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After U.S. Attack on Syria, Trump May Have Become the ‘World Ruler’ He Swore He’d Never Be


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President Trump said on at least three occasions, including in his first official remarks to Congress, that he was not and will never be the “president of the world.”

But when United States naval ships in the early hours of April 7, Syrian time, launched a reported 59 Tomahawk cruise missiles with 1,000-pound warheads, to destroy what we’re told was a Syrian airfield with relatively “few” people nearby, the U.S. not only attacked a country that had not attacked the U.S.; the U.S. also conducted a purely offensive military move, while clearly functioning as a world police power that reserves the sole right to project its forces against whomever it wants, whenever it wants, while answering to NO ONE.

No other country would ever assume to have a permanent, worldwide mandate to simply fire away at whatever nation dares to allegedly step over whatever “line in the sand” has been arbitrarily drawn. Does anyone see China or Russia or any other nation acting with such imperialistic, worldwide impunity?

The American people, meanwhile, sit powerless, have no say-so over anything. And they may not know that they actually know little or nothing concerning Syrian leader Bashar al Assad and whether he really attacked his own people with chemical weapons just a couple days before on April 4—which is the alleged reason that Trump OK’d this attack against Syria.

“Assad choked out the lives of helpless men, women and children,” President Trump intoned during post-attack remarks in Florida the evening of April 6. “Even beautiful babies were brutally murdered. No child of God should ever suffer [like] this.”

Who could disagree—if that’s what really happened. But babies and toddlers died when U.S., NATO and other forces blew Libya almost off the face of the earth in 2011 just to topple that nation’s leader. Children are buried beneath mounds of rubble or found shot in the street whenever Israeli forces, including American-supplied F-16 warplanes, hammer parts of Gaza in Palestine. No official outrage. No objective investigations that bring any results or reprimands. Israel, which has verifiably used white phosphorus weapons on Palestinians, is called our “greatest ally.”


The last time such an allegation was made against Assad—in the latter summer of 2013—the U.S. had quietly amassed heavy forces, prepping to attack the Syrian leader. But, while vague excuses were given and then-President Obama backed down amid Congressional pressure to avoid the attack, the fact is that no one ever proved that Assad attacked his own people with chemical weapons nearly four years ago. (See image of Assad with text below that adds to a broader perspective: Graphic courtesy of blogger and economist Dick Eastman)

ASSAD 2017 Art US Attack

So why should we so easily believe that narrative now? How from April 4 to April 6, 2017 had there been time to definitively prove that the April 4 chemical attack against Syrian citizens had happened and had occurred under Assad’s orders? Whatever fact-finding there was surely was not shared with the American people who pay the steep bills for the U.S. World Army.

Come on Mr. and Mrs. America, think: Why would Assad, who liberated the Syrian city of Aleppo just a few months ago—driving out mercenary terrorists that had clandestine U.S. and UK backing and killed tens of thousands of Syrian civilians—mimic those terrorists and kill his own citizens? Wouldn’t it be worth carefully investigating whether mercenary forces carried out the attack against civilians and pinned the blame on Assad?

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