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Austerity Bites: Greece Erupts in Street Riots Again

21st Century Wire says…

Remember the wave of hope that spread across Greece last year when the insurgent political party Syriza swept into power? What happened? The struggling nation continues to be the EU’s Achilles heal.

Earlier today, a motley mob composed of student protesters, pensioners, labor activists and anarchists – all of whom are irate over Greece’s unforgiving technocrat-administered austerity regime – threw rocks and petrol fire bombs at police forces stationed outside the Parliament building in Athens today.

Once again, Greece is on the brink…

Yahoo! News

Athens (AFP) – Thousands marched in Greece on Thursday as a crippling general strike against pension reforms swept the country, with hooded youths lobbing firebombs at riot police in scattered skirmishes in Athens.

Some 40,000 people joined protests in the Greek capital and another 14,000 demonstrated in Thessaloniki in the 24-hour industrial action, police said, as riot officers in Athens fired tear gas in response to Molotov cocktails.

A journalist was taken to hospital after being beaten on the sidelines of the demonstration. Police detained two people at the end of the protest, but not in relation to this incident.

It was the broadest protest since leftist Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras first came to power just over a year ago…

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