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New Arms Race Begins: US Launches European Missile Shield in Romania

21st Century Wire says…

A vicious circle of deadly developments has just been initiated.

Watch a video of this report here:

After a decade since it was initially announced, the US has finally launched its ground-based, European missile defence system in Romania.

The US argues that the ‘defence’ system is aimed to protect Europe from allegedly rogue states, supposedly Iran, but Russia has seen straight through these ridiculous claims.

Putin has said it is a, “hypothetical Iranian threat, which never existed” and called the system “an attempt to destroy the strategic balance” in the world.

The system will be under NATO command, and construction will begin on a secondary installation in Poland on Friday.

Senior Russian foreign ministry official Andrei Kelin said:

“It is a step towards the military and political containment of Russia.”

Additionally, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said:

“We are convinced that the deployment of the missile defence system is truly a threat to Russia’s security.”

Now that the world historic Iranian Nuclear Deal is in place, these claims that Iran is the target of the defence system hold even less weight than they did during the height of the war on terror when they were coming from the mouths of neocons.

The true irony here is that Russia just supplied the Iranians with a world class S-300 missile defence system that has just been deployed, meaning that Iran is more concerned with defending itself from attack than launching an attack on anyone else.

In effect, what the US has just done is set off a new arms race in Europe, as Russia will now seek the development of missile technologies that can trump the shield’s system. Then, of course, the US will be justified to spend even more money with the military industrial complex to counter those developments, and so on and so forth.

Far from making Europe more secure, the US has just triggered a vicious circle that might one day have truly disastrous consequences.

How might the US react if Russia deployed a missile system in Cuba, right off the coast of Florida?

Oh, yeah.




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Get Your Copy of New Dawn Magazine #203 - Mar-Apr Issue