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ISIS Ejected From Palmyra: What to Expect Next

21st Century Wire says…

Over this past weekend, after driving ISIS terrorists out of Palmyra, Syrian and Russian military men walked through the ruins in this UNESCO World Heritage site, and seemed amazed to find much of the archeological sites still intact.

See new drone footage of the ancient city here:

This week, Russia announced it will be leading the operation to ‘define’ Palmyra, clearing any landmines left behind by ISIS intended to kill and maim security services and civilians in both residential and historic areas.

Global affairs analyst and writer Sharmine Narwani talks to RT International about the recent liberation of the ancient city of Palmyra in Syria this week, and about how ISIS fighters have fled and are now massing in the next hot spot, the Syria town of Deir EzzorWatch: 

Here are more stunning images and details from the battle zone and about the landmines left behind by ISIS, and also reports by a local Syrian journalist on the ground in Palmyra:

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