegraph, before the ship’s owner, Swedish national and UK resident Sven Tomas Egerstrom, bought C-Star, it was called the “Suunta” and used as a floating armoury for military contractors working in anti-piracy and ‘other operations’ in east Africa (Source: Report by House of Commons Committees on Arms Exports Controls).


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