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Iraqi mourns death of over 200 killed in so-called ‘ISIS’ Baghdad car bomb

21st Century Wire says…

This morning we were told that a “ISIS suicide car bomb” ripped through a Baghdad shopping area killing least 213 people and wounding 200 more. It is one of the deadliest car bomb attacks ever.

One has to pause and consider what exactly ISIS expects to gain from yesterday’s senseless slaughter. More US-allied military intervention? Although many right-wing politicians and war and terror ‘experts’ in America and the west are still clinging to the far-flung Hegelian dialectical theory that ISIS is fulfilling its prophecy, “ISIS is trying to draw in American troops for a final battle of Armageddon” in the Middle East. Once again, we’re told that the origin of this idea is derived from… ISIS – so therefore we all must absorb it as geopolitical gospel.

Across the global media sphere, news outlets seem to universally accept the ready-made explanation that “ISIS said it carried out the attack,” which is said to have emanated out of the official ISIS press office (where ever that is, possibly somewhere in the Gulf, Washington DC or London?).


We’re also told that the attack, came just one week after US-trained Iraqi security forces recaptured the key city of Fallujah from ISIS occupants. As far as the international media are concerned, that is where the story is meant to end.

A more likely explanation, and one which is backed by historical precedent – is that an outside entity, possible a western-aligned state actor, is running a campaign of faux sectarian terror and a ‘strategy of tension’ in Iraq and throughout the region – in order to pit Muslim Sunni against Shia/Shi’ite, but also to maintain an air of semi-permanent instability in Iraq so as to further feed off it and take advantage of its weak condition as a nation-state.

There is also the issue of security theatre in Iraq. Already, as a result of this incident, talk of ‘security changes’ has transpired about fast-tracking a new nation-wide bomb detection equipment system roll-out. Presumably, these will be sold to Iraq by a US, European or Israeli corporation:

“But there are also flaws in security measures in the city, especially the use of fake bomb detectors at checkpoints years after the man who sold them to Iraq was jailed for fraud in Britain. Abadi announced a series of changes to security measures following the Sunday bombing, including scrapping the fake detectors. He also ordered the deployment of scanning devices at entrances to Baghdad to be sped up, directed that security personnel be banned from using mobile phones at checkpoints, and called for increased aerial reconnaissance and coordination among security forces.” (see full AFP story below)

Once again: Problem, reaction, solution.

When will the international press and media finally stop accepting ‘ISIS’ press releases, and start asking who is behind ISIS, and what is the motive in these attacks?

Agence France Presse/ The Daily Star

BAGHDAD: Iraqis Monday mourned the more than 200 people killed by an extremist-claimed suicide car bombing that was among the deadliest ever attacks in the country.

The blast, which ISIS said it carried out, hit the Karrada district early Sunday as the area was packed with shoppers ahead of this week’s holiday marking the end of the Muslim fasting month of Ramadan.

The attack sparked anger among Iraqis at the government’s inability to keep them safe even as its forces push ISIS back, and prompted Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi to announce efforts to address longstanding flaws in Baghdad security measures.

Abadi’s office announced three days of national mourning for the victims of the attack and he vowed to “punish” the perpetrators of the blast.

The attack, which security and medical officials told AFP killed at least 213 people and wounded more than 200, came a week after the country’s forces recaptured Fallujah from ISIS, leaving Mosul as the only Iraqi city under the extremist group’s control.

The blast sparked infernos in nearby buildings, and emergency personnel and family and friends of the victims were still searching Monday for those missing following the explosion.

A member of the civil defense forces said it would take days to recover the bodies of the victims.

Hussein Ali, a 24-year-old former soldier, said six workers at his family’s shop were killed, their bodies so badly burned they could not be identified.

“I will return to the battlefront. At least there, I know the enemy so I can fight him. But here, I don’t know who I’m fighting,” Ali told AFP…

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