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EU Blitzkrieg: Germany Now Wants 1,200 Troops Deployed to Fight ISIS – in Syria

21st Century Wire says…

All the pieces are falling into place now. Europe’s New Model Army is quickly taking shape.

Late last week 21WIRE reported on Germany’s recent announcement to send 100 Bundeswehr Special Forces into Northern Iraq to fight against ISIS alongside Kurdish Peshmerga militias.

Yesterday, Germany’s Chief of Staff, Volker Wieker upped the ante, telling the Bild Newspaper that at least 1,200 military personnel will now be required for Berlin’s new deployment plans – combining German infantry, air force and navy vessels which they believe will make an impact in the battle against ISIS, not only in Northern Iraq, but now for Syria too.

Plans also include German supplying Kurdish fighters with thousands of German weapons and German training for those arms.

“From the military point of view, to ensure the operation of aircraft we need about 1,200 military personnel,” said Wieker.

IRON CROSS: German military brass are trying to tap into the old militaristic emotional veins.

The last real offensive conflict in which Germany took part happened in 1999, when NATO devastated Yugoslavia as part of Brussel’s operation to re-balkanize the region and to carve-out a new Washington-Brussels allied state in Kosovo. Syria would be Germany’s first formal combat deployment in the region since Nazis over-ran most of the Middle East at the end of World War II.

Interestingly, with their modern military rarely receiving any media coverage outside of Germany, few are aware that Berlin is still using the infamous military symbol of the Iron Cross, an iconic religious symbol, re-purposed as branding for the new Bundeswehr. One might expect that Berlin would have ditched the old regalia for something more contemporary, sans the Nazi connection. Not so. Nonetheless, this powerful, albeit disturbing religious symbol is prominently displayed everywhere in German military and emblazoned on all of their slick new military promotional videos (complete with hyper-active German techno music playing as a backing track). Watch here:

According to Wieker, Germany will deploy their Air Force detachment to either in Turkey or Jordan.

This latest military move by Chancellor Angela Merkel comes as part of Germany’s support for France after the highly dubious Paris Attacks which saw an alleged (not yet proven) “ISIS Attack” take place on November 13th.

Still, not a word from Germany about its NATO allied Turkey’s role in facilitating and supplying valuable oil revenue and trafficking weapons to ISIS.

The Bundestag will begin ‘discussions’ (not debates) on a military deployment set to be rubber stamped before Christmas. At a Paris new conference this week, Merkel told French President Francois Hollande:

“When the French president asks me to think about what more we can do, then it is our duty to reflect on this and we will also react very quickly here.”

Germany is also expanding its military footprint to include the African continent too. Berlin has already announced its plans to send an additional 650 soldiers to Mali, in an effort we’re told, “to aid France in its peace-keeping operation there “.

FAMILIAR GRAY UNIFORMS: Bundeswehr Special Forces on display during German military parade.

On its own, this latest news may look like just another western nation wanting to join-in on a NATO-coordinated, internationally illegal and undeclared (see Nuremberg Principles) US-NATO-led gang-bang in Syria. Considering the context of political maneuvers happening now in Brussels, the allies ‘Rush to Syria’ leads us to a much bigger, more profound development that’s already underway.

Paris and the Turkey-Russia shoot-down NATO crisis have provided the perfect storm for the final pieces to be laid into place for a new European joint-military political imperative. Undoubtedly, Germany, Britain and France’s rush to get their military assets positioned in the Middle East is a key part of Brussel’s nudging process to make any talk of a new EU Army seem like a fait accompli. Also, consider NATO’s ongoing involvement in destabilzing eastern Ukraine and Crimea, where NeoNazi paramilitary units are now active and fighting alongside new Chechen Islamist recruits as part of NATO’s new asymmetric war and stated policy to ‘contain’ Russia. This new US-European multi-front war is far beyond anything witnessed during half a century of Cold War geopolitics.

The EU Army is being finalized as we speak. 21WIRE’s foreign affairs editor Patrick Henningsen revealed plans for a new European Union, ‘EU Army’, ideally to replace NATO as the dominant military force in Europe. Henningsen explains:

“Anyone who has actually been paying attention to the declining state of the British military will know that it’s almost down to a level where it cannot possibly function autonomously. Soon, all that will remain are a few shiny set-pieces like the Trident nuclear submarine fleet, but more importantly – the key remaining component: a rapid reaction, special forces capability which will slot into the new EU Army matrix. Anything which is not fulfilling a role within the larger infrastructure will be scrapped.”

It turns out that Germany and Great Britain is playing the central role in coordinating the political campaign to fast-track this historic and worrying new development. While UK voters are distracted with the promise of an ‘IN or OUT’ EU referendum, many have completely missed David Cameron and Angela Merkel busy behind the scenes getting the new EU Army project ready.

In September, Merkel agreed on a deal with Cameron to drop his (faux public) opposition to an EU Army in exchange for Germany supporting Britain’s EU “renegotiation”. The Telegraph confirmed the meeting:

“The German chancellor will ask Britain to stand aside as she promotes an ambitious blueprint to integrate continental Europe’s armed forces.”

“While there is no expectation or obligation for Britain to take part in steeper integration, the creation of an EU army could marginalise Britain within Nato and result in the United States downgrading the special relationship with Britain in favour of Paris and Berlin, experts warn.”

“The Telegraph has seen an unpublished position paper drawn up by Europe and Defence policy committees of Mrs Merkel’s party, the CDU, that sets out a detailed 10-point plan for military co-operation in Europe. It is understood to closely reflect her thinking, and calls for a permanent EU military HQ, combined weapons procurement and a shared military doctrine.”

“The paper says it is “urgent” to integrate armed forces “in the face of multifaceted crises”.

Henningsen added here: “In other words, it’s more or less a done deal.”

This looks like the glue that Germany and Brussels needed to keep the European Federal Super State bound together for the next century. Clearly, once it’s signed, any countries hoping to bolt from the Union can kiss those aspirations of independence goodbye, indefinitely (in the new Europe, where ‘security’ trumps all, including sovereignty).

Do not think for a second that it will end with an EU Army. In addition, plans are already underway for a ‘European Border Control Agency’ with federal policing powers, a ‘European Coast Guard Force’, a ‘European Central Intelligence Agency’, and a ‘European Federal Bureau of Investigation’ (official titles to be announced). These new federal additions will easily double the current operating budget of the EU.

Europe’s New Model Army is here, and happening right under everyone’s nose.

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