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Trump: Iraq War a ‘Disaster’, Tony Blair Did ‘Terrible Job’ by Following US Invasion

21st Century Wire says…

More bad news for the globalists.

Watch a video of this report here:

Donald Trump has blasted the invasion of Iraq as an unprecedented ‘disaster’, and specifically called into question the transatlantic ‘special relationship’ that exists between the US and UK.

Trump had this to say on Blair and the Iraq War:

“I don’t see it as war crimes. I just think he goes down as somebody who did a terrible job,” 

“Bush got us into it, that’s a terrible, terrible thing that happened,”

“Tony Blair made a mistake. You can’t just go in haphazardly. You folks got involved in that mess just as we did and now look at it.”

“I’m surprised somebody would see the Bush relationship as being that important.”

The Iraq War was, undoubtedly, an imperialist venture, and we know for sure that plans were in place to continue similar policies of adventurism in other parts of the world; particularly Iran.

Trump’s open attacks on adventurism surely puts him at odds with the Western elite establishment that aims to to dominate the world militarily.

Asked if he would respect a PM who ignored America’s wishes, Trump said:

“Yeah, much more. It should be for the people, it shouldn’t be a word about the relationship.”

What is particularly interesting about these new statements from Trump, however, is that he is now calling into question the ‘special relationship’ between the Anglo-Americans that has existed for almost the past century.

Many would say that it is this very transatlantic conglomeration of elites that has facilitated tragic events like the Iraq War, because it allows their actions to be construed as justified by a so-called ‘international community’.

With Trump now threatening the very existence of this international power conglomerate, it is quite possible that this will put him at odds with the Western elites in a way that we are yet to see.

How will the transatlantic power structure react to this new threat from Trump?

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