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CLOCKWORK: Two London Bridge Attackers Named – One Known to MI5, Another Attacker Found Dead with ID

21st Century Wire says…

As suspected here at 21WIRE, it has emerged that yet another known wolf  terror incident is now tied to security services and MI5. This disturbing news comes after another accomplice’s ID was discovered at the crime scene.

Already there have been a number of questions raised following the recent London Bridge attacks, just as there were following the Parliament Square, Westminster Bridge attacks and more recently the Manchester Arena attack. It’s important to note the common thread between each suspicious event and the last three UK attacks are no exception, as there is now indisputable evidence linking the MI5 and MI6 British security services to various individuals prior to carrying out the terror crimes mentioned above.

The London Bridge attack is the third such incident occurring in the UK over the past three months and now subsequently, the third in a row, that has shown ‘prior knowledge’ of attackers before a high-profile act of terror was committed…

‘KNOWN TO MI5’ – The precarious relationship between security and terror is an ongoing pattern seen after almost every major terror attack in the West now (Photo illustration 21WIRE’s Shawn Helton)

After law enforcement purposely withheld sensitive information concerning the identity of the London Bridge attackers, two of the three have now officially been named. It turns out as we suggested, that at least one suspect, 27 year-old Khuram Butt, was already well-known to MI5 and police and had been under investigation over the past two years. Butt’s 30 year-old accomplice, Rachid Redouane, a chef by trade, (aka Rachid Elkhdar) was apparently not known to authorities.

*UPDATE* – According to the UK’s Telegraph, Redouane was known to authorities as he reportedly participated in the NATO backed regime change operation in Libya and was an avid follower of Anjem Choudary‘s and Omar Bakri Muhammad banned terror group al Muhajiroun. The counterintelligence waters run deep in the group, as the terror-tied group’s founders and members have had direct ties to the MI5.

“It was also claimed that Redouane fought in the Libyan revolution against Col Muammar Gaddafi and joined a militia which went on to send jihadist fighters to Syria.

Libyan security and diplomatic sources said he travelled to the North African country in 2011 and then returned in recent years while living in Ireland and the UK.

Authorities in the country said they were urgently checking whether he could have come into contact with Salman Abedi, the Manchester bomber who also regularly travelled to Libya.”

The new revelations arrive after reports linked the MI5 known suspect Butt – to a Channel 4 documentary ‘The Jihadist Next Door’ in the UK, something we included in our last report. This whole aspect to the case is reminiscent of the Orlando shooting saga, where the apparent Pulse nightclub shooter Omar Mateen, was found to have worked with DHS and the global security firm G4S, while also appearing in two high-profile documentaries.

After playing a role in the Hollywood documentary about the BP oil spill at Deep Water Horizon, The Big Fix (2012)Mateen was also found to have been featured in another documentary called Love City Jalalabad (2013), a picture that appeared to depict progressive Afghani youth and a quest for social change.

QUESTION: What are the chances that another known wolf terrorist would be involved in a well-produced documentary?

There have been other strange links to the London Bridge attacks as well…

Interestingly, the excuse being peddled by Metropolitan Police Assistant Commissioner Mark Rowley, is that after a two year investigation into Butt’s activities, there was no evidence of an attack plan even though the alleged ringleader (handler?) of the London Bridge attacks didn’t bother to hide his links to Al-Muhajiroun,” the banned terror-linked organization with ties to British intelligence, as mentioned above.

Following a hunch after the media insertion of the radical preacher Anjem Choudary (another ‘known wolf’ to security services) in the London Bridge attack narrative, we at 21WIRE suspected that the well-known terror mascot might be directly connected to one of the attackers, as mentioned in our first report about the London Bridge incident.

While most counter intelligence operations have fallen under the umbrella of the so-called War On Terror era, the suspicious relationship between security agencies and ‘known wolves’ who have been triggered into action, continues to be a major problem for Western allied nations.

Additional background on the apparent London Bridge attacker Butt, includes the following mentioned by BBC:

“He went on to work in an administrative role for a company called Auriga Holdings [a technology company], based in East Ham, which manages Kentucky Fried Chicken outlets.

He had also worked for London Underground for just under six months as a trainee customer services assistant, before leaving in October last year, Transport for London said.

And Butt was the sole director of a now-dissolved company called Kool Kosmetics.”

On another note, there appears to have been a staged-managed aspect to the latest London attack. The UK’s Telegraph detailed the following surveillance of an apparent terror cell that revealed a plot just like the London Bridge attacks, a month earlier:

“Counter-terrorism officers secretly recorded an alleged Isil-inspired terror cell in Barking last month discussing how to use YouTube to plot a van and knife attack in London.” 

Not surprisingly, an ID was discovered at the London attack crime scene – just like many other terror cases

The Independent reported the following:

“One of the London Bridge terrorists was carrying an identity card issued in Ireland when he was shot dead, security sources in Dublin said.”

If you remember, following the 2015 Paris attacks, 21WIRE outlined the curious connective tissue between various terror incidents, as one of the suspects left an ID inside the getaway vehicle following the first attack – just like last year’s known wolves involved in the Nice truck attack and Christmas Market attack in Berlin.

As the media focus is primarily centered on events in London it was revealed that the ‘brother of Manchester suicide bomber Salman Abedi has been released without charge by police.’ 

Only time will tell how long it will take for security services to release the name of the third London Bridge attacker.

Here’s another look at Patrick Henningsen’s initial analysis on the London Bridge attack featured on RT News…

More from the BBC below…

(Image Source: twitter)

Two London attackers named by police


They said Pakistan-born Khuram Butt, 27, of Barking, London, had been known to police and MI5 but there had not been any intelligence about an attack.

The other attacker was Rachid Redouane, 30, from Barking, who police said had claimed to be Moroccan-Libyan.

The attackers were shot dead by police. All 12 people arrested after the attack have now been released without charge.

The seven women and five men were arrested in Barking on Sunday following the attack in which seven people were killed and 48 injured.

The attackers drove a hired van into pedestrians on London Bridge before stabbing people in the area around Borough Market.

BBC continues here

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