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FRACKING NIGHTMARE: 40 Earthquakes in Oklahoma Last Week

21st Century Wire says…

As we reported previously by 21WIRE, the practice of hydraulic fracturing, or ‘Fracking’, has some very ugly environmental side-affects.

One of the worst Fracking-related issues is the problem of earthquakes – a problem which, despite shale industry, lobbyist and FOX News denials, has already been admitted by US government officials.

At the heart of this industry is the corruption, and collusion between industry and easily bought-off politicians.

Fracking represents the new fascism in America – and it’s far more destructive than anyone previously thought…


Oklahoma shaken by 40 earthquakes in one week, fracking waste blamed


An astounding 40 earthquakes were reported within the period of a week in Oklahoma in late July. State Gov. Mary Fallin acknowledged the link between such earthquake clusters and waste-water disposal procedures used in fracking operations.

PreviewIn 2013, Oklahoma experienced 109 earthquakes of magnitude 3.0 or higher. In 2014, the number skyrocketed to 585 such seismic events, according to state website Earthquakes in Oklahoma. This puts the current rate at some 600 times the historical average.

A particularly intense bout of seismic activity occurred during a seven day period in late July, when 40 earthquakes with a magnitude of at least 2.5 were reported in Oklahoma, according to The Weather Channel.

“We are almost seven months through the year and we’ve almost tied the number of earthquakes we had in 2014. And of course, 2014 was an absolute record-breaking year for the number of earthquakes in Oklahoma,” state seismologist Austin Holland told a local Fox affiliate.

Throughout the particularly active week, five earthquakes of magnitude 4.0 or higher were reported on July 27 alone, according to the United States Geological Survey (USGS). The tremors were strong and very shallow, adding to the fear of the residents, some of whom claimed that the July 27 earthquakes were the strongest that they have ever felt.

“We all know now there is a direct correlation between the increase in earthquakes we have seen in Oklahoma and the disposal wells, based upon many different factors, whether it is volume or location or whether it is on a fault line, how deep that disposal well goes into the earth itself,” Oklahoma Governor Fallin said Tuesday…

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