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BANA ALABED: A Lost Childhood and a Future Jeopardized by Ongoing Child Exploitation

Vanessa Beeley
21st Century Wire

Protesting child exploitation should be something we all do automatically without reflection, child abuse should be something we all abhor. Regardless of our opinions, our prejudices, our understanding of any given situation – a child being misused, abused, taken advantage of, enslaved or manipulated, should be all our responsibility, without exception.

Bana Alabed is that child. Do any of the media pundits pushing this story have children? Would they subject their own children to this level of negative exposure and unscrupulous management? No? Why, then, should Bana undergo such a rigorous induction into the “art” of propaganda, to produce the narrative that serves agendas she has very little if any understanding of?

“If we are not honest about how we read things we will only deceive others and eventually ourselves. Not only is this video harmful to anyone watching it and witnessing this blatant exploitation of children’s lives but more importantly it is harmful to the children themselves where one is being taught how to put on a display and take people for a ride and the other is forced to put up with it when it is obvious all he wants is everyone to Fuck off. If any of those children were mine I would be furious.

“Who ever is running this campaign, Please stop, it’s harming the children…”
~ Rami Jarrah on Facebook


Rami Jarrah
is a NATO state, George Soros funded, Syrian “regime change” propagandist – but even he recognised the grotesque child exploitation that was being inflicted upon then 7 year old [now 8] Bana Alabed in February 2017 and attempted some degree of damage limitation. However, even his ‘insider’ remonstrations fell upon deaf ears, as the cruel use of a 7 year old child as a propaganda bolster has continued unabated since then, culminating in the announcement of an imminent book launch, publisher – Simon & Schuster. A book allegedly penned by this 7 year old “child prodigy”.

Khaled Iskef
, Aleppo based journalist, released Part I of his series of investigations into the true story of Bana Alabed and her terrorist linked family, a few days ago.

Part II has been released today and reveals that over 20 Nusra Front and Abu Omara brigade  [NATO & Gulf state-funded extremist group] centres surrounded the Alabed family home in East Aleppo. Watch ~ 


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Tim Hayward writes…

“I wept. During the previous fifteen minutes the video camera had shown us around the neighbourhood of rubble and damaged buildings on Bana’s block. About twenty different HQs of militant groups had been identified in that small space.

Interviews with residents, ordinary decent men who had been through a lot, answered questions about what it had been like there during the occupation. Arbitrary detention and beatings, if not worse, was what you’d expect if you tried to raise any concerns about amenities with the warlords in charge of the district. When the interviewees were asked did they take videos or photos of the area at the time, they looked askance. It had been strictly prohibited to anyone other than members of the terrorist groups to take any sort of photo or video.  You could see from their faces that they would not have been about to go against prohibitions.  Did they know a little girl called Bana? They didn’t seem to.

But as the camera roved around it captured scenes and camera angles that reproduce images and films we’d seen before.  And, at a certain point, towards the conclusion of this episode of his exploration, Khaled Iskef slowly walks to us in a familiar looking scene; and then the film cuts to a recording of the little girl coming towards us in that exact same place. At that moment, and even thinking about it now it happens again, I wept.

We are now seeing what the real life was for Bana.  May she be allowed to grow up now in peace. My heart goes out to that poor child.

Perhaps one day she may return to Aleppo.  There was no #Holocaust Aleppo, no massacre, once the government regained control of the area. The fighters left, and people began trying to rebuild lives.

I shall leave you with a picture of Aleppo from this summer. This is where Bana might have been playing right now, with her friends, if the rest of the world had left her country alone.

But first I want to thank Khaled Iskef – for your courage and dedication in the service of Syria and humans, everywhere.”

This blatant child exploitation must be brought to an end..for the sakes of all our children.


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