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ARMS RACE CONFIRMED: Putin Says Russia Now Forced to ‘Neutralize’ Missile Shield

21st Century Wire says…

The US has just started the ball rolling on a new arms race that is going to bring about uncertainty and insecurity throughout the world.

Watch a video of this report here:

Yesterday, it was announced that the US had finally deployed its long awaited ‘missile defence shield’ in Europe with the first installation in Romania.

21WIRE determined that this would trigger a new global arms race between the US and Russia, and not ever 24 hours later we have, unfortunately, been proven correct.

Speaking on the worrying development, Russia’s President Vladimir Putin had this to say:

“Recent developments indicate that the situation isn’t getting better. Unfortunately, it’s deteriorating.”

“I’m talking about the launch of the radar station in Romania as one of the elements of the up-and-coming US anti-missile defense program,”

“Now, after the deployment of those anti-missile system elements, we’ll be forced to think about neutralizing developing threats to Russia’s security,”

Putin said he does not want ‘to be dragged into this race’, stressing that the development will indeed launch a new arms race, but it appears that Russia has little choice other than to respond.

How exactly the Russians will seek to ‘neutralize’ the new system is yet to be determined, but it can only be done with military methods.

With tensions and insecurity on the rise, are we approaching a dangerous precipice in global affairs?

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