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Tulsi Gabbard Triggers The War Hawks With Her Based Skepticism

21st Century Wire says…

Congresswoman and Iraq War veteran Tulsi Gabbard continues to face down the mainstream propaganda machine with her based and skeptical opinion surrounding the war on Syria, including the recent attacks on Shayrat air base by the United States as a reprisal for the alleged ‘chemical attack’ on Idlib by Damascus.

It’s not surprising within the American political party system that if you don’t agree with ‘the gang’, they come for your blood, and this is exactly what’s happening to Gabbard. Her previous fact finding visit to Syria in 2016 had already began to turn heads, but now after the CNN interview with Wolf Blitzer, who happens to all of a sudden ‘like’ Donald Trump, the Democrats are circling Tulsi Gabbard in increasing droves.

More on this report from The Duran…

Alex Christoforou
The Duran

No room for free speech. No dissent. No skepticism. Neocons, Democrats, liberal leftists…all united to remove Assad, prop up ISIS and begin WW3.

The warmonger knives are coming out for Gabbard in what is looking like Iraq WMDs all over again.

Gabbard spoke with CNN’s Wolf Blitzer who all of a sudden finds Trump very presidential and capable.

Zerohedge reports

Gabbard, who sits on the Armed Services and Foreign Affairs committees, drew criticism earlier this year when she took a somewhat mysterious trip alone to meet with Assad in Syria without alerting House Speaker Paul Ryan. The liberal Democrat subsequently explained she simply wanted to engage in dialogue with Assad though it clearly burned some bridges within her own party. Per CNN:

Gabbard told CNN on Friday that she wants to achieve peace in Syria, “Why should we just blindly follow this escalation of a counterproductive regime-change war?”

“There’s responsibility that goes around,” Gabbard said.”Standing here pointing fingers does not accomplish peace for the Syrian people. It will not bring about an end to this war.”

Zerohedge further adds that “former DNC chair Howard Dean also decided to join in on ganging up on Gabbard, but he immediately got shut down by a follower who asked the obvious question of why engaging in dialogue was disqualifying for Gabbard but violating federal record retention laws and a Congressional subpoena was perfectly fine for Hillary.

It’s becoming increasingly clear that Gabbard is just another Putin puppet who likely assisted Russian hackers in their efforts to take down Hillary…we sincerely hope the Congress launches an immediate investigation…”

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