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REVERSAL OF FORTUNE? ‘Sunni Jihadis’ Bomb Saudi Holy Mosque?

21st Century Wire says…

The improbable has happened on Monday. The world’s premier sponsor of Islamicist terror and Wahabi extremism was hit by a triple suicide bombing event, including one which targeted the Kingdom’s second most sacred Islamic worship site in Medina, and another next to the US Consulate in Jeddah.

We’re told that four security guards were killed near the Prophet’s Mosque in Medina (image below), and two officers wounded in Jeddah, while bombers are said to have died in events in Jeddah and Qatif.

As yet, no listed terrorist group has claimed responsibility for the attacks, but all pundits and politicians are already placing the blame on so-called Islamic State of Iraq and Sham (ISIS).

Different political factions around the world will react differently to this news:

Israeli Likud: “See, this is what we’ve been trying to warn everyone about for years.”
Iran: “Like the Saudi govt, ISIS will be targeting the Shia minorities in KSA.”
US State Dept: “The oil must flow. America now needs to step up military action in the region. Assad must go!”
Western right-wing: “Those Saudis are getting a taste of their own medicine. Assad must go!”
Western left-wing: “Oh no, ISIS is spinning out of control, what should we do? Assad must go!”
Turkey: “We had nothing to do with it.”
Germany: ‘This could result in more refugees. This is why Europe needs open borders.”
Saudi Royal Family: “Luckily, we’re all on holiday in Europe and America from June to August.”

A more likely explanation is that these events were very carefully coordinated, planned and executed in order to ‘stir the pot’ of geopolitical tension right across the region and around the globe. In the same way Operation GLADIO was designed to affect certain political and geopolitical outcomes in the Europe, these latest terrorist attacks will be used to pit religious and ethnic factions against each other, but also to enhance the air of instability and conflict in the Middle East and beyond.

Two weeks ago, 21WIRE’s Patrick Henningsen issued a warning that we might be seeing a “Summer of GLADIO” during episode 1 of the new podcast ON THE QT.

Following last week’s attack on Istanbul’s Ataturk International Airport in Turkey, 21WIRE’s Shawn Helton ran the headline, ‘GLADIO SUMMER’, warning that a wave of GLADIO-style terror appeared to be on the cards this summer.

A few days later, Iraq was also hit with a massive and horrific bombing which killed over 200 Iraqi civilians in a major shopping area.

In addition, on the same day, another hostage and mass murder event took place in Dhaka, Bangladesh, killing at least 28 and wounding many others. Like with the Saudi attacks, no terror group has claimed responsibility yet, although the attackers were said to be members of Jumatul Mujahedeen Bangladesh (JMB).

Expect more such bombings, and attacks, perhaps next in Europe, North America and Asia, with certain calls for tighter airport security, travel restrictions, and again, more Western and ‘Coalition’ military forces deployed to the Middle East, and with any (un)luck – in the streets and airports of Europe and America.

Problem, Reaction, Solution.

Order from chaos.




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