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Egypt ‘Suppressing Truth’ Over Hidden Chambers in Tutankhamun’s Tomb

21st Century Wire says…

What do they have to hide?

Watch a video of this report here:

New research is suggesting false walls, buried treasure, at least one mummy – the stuff of Hollywood blockbuster movies – is yet to be found inside Tutankhamun’s tomb.

The exciting find sparked imaginations worldwide and also hopes that it might revitalise Egypt’s dying tourism industry.

Experts believe the chamber, revealed by a scan, may be the undisturbed tomb of Queen Nefertiti.

However, now scientists are claiming that the new discovery is being suppressed by the government in Cairo.

A second scan was carrier out and Lawrence Conyers, of the University of Denver, said:

“They first did a scan of a wall where they knew there was a void space behind it and used that as a model, so they knew what they were looking for.”

“They did multiple scans of every single wall [in the tomb], and from what I understand, there is absolutely no indication of a void space.”

Another scientist believes this new development has caused a political firestorm, and heads are rolling:

“My understanding is that the Egyptians are in a state of denial about this. They are freaking out, and it has become politically toxic.”

“When you’re the in the middle of a situation in which people are being purged because of their position on this, then scientists should back off and let the politics take its course.”

“We have left the realm of science.”

Are the Egyptian’s trying to avoid a huge embarrassment, or do they have something else to hide?

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