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EUROPEAN EMPIRE: EU’s New Border Force Will Override National Sovereignty

21st Century Wire says…

The European Empire is getting ready to establish its military forces.

Watch a video of this report here:

In a move that some would call astonishing and others would call inevitable, the EU has announced plans to create a border and coastguard force to guard against the growing number of security threats against Europe.

The force would operate throughout the EU and have powers to intervene even when the host country does not consent.

The European Commission will propose that the new agency has the “right to intervene”, which is incredibly frightening in a world covered in the scars of interventionist policies.

A draft of the proposal obtained by AFP makes this nightmare a reality:

In urgent situations, the agency must be able to step in to ensure that action is taken on the ground even where there is no request for assistance from the member state concerned or where that member state considers that there is no need for additional intervention.

Absolutely incredible.

The Polish Foreign Minister said, “a structure that is independent of member states is shocking“.

Amnesty International says the new force, “must not be at the expense of migrant and refugee rights“, as that crisis itself was caused by many EU members themselves.

21WIRE’s Patrick Henningsen has reported extensively on the development of this ‘EU Army’.

The project has previously been sold as being necessary to protect the EU’s values, whatever they may be, and Henningsen identified the crises of the Eurozone, EU members threatening to leave, migration, terrorism and NATO’s irrelevance as growing causes for a push towards an EU Army.

What this force will essentially do is turn the EU into a federalised United States of Europe.

How exactly this army might be constituted is entirely unknown.

How could the EU Commission draft soldiers from members countries?

What can the Commission offer those soldiers that their own nation state cannot?

In a climate of rising nationalistic tendencies, how does the Commission plan to create a force that will remain loyal?

How do we hold a supra-national force accountable?

Does the Commission really believe that sending troops of a foreign nationality into another country without its consent is going to strengthen the EU’s reputation, unless it plans to impose acceptance by force?

With so many important questions entirely unanswered, this plan could turn sour very quickly.




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Get Your Copy of New Dawn Magazine #203 - Mar-Apr Issue