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Could Russia’s S400 SAM Shoot Down the F-22 Stealth Fighter Over Syria?

Could Russia Shoot Down a F-22 Stealth Fighter Over Syria? 

As the US and UK ramp-up the hyperbolic rhetoric on “confronting Russia in Syria”, another technical discussion is gaining steam regarding how the US would fair if they followed through on their threatening language and actually attacked Russian or Syrian Army targets in Syria.

NOTE: Bear in mind here that the US are already responsible for sabotaging their own bilaterally negotiated ceasefire agreement when the US led a one hour-long air attack against a Syrian Arab Army base that killed over 80 Syrian soldiers and injured another 100 on Sept 17, 2016. The US claimed this was just an “unfortunate mistake.” In response to further threats of attacks by the US “coalition,” Russia stated that since it has assets in the field with the SAA throughout Syria, that any attack against the SAA would be deemed as a direct threat to Russian national interests – in effect, setting the stage for what some might characterize as a “WWIII” scenario. 

As 21WIRE reported last year, the S300 and S400 SAM systems are world class, and are effective;y a game changer in terms of the geostrategic defense picture in the Middle East. The hypersonic S400 unit is a portable system which can neutralize aircrafts of all types, including stealth fighter-bombers. Unit features include:

  • 8 launchers, plus 16 reloads
  • 600 km tracking range
  • 400 km target range

This means that a Syria-Russia alliance could fend off bogies in all directions, and in less than minutes. This off-sets the the current military balance in this sub-region which is currently weighted heavily in favor of Israel who reserves its own ‘manifest right’ to attack any of its neighbors – even when those neighbors have never attacked Israel (as Israel has against Syria, on at least 9 occasions since this present conflict began).

A number analysts are already questioning whether the America’s new cumbersome F-35 fighter can achieve peak battle performance in an S400 controlled airspace. More question have been raised over the cloaking advantage of the Pentagon’s F-22 as well.

Watch this comparative analysis of the S400 and US Stealth bombers from Military Update here:

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