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The United States and Perpetual War: Will a New President Buck The Trend?

21st Century Wire says…

30 more years of war? There is no end in sight.

In this episode of CrossTalk, three experts discuss the perpetual state of war that the United States has been in during recent times.

Now, we have Hillary Clinton in line for the Democratic nomination, an individual who has supported every major military engagement that the US has been involved with, so it is unlikely that this trend will come to an end with her as President.

Trump has openly said he wants to promote stability, not change, with his foreign policy, but has also said some alarming things like that he supports ‘surgical strikes‘; although perhaps we might put that down to policy naïvety as his anti-interventionist statements have undoubtedly been more frequent than those more worrying words.

Watch the full episode here:

Will the military industrial complex be in for business as usual with a new president?

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Get Your Copy of New Dawn Magazine #203 - Mar-Apr Issue