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Trump’s Foreign Policy: Promote Stability NOT Change, Stop Helping Terrorists

21st Century Wire says…

We are sure that the military industrial complex is not at all happy about the prospect of using diplomacy before cruise missiles.

In Donald Trump’s foreign policy speech today he made numerous points that would lead us to believe that his stance on this area of policy will be radically different to what has become the norm.

Aside from the usual campaign rhetoric of ensuring America has the strongest military on the planet, Trump made numerous points clearly stating that the military option will not be his first option.

Trump specifically spoke of being very careful as to whom the US assists, particularly in the Middle East, and to only help those who are true allies, which is a clear stab at recent policies to arm and support terrorist groups to overthrow nations like Libya and Syria.

He also explicitly stated that the US needs to ‘stop seeking radical change in the world’, and instead look to promote stability through diplomacy saying:

‘Our goal is peace and prosperity, not war and destruction.’

The presidential hopeful is also looking to drastically cool off the rising tensions with Russia. He called out so-called foreign policy experts for ruining the situation, and said:

‘Easing of tensions and improved relations with Russia is absolutely possible.’

It would be easy to dismiss all of these statements as nothing but campaign rhetoric, but Trump appears to be positioning himself as the master dealmaker. He has nothing to gain from being a warmonger, as he is not tied to the military industrial complex interests like establishment candidates, so there is no real reason to doubt this anti-interventionist stance.

Watch Donald Trump’s full foreign policy speech here:

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