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Russia Foreign Affairs Spokesperson Maria Zakharova Confronts Former Newsweek Chief Owen Matthews

21st Century Wire says…

Owen Matthews is a British writer, historian, and journalist. He is a former Moscow and Istanbul Bureau Chief for Newsweek Magazine. In recent days, Matthews was joined in the studio of a Russian TV show by Maria Zakharova, Russia’s Foreign Affairs spokesperson.

The subject matter was propaganda, ‘fact checking’ and it’s ‘inadmissibility as it pertains to Russian Foreign policy’.

Zakharova states in her opening monologue that it’s ‘not that Western countries don’t double check their facts, all countries sometimes fall victims to this. The difference is that Western countries make those facts up…’

So we have Zakharova employing a more indirect ‘glasnost’ type of stance here, explaining Russia’s own inconsistency and responsibility when it comes to getting things right.

Matthews, in response, launches an attack exclaiming ‘Russia is the source that annihilated all the freedoms of the press since the beginning of Putin’s regime’ including ‘troll armies of St Petersburg‘. But in the throws of this opening rant Matthews says ‘you too spread fakenews‘. So is that an admittance that the West spreads fake news and that such a machine exists?

He got one thing right, calling Saudi Arabia ‘sadistic Arabia’. Quite the Freudian slip, amongst others, from Matthews. Matthews is a man who could give British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson a run for his money with his bumbling oratory skillset and typified baiting, gaslighting commentary that only serves to increase his own ego, rather than report on real news.





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